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Calculator Advertising & Documentation Archive

Last Updated 1/15/2023

This page of the Old Calculator Web Museum is devoted to advertising and collateral materials for old calculators. Items are arranged in roughly oldest to newest order. Please note that some of the advertisements can take a little while to download. Sizes of documents are included to help you determine download times. Mostly only the covers of manuals in the museum's library are shown to preserve storage space. Some full manuals are provided in PDF form in the Articles section of the museum website. If you are interested in a scan or copy of a manual shown in the library that isn't available for download in the articles section, please contact the curator by clicking the EMail link in the navigation bar above.

Friden Model ST Electromechanical Rotary Calculator
Advertisement: Ink Blotter Advertisement [21K]

Marchant Figuremaster Electromechanical Rotary Calculator
Advertisement: "key touch Light as a Bubble" [88K]

Friden Model STW Electromechanical Rotary Calculator
Manual: Cover of Friden STW Operators Guide [32K]
Advertisement: Ink Blotter Advertisement [16K]
Advertisement: "The Friden ultra-matic"... [86K]

Friden Model ACG Electromechanical Rotary Calculator
Advertisement: Ink Blotter Advertisement [29K]
Advertisement: "Knock on any door..." [80K]

Friden Model SBT Electromechanical Rotary Calculator
Advertisement: "Friden Presents..." [110K]
Advertisement: "How do you "test drive" a calculator?" [232K]
Manual: Cover of Friden SBT Operators Guide [38K]

Bohn Contex-10 Mechanical "Calculator"
Advertisement: "$125! How good can it be?" [117K]

Monroe Model 8N-213 Electromechanical Rotary Calculator
Advertisement: "This ADVANCED Calculator offers savings..." [91K]

Marchant "Transflo" Model TR10FA Electromechanical Rotary Calculator
Advertisement: "THE MARCHANT transflo..." [105K]

Curta Type I Mechanical Calculator
Advertisement: "miniature all purpose calculator" [34K]

Monroe Model PC-1421 Electromechanical Printing Calculator
Advertisement: "Meet the new queen of the numbers game:" [67K]

Sumlock Comptometer/Bell Punch Anita C/VIII Electronic Calculator
Manual: Operator's Manual Front Cover [35K]

Friden 130 Electronic Calculator
Marketing: Friden EC-130 Introduction Brochure [PDF, 6 Pages, 12M]
Marketing: Early Friden EC-130 Brochure [PDF, 6 Pages]
Manual: Early Version Instruction Manual [PDF, 52 Pages, 7.3M]
Marketing: Salesman's Quick Reference Card [198K]
Advertisement: "Look how much excitement"... [173K]
Advertisement: "This is an electronic calculator" [128K]
Advertisement: "Where can she look for the fastest calculator answers?" [73K]
Advertisement: "Peter Ernst has an electronic calculator"... [67K]
Advertisement: "Meet the latest wizard on the Electronic Calculator"... [490K]
Advertisement: "How much faster is an electronic calculator?"... [397K]
Advertisement: "A major price reduction"... [93K] [2 Pages]
Advertisement: "The Russians finally admit"... [478K]
Advertisement: "Does not disturb." [528K]

Mathatronics Mathatron Electronic Calculators
Literature: New Product Article, Computers & Automation Magazine, March, 1964 [149K]
Marketing: October, 1964 Price List [86K]
Advertisement: "This Mathatron digital computer..." [142K]
Advertisement: "Can an engineer..." [78K]
Advertisement: "They laughed..." [1.6M]
Advertisement: "This $5,000 Mathatron digital computer..." [206K]
Literature: Mathatronics 8-48M Version I Information Sheet [103K]
Advertisement: "÷ and Conquer" [252K]
Advertisement: "how to get a quick tan" [275K]
Advertisement: "If you can write the problem..." [648K]

Wang LOCI-1 Electronic Calculator
Literature: "extend your PERSONAL COMPUTING POWER..." Early 1964 [4 Pages] [53K]

Control Data Corporation "Remote Calculator"
Advertisement: "NEW REMOTE CALCULATOR... [665K]

Wyle Laboratories WS-01/WS-02 "Scientific"
Advertisement: "When the job is too big for this... [728K]
Advertisement: "More than a calculator - Almost a computer"... [82K]
Brochure: "NEVER BEFORE IN A DESK CALCULATOR"... [PDF, 5 Pages, 1.7M]

Wyle Laboratories Arithmetic Processor

Friden 132 Electronic Calculator
Marketing: EC-132 Data Sheet [PDF, 2.2M]
Marketing: Salesman's Quick Reference Card [89K]
Manual: Instruction Manual Front Cover [529K]
Advertisement: "This engineer is winning a $5 bet." [557K]
Advertisement: "We introduced Doctor Shockley..."

SCM/Marchant Cogito 240-SR Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: Product Introduction Flyer [PDF, 716K]
Manual: Operator's Manual Front Cover [39K]
Advertisement: "If you didn't talk with a Marchant man"... [92K]
Advertisement: "Cogito won't throw you a curve in standard deviation or correlation." [270K]
Advertisement: "You wouldn't think one electronic calculator"... [83K]
Advertisement: "PRESENTING THE NEW MARCHANT COGITO 240-SR"... [736K]

Andersen Laboratories, Inc.
Advertisement: "Andersen the source..." [122K]

Canon 161 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "Now anyone in your office..." [132K]
Advertisement: "A lot of people buy the Canon..." [268K]

Monroe 700-Series Electronic Calculators
Advertisement: "Some calculators come with booklets.." [130K]
Literature: "700 Series Electronic Display Calculators" [58K]

Wang LOCI-2 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "1617: "Napier's Bones" an inspiration"... [59K]
Advertisement: "loci...shortest distance"... [231K]
Advertisement: "you can solve for β"... [372K]
Advertisement: "How many programmable calculators"... [171K]
Literature: "On Line Computing System" [41K]
Literature: "LOCI-2 Desktop Computers" [40K]
Manual: Front Cover of LOCI-2 Reference Manual [10K]
Manual: Front Cover of LOCI-2 Applications Manual [34K]
Literature: "Compute your problems at your desk..." November, 1966 [5 Pages] [53K]

Victor 3900 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "Victor's incredible little chip..." [70K]
Advertisement: "Space age micro-circuitry lands a desk job... [61K]

Sharp Compet 20 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "SHARP'S SUPERIOR ENGINEERING..." [76K]
Advertisement: "Are you a chronic skeptic?" [92K]
Advertisement: "DON'T LET YOUR STAFF..." [50K]
Advertisement: "BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP..." [124K]
Advertisement: "so simple..." [42K]
Advertisement: "IN CONTROL..." [98K]
Advertisement: "MATHEMATICAL MAGIC..." [106K]
Advertisement: "MATHEMATICS MADE EASY..." [94K]

Dero Sage 1

Sharp Compet 30 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "WHEN THIS PARCEL ARRIVES..." (Compet 30,CS-30A) [106K]
Advertisement: "New! Lamps for Compet" (Compet 30,CS-30B) [407K]
Advertisement: "This...chains you to your desk... (Compet 30,CS-30B) [94K]
Advertisement: "Is love the right word?" (Compet 30,CS-30B) [100K]

Olivetti Underwood Programma 101 Electronic Calculator
Manual: "Programma 101 General Reference Manual" [3.7MB]
Advertisement: "Concerned with curve fitting?" [110K]
Advertisement: "The computer that doesn't make you wait." [107K]
Document: Programma 101 Program Coding Form [107K]
Media: Programma 101 Magnetic Card Storage Sleeve [24K]
Media: Programma 101 Magnetic Card [21K]

Wang 300-Series Electronic Calculators
Document: Wang Service Report & Invoice [74K]
Document: Wang 300-Series Pricing, June '67 [129K]
Document: Wang Service Maintenance Program Pricing, June '67 [159K]
Document: Wang Service Record Tag [20K]
Photo: Arthur C. Clarke and Wang 300-Series Calculators [65K]
Photo: Wang 300-Series Booth at 1970 WESCON Trade Show [17K]
Literature: "discover research freedom... [447K]
Manual Cover: 300 series electronic calculator instruction manual [68K]
Manual Cover: 300 series electronic calculator instruction manual [Small Form-Factor, 1967] [345K]
Literature: "Model 320SE Calculator" [40K]
Marketing: Wang 320 Announcement Press Release [3 Pages] [58K]
Marketing: Wang 360SE Introduction Article [82K]
Advertisement: "The keys to Log & Exponential Power"... March, 1968 [820K]
Advertisement: "Why companies standardize on WANG electronic calculators" [Version 1, April, 1968] [915K]
Advertisement: "Why companies standardize on Wang electronic calculators" [Version 2, September, 1968 [179K]
Advertisement: "Time $haring Economy" [December, 1968] [286K]
Advertisement: "WANG electronic calculators" [1.4M]
Advertisement: "WANG invites you to consider"... [79K]
Advertisement: "WANG's versatile expandable calculator/computing system" [1.1M]
Advertisement: "Solves problems ordinary calculators can't"... (Wang 370) [252K]
Advertisement: "Computer Performance; Calculator Price (Wang 380) [269K]
Advertisement: "More than 10,000 delivered... [190K]
Advertisement: "Time $haring Economy" [November, 1969] [606K]
Advertisement: "The world's most versatile PERSONAL CALCULATING SYSTEM
Advertisement: Wang 370 Programmable Calculator Information [86K]
Advertisement: WANG 370 Computer Series [210K]
Literature: Wang 300-Series Electronic Calculators Product Brochure [12 Pages] [93K]
Literature: Wang 300-Series Calculator Information [95K]
Specs: Wang Model 372 Data Storage Unit Data Sheet [93K]
Specs: Wang Model 373 Data Storage Unit Data Sheet [100K]
Specs: Wang Model CP-1 Card Programmer Data Sheet [111K]
Specs: Wang Model IC-1 Item Counter Data Sheet [95K]
Specs: Wang 300K Keyboard Data Sheet [93K]
Specs: Wang 310K Keyboard Data Sheet [94K]
Specs: Wang 320K Keyboard Data Sheet [98K]
Specs: Wang 360K Keyboard Data Sheet [114K]

Monroe EPIC-2000 Programmable Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "Beautifully efficient." [126K]
Manual: Operating Instructions for the Monroe EPIC [PDF, 5.2M]

Monroe EPIC-3000 Programmable Electronic Calculator
Manual: Operating Instructions for the Monroe EPIC [PDF, 5.2M]
Advertisement: "BEAUTIFULLY EFFICIENT: The new EPIC 3000 Electronic Printing Calculator" [86K]
Advertisement: "ELECTRONICS '67: Monroe's new EPIC 3000" [82K]
Advertisement: "Beech Aircraft supplements..." [949K]
Literature: "EPIC 3000 Electronic Programmable Printing Calculator" [76K]
Advertisement: "A Monroe Electronic Printing Calculator could save you..." [160K]

Casio/Commodore AL-1000
Advertisement: "The Programmable AL-1000" [28K]
Reference: Program Code Quick Reference Card [26K]

Digital Devices, Inc.
Advertisement: "FOR REFRESH", May, 1968 [167K]
Advertisement: "Serial memory for sale...", December, 1968 [78K]

Toshiba BC-1411
Advertisement: "TOSCAL-the new word for speed..." [85K]
Advertisement: "Now, a choice..." [100K]

Canon 167 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "105 digits of memory..." [710K]

SCM/Marchant Cogito 566PR Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "SCM breakthrough: Marchant Cogito 566PR Electronic Calculator" [113K]

Canon 130S Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "All this for $995." [64K]

Singer/Friden 1112 Electronic Calculator
Literature: Cover of German-language Product Flyer [46K]

Mathatronics Mathatron 4280
Advertisement: "talk algebra, log, trig..." [369K]

Friden 1160
Sales Article: 1160 - just the ticket... [662K]
Advertisement: The new Friden 1160:... [661K]
Advertisement: After years of faithful service... [284K]

Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (NCM) Busicom 162
Flyer: BUSICOM 162 [6 Pages] [55K]

Friden EC-1114
Marketing Data sheet: More answers, fewer problems... [PDF, 2 Pages, 1M]

Friden EC-1115
Advertisement: Today, Singer announces... [630K]
Marketing Data sheet: Small size, big capabilities... [PDF, 2 Pages, 1M]
Manual: Friden EC-1115 Service Manual [PDF, 108 Pages, 88M]

Philips P250-series
Advertisement: "The Philips P-251 Electronic Printing Calculator" [73K]

Hewlett Packard HP 9100A Programmable Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "Powerful Computing Genie:" [73K]

Hewlett Packard 9100A/9100B Electronic Calculators
Advertisement: "Emancipate your time..." [92K]

Mathatronics Mathatron II
Advertisement: "MATHATRON Calculator System" [82K]

Mathatronics PKB Mathwriter Keyboard/Printer Unit
Advertisement: "POWERFUL" [372K]
Advertisement: "NEW MATHATRON PKB" [539K]

Remington-Rand EDC-III
Manual: Cover of Remington Rand EDC-III Operating Instructions [26K]
Advertisement: "Remington introduces $1400 worth of calculator..." [155K]

Mathatronics Mathatron III
Advertisement: Mathatronics Mathatron III Calculator System

Friden 1150 Electronic Printing Calculator
Advertisement: "This office manager is winning a $5 bet." [84K]
Advertisement: "Now-the 1150 Electronic Calculator by Friden..." [141K]
Advertisement: "Now-a $1495 Electronic Printing Calculator..." [105K]

Friden 1166
Advertisement: Today, Singer could have... [133K]

Sharp Compet 361R
Brochure: ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR with IC COMPET CS-361R [PDF, 6 Pages, 5.8M]

Mathatronics Mathatron "CS"
Marketing: Mathatronics "CS" Calculator/Computer System

Friden 1151 Programmable Electronic Printing Calculator
Advertisement: "It does more than figure answers. ..." [82K]

Brother Calther/ProCal 412
Marketing: "Brother Model 412. ..." [PDF, 2 Pages, 295K]

Toshiba BC-1412
Advertisement: "Now, a choice"... [148K]
Advertisement: "Goodbye clickety clack" [129K]

Friden 1116
Advertisement: The electronic calculator that's smart enough... [209K]

Canon 163 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "Canon invents the first electronic calculator for people scared"... [78K]

Victor 1400-Series Electronic Calculators
Advertisement: "See it now." [73K]
Manual: Cover of Model 14-321 Operator's Manual [50K]

Monroe 820/820A Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: Monroe 820 Advertisement, 1970 [83K]
Literature: Monroe 820A Instruction Pamphlet [47K]

Monroe 950 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "The 950-TWO" [62K]
Advertisement: "950 ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR" [82K]

Monroe 990 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "The 990-TWO" [65K]
Advertisement: "990 ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR" [88K]

Olivetti Logos 328 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "An electronic printing calculator with automatic square root." [81K]

Busicom 207/2017
Data Sheet: "Busicom 2017:..." [2 Pages] [73K]

SCM Marchant 616 Printing Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "This foolproof checking device is a free bonus--"... [95K]
Advertisement: "Most electronic calculators have one basic flaw." [101K]

Canon Canola 164P Card Programmable Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "It's Canon that counts"... [94K]

SCM/Marchant Cogito 1016PR Electronic Calculator
Specifications: "SCM Marchant Cogito 1016PR Electronic Calculator" [293K]

Burroughs C-3000 Series Electronic Calculators
Advertisement: "Quick as a wink..." [149K]

Olivetti Underwood P602 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "super-micro-computer" [126K]
Manual: Programing(sic) the P602, Preliminary Edition Sept., 1971 [10K]

Sony ICC-2700W Programmable Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "If you know your abc's, this little card will find your x's." [114K]

IME (Industria Macchine Elettroniche) Model 86S
Advertisement: "The Mini-Priced Mini-Computer..." [128K]

IME (Industria Macchine Elettroniche) Model 26
Advertisement: IME 26 Instruction Manual [6.8M]

Sharp QT-8D Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "BREAKTHROUGH!" [150K]

Electronic Arrays
Advertisement: "Electronic Arrays will build any..." [128K]

Cintra/Tektronix 900-series Programmable Electronic Calculators
Finance: Cintra Lease and Rental Terms [131K]
Literature: Cintra f(x) Repeater Data Sheet [88K]
Manual: Tektronix 909 Operator's Manual [PDF, 285K]
Advertisement: The Cintra Scientist 909... [160K]
Advertisement: Talk to me, Cintra Scientist... [215K]
Advertisement: metamor-phosis... [156K]
Marketing: Calculator thinks math [175K]
Advertisement: Programmable Calculator [92K]
Marketing: New Products: Tektronix 909/911 Calculator Introduction - July, 1971 [158K]
Marketing: Tektronix 900-Series Calculators and Peripherals Catalog - Sept., 1971 [26 Pages] [139K]

Victor 1800-Series Electronic Calculators
Advertisement: Introducing the Victor 1800-Series Calculators [75K]
Advertisement: The Electronic Scratch-Pad... [PDF, 1 Page, 101K]

Facit 1132 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: Advanced calculation? [105K]

Burroughs C-3660 Programmable Electronic Calculator
Marketing: C-3660 Marketing Flyer [4 Pages] [72K]

Sharp Compet 32 (CS-32)
Marketing: "Electronic Desk Calculator with IC - Compet 32"
Advertisement: "Meet our newest V.I.P..." [90K]
Advertisement: "Founder of a new generation.." [PDF, 732K]

Sharp CSA-12 "Memorizer 60" Programmer
Manual: "Sharp Memorizer 60 Automatic Programmer" [118K]
Sales Invoice: Sales Invoice for Memorizer 60, October '77 [27K]

Monroe 1655 Scientific Electronic Calculator
Literature: "Monroe 1655 the generation-ahead scientific engineering calculator" [63K]
Literature: Monroe model 1655 SPECIFICATIONS [83K]
Purchase Order: Original PO for Monroe 1655 (1972) [540K]

Monroe 1665 Printing Scientific Electronic Calculator
Manual: Monroe 1665 Operating Instructions [35K]
Literature: "Monroe 1665 the generation-ahead scientific engineering printing calculator" [56K]
Specs: "MONROE model 1665 Scientific Engineering Electronic Printing Calculator" [64K]

NCR 18-3

Sharp Compet 17 (CS-17B)
Marketing: Electronic Desk Calculator with IC - Compet 17

Sharp Compet 22 (CS-22C)
Marketing: Electronic Desk Calculator with IC - Compet 22

NCR 18-1

Sharp EL-8 Electronic Calculator
Video: Early TV commercial for Sharp "ELSI-8" (EL-8) [30.3M MPEG-2]
Video: Another TV commercial for Sharp "ELSI-8" (EL-8) [27.8M MPEG-2]

SCM Marchant I Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "This is the Marchant..." [153K]

Canon Pocketronic Electronic Calculator
Manual: "Canon Pocketronic Instructions" [35K]

Monroe Model 10 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "Model 10 Shrimp Electronic Printing Calculator" [60K]

Monroe 620 Electronic Calculator
Literature: Cover of Monroe 620 Sales Brochure [77K]

Toshiba BC-1623G Programmable Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "Some people love Toshibas"... [354K]

Monroe 650 Electronic Calculator
Literature: Cover of Monroe 650 Sales Brochure [97K]

American Micro-systems, Inc.
Advertisement: "AMI-The Company"... [125K]

Smith Corona Marchant Cogito 414 Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "There is no electronic calculator in the world"... [121K]
Advertisement: "This is the Marchant"... [452K]

Smith Corona Marchant Electronic Calculators
Advertisement: "Marchant. We sell you what you need"... [118K]

Wang 700-Series Programmable Electronic Calculators
Document: Announcement Article for Wang 700 Calculator: The Indescrete Calculator, February, 1969
Advertisement: Wang 700-Series Announcement Ad February, 1969 [595K]
Marketing: Early Wang 700-Series Product Brochure March, 1969 [5 Pages] [57K]
Document: Wang Customer Assurance Card [35K]
Advertisement: "WANG 700 Calculator or Computer?", January, 1970 [638K]
Advertisement: "World's most powerful electronic calculator...", May, 1970 [121K]
Photo: Wang 700-Series Booth at 1970 WESCON Trade Show, August 25-28, 1970 [18K]
Marketing: WANG 700 SERIES COMMERCIAL PRICE LIST, September, 1970 [PDF, 428K]
Photo: Wang 700-Series Exhibit at Trade Show in Sweden, September, 1970 [19K]
Marketing: Product Brochure for Wang 700-Series Programmable Calculator, October, 1970 [PDF, 1.9M]
Specs: Wang 700 Series Data Sheet, November, 1970 [PDF, 2 Pages, 1.2M]
Advertisement: "A new school of thought.", November, 1970 [79K]
Specs: Wang 701 Output Writer Data Sheet, November, 1970 [PDF, 2 Pages, 3.5M]
Specs: Wang 704 Punched Card Reader, November, 1970 [PDF]
Advertisement: "Tested by skeptics.", Late 1970 [42K]
Document: Wang 700 Series Program Codes, 1970 [114K]
Form: Wang 700 Series Program Coding Form, 1970 [78K]
Document: Wang Laboratories Maintenance Contract Sticker, January, 1971 [7K]
Advertisement: Wang 700-Series Advertisement January, 1971 [106K]
Specs: Wang 706/707 Teletype Interface Data Sheet, March, 1971 [PDF, 4 Pages]
Specs: Wang 702 Plotting Output Writer May, 1971 [2 Pages] [97K]
Literature: Wang Laboratories Sales Strategy, Mid-1971 [167K]
Marketing: Preliminary Data Sheet - WANG'S NEW 700C/720C SERIES, June, 1971 [270K]
Marketing: WANG 700 SERIES COMMERCIAL PRICE LIST, July, 1971 [PDF, 712K]
Marketing: WANG 700 SERIES COMMERCIAL PRICE LIST, October 1971 [75K]
Advertisement: "discover research freedom..., November, 1971 [447K]
Specs: Wang 710-1 Removable/Fixed Disk Drive, November, 1971 [PDF, 2 Pages]
Specs: Wang 711 I/O Writer Data Sheet December, 1971 [PDF, 2 Pages]
Marketing: Wang 705-1 "Micro Face" New Product Introduction, January, 1972 [63K]
Specs: Wang 705 "Micro Face" Data Sheet, February, 1972 [PDF, 4 Pages]
Marketing: "New Products" Article: Wang 702P Plotting Output Writer February, 1972 [61K]
Specs: Wang 712 Flat Bed Plotter Preliminary Data Sheet, February, 1972 [PDF]
Marketing: Introduction Article: Wang 712 Flat Bed Analog Plotter, March, 1972 [113K]
Document: Original Wang Laboratories 700-Series Equipment Purchase Agreement, May, 1972 [114K]
Form: Wang 700 Series Program Coding Form, 1972 [Suitable for Printing] [PDF, 1.5M]

Manual Cover: Cover of Wang 700 Interim Instruction Manual, November, 1969 [50K]
Manual Cover: Cover of Production Wang 700A Reference Manual, April, 1970 [73K]
Manual Cover: Cover of Wang 700 Standard Statistical Program, August, 1970 [49K]
Manual Cover: Cover of Wang 720 A/B Standard Trigonometric Program, September, 1970 [55K]
Manual Cover: Cover of Wang 720 A/B Standard Trigonometric Program, July, 1971 [32K]
Manual Cover: Cover of Model 711 I/O Writer Reference Manual, 1972 [62K]
Manual Cover: Cover of 700C/720C Reference Manual, 1972 [98K]

Specs: Wang 703 Paper Tape Editor [PDF]
Specs: Data Sheet, 700 Advanced Programmable Calculator [92K]

Victor 4800 Programmable Calculator
Advertisement: Buy it for what it does... [90K]

Casio Mini
Price List: "Model: Casio-Mini" [461K]
Marketing: "How to have the answers..." [813K]

Commodore US*14
Data Sheet: "The US*14..." [340K]

Hewlett Packard 9810A
Documentation: HP 9810 Quick Reference Card [110K]

Monroe 20 Handheld Calculator
Advertisement: "any smaller... and we wouldn't have room for the keys" [66K]
Advertisement: "The 950-TWO" [62K]
Advertisement: "The 990-TWO" [65K]

Wang 100-Series Electronic Calculators
Advertisement: "The schizoid calculator." [112K]
Literature: Wang Sales Strategy [167K]
Literature: "discover research freedom... [447K]
Literature: Wang "Field Facts" on 100-Series Calculators [63K]
Literature: Wang 100-Series Introduction Article [2 Pages] [130K]
Marketing: Wang 100-Series Brochure [4 Pages]

Monroe 1700-Series Statistical Calculators
Marketing: Monroe 1700-Series Calculator Overview [PDF, 4 Pages, 4.4MB]

Monroe 1860 Programmable Calculator
Manual: Advanced Programming Reference Manual for Monroe 1800 models [604K]
Marketing: Key Features [86K]
Ephemera: Mark Sense Program Card, 1800 Series Calculator [241K]

Monroe 1880 Programmable Calculator
Manual: Monroe 1880 Operating Instructions [167K]
Manual: Monroe 1880 Programming Reference Manual [99 pages, 50MB]
Manual: Advanced Programming Reference Manual for Monroe 1800 models [604K]
Ephemera: Mark Sense Program Card, 1800 Series Calculator [241K]

Wang 500-series Programmable Electronic Calculators
Manual: "Cover of Wang 500-Series Reference Manual" [PDF]
Literature: Product Brochure for Wang 500 Programmable Calculator [PDF, 3.2M]
Literature: "Maybe you're ready for the real thing." [210K]
Literature: "WANG ANNOUNCES The World's Second Most Powerful Calculator" [39K]
Literature: Wang Sales Strategy [167K]
Literature: "discover research freedom... [447K]
Specs: "Wang 500/520 Series Calculators" [PDF]
Literature: "Commercial Price List 500/520 Series, November, 1971" [481K]
Literature: "Commercial Price List 500/520 Series, January, 1972" [550K]

Hewlett Packard 9830A Electronic Calculator
Marketing: HP 9830A Pricing Information, December, 1972 [74K]

Wang 600-series Programmable Electronic Calculators
Manual: Programming Electronic Calculators [193K]
Marketing: Sales Brochure: 600 Programmable Calculator [PDF, 6 Pages, 2.2M]
Specs: Wang 600 Data Sheet [93K]
Specs: Wang 600 Specifications Sheet [PDF, 5 Pages]
Specs: Wang 600 Data Sheet [PDF, 4 Pages, 3.8M]
Marketing: Wang 600 Pre-Introduction Advertisement [PDF]
Marketing: Wang 600 Introduction Article [97K]
Marketing: Wang 612 Flat Bed Analog Plotter Preliminary Data Sheet February, 1972 [PDF]
Marketing: Introduction Article: Wang 612 Flat Bed Analog Plotter March, 1972 [113K]
Marketing: Wang 614 Mark Sense Card Reader January, 1972 [16K]
Literature: Wang Sales Strategy [167K]
Literature: 600-Series Price List, January, 1976 [PDF, 2.9M]

Casio Electronic Calculators
Price List: Casio Electronic Calculators Retail Price List, Feb., 1973

Sharp Electronic Calculators
Advertisement: >"The Facts" [1973] [715K]

Hewlett Packard 9821A Advanced Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: New HP 9821... [183K]

Tektronix Model 21 and Model 31 Programmable Electronic Calculators
Marketing: Tektronix' TEKSCOPE Magazine introduction of the Model 21 & 31 Calculators [PDF, 16 Pages, 7.3MB]
Literature: New Product Introduction Flyer [96K]
Marketing: Original Promotional Photograph for Tektronix Model 31 [36K]
Advertisement: "High Speed Maths".. [522K]
Advertisement: "The first modular instrumentation calculator." [90K]
Advertisement: "The first interactive graphic calculator." [86K]
Article: Featured Product - Tektronix Calculators [157K]
Marketing: Original Promotional Photograph for Tektronix Model 31/10 Graphics System [57K]
Marketing: Cover of Tektronix 31/53 Calculator Instrumentation System Brochure [67K]
Manual: Cover of Tektronix Model 31 Operators Manual [41K]
Marketing: Cover of Tektronix Calculator Products Catalog, 1973 [51K]
Accessory: Tek 31/53 Data Acquisition Keyboard Overlay [36K]
Accessory: Tek 31/53 Data Reduction Keyboard Overlay [36K]

Texas Instruments TI-3500
Literature: Cover of TI-3500 Operator's Guide [45K]

Hewlett Packard HP-35
Advertisement: "Some things are changing for the better." [140K]
Marketing: "Ask for a Free Demonstration..." [141K]

Sharp PC-1001
Advertisement: "THE SHARP PC1001...the nearest yet..." [387K]

Heathkit HK-2008
Advertisement: "Assemble your own Heathkit 8-digit desktop calculator" [87K]

Canon F-10 Scientific Electronic Calculator
Advertisement: "Send for a real-time mathematician" [82K]

MITS 1440 Electronic Calculator
Flyer: One Page Product Data sheet [52K & 81K]
Advertisement: "up-date your abacus!" [83K]

MITS 7440 Scientific Calculator
Manual: 7440 Operation Manual [PDF, 28.7M]
Advertisement: "Partners in Scientific Calculations" [106K]
Advertisement: "The MITS 7440..." [82K]

Friden 1200-Series
Advertisement: "YOU'RE CHEATING YOURSELF.." [679K]

Rockwell LSI Calculator Line
Advertisement: "Because life is full of little problems..." [106K]

Distributors Wanted (Compucorp)
Advertisement: "Distributors Wanted" [66K]

Texas Instruments SR-60/SR-60A "Personal Computer/Calculator"
Price List: Texas Instruments SR-60 Price List, April, 1976 [PDF, 1 Page, 185K]
Price List: Texas Instruments SR-60A Price List, July, 1978 [PDF, 3 Pages, 386K]
Document: Texas Instruments SR-60 Coding Form, 1975 [PDF, 2 Pages, 1.6M]