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Texas Instruments SR-60A Newsletter #6, May 1, 1978

Texas Instruments SR-60A Personal Computer/Calculator Newsletter #6, May 1, 1978
Document Countesy of Michael Cochran[5/21/1941-12/2/2018]
Chief Calculator Architect at Texas Instruments

This document is an internal Texas Instruments newsletter intended for dealers of Texas Instruments calculators, specifically related to the TI SR-60 and SR-60A "Personal Computer/Calculator" (as Texas Instruments refers to the machines). The newsletter was not intended to end up in the hands of customers, but no mention of the document being restricted in distribution is noted.

It is not known how many of these newsletters were published. This is the only one that the museum has come into the posession of, and we would very much like to find copies of the other TI SR-60A Newsletters that were published. If you have any such documents in your posessions, we would love to hear from you. Please click the Email button at the top of this page to send us a message.

This edition of the newsletter discusses the release of a new series of programs for the SR-60A for Real Estate applications; the publication of a new Field Service Manual for the SR-60/SR-60A calculators; a new packaging method for packing the calculators for shipment; procedure for shipping failed modules back to the factory for repair; announcement of a new Product Marketing Engineer for the SR-60A; a magnetic viewer product that can be used to view the magnetic domains on the calculator's magnetic cards; a request for field service personnel to remove a page outlining available peripheral devices for the SR-60A from SR-60A Operating and Programming manuals*; a tutorial on the memory system used in the SR-60/SR-60A calculators; a programming tip on how to utilize four additional labels(branch points) in programs; and lastly, a list and part numbers of current(at the time) SR-60A publications.

* It is interesting to note that the newsletter article entitled "REMOVE PHOTO OF PERIPHERALS FROM YOUR SR-60A MANUALS" notes that the purpose of removing this particlar page, showing a photograph of a series of periperhal devices for the calculator, is to draw attention away from the products. This seems to imply that Texas Instruments had made a decision to halt design/development/marketing/sales of the calculator peripherals for some reason. With such a powerful calculator that had peripheral interfacing built-in, it seems odd that the company would decide not to leverage this capability by offering a line of peripherals for the calculator such as external typewriter/printers, auxiliary storage (mag tape, disc, add-on solid- state memory), and perhaps data communications capabilities. It remains a mystery why TI decided not to pursue marketing periperhals for the SR-60A.

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