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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive

Advertisement for Mathatronics Mathatron III Multi-User Calculator System, December, 1968
Thanks to Mr. Takaharu Yoshida for providing the scan of this original ad.

The Mathatron III electronics package provided connections for up to 16 Mathatronics Mathwriter (as pictured) keyboard units, ASR-33 Teletype terminals, or other ASCII-code serial-based data terminals. such as CRT terminals (which were very new technology at that time). Direct connection to terminals could occur at distances up to 1000 feet. Terminals could also be connected to the calculator unit over dial-up telephone lines via acoustic coupled modems and dial-up "Data Sets" (as modems were call in those days).

This system differs from the earlier Mathatron II in that it is significantly faster and provides more memory than the earlier system, due to the replacement of the memory technology from magnetic core-based shift registers to much faster, but volatile (meaning that when the power was turned off, any data in the registers was lost) solid-state memory.

While this advertisement appeared in late 1968, it is possible that it was published prior to actual availability of the calculator system, as other sources of information seem to indicate that the product was not actually available for delivery until the middle part of 1969.