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Advertising & Documentation Archive

Mathatronics "CS" Calculator/Computer System Marketing Brochure

Front cover of Mathatronics/Wright Line Mathatron "CS" Calculator/Computer System, July, 1969. This machine appears to be a follow-on to the so-called Mathatron III, developed by Mathatronics before the company was purchased by Barry Wright Corporation. The brochure indicates that the system was available in three different levels, CS-1, CS-2, and CS-3. The CS-1 appears to be a standalone single-user calculator, with a large electronics package, and a separate desktop-sized printing terminal, with basic scientific capabilities. The CS-2 adds additional math functions to the CS-1, while the CS-3 fully-expands the system into a multi-user (up to 16 users) simultaneous access calculating/computing system. Click on image to view entire four page brochure. (PDF, 13MB).