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Ricoh Ricomac 1200 Desktop Calculator

Image Courtesy Martin Willemsen

The Ricoh Ricomac 1200 is an OEM version of the Unicom 1200, manufactured by the Unicom business unit of AMI (American Micros-ystems, Inc.), and sold under the Ricoh brand name through an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) agreement. Unicom served as an OEM manufacturer for a number of different calculator companies that sold calculators under their own names, including Ricoh, Commodore, and perhaps others. Subtle variances in cabinet and keyboard color schemes were used to differentiate the models marketed by different OEM customers. This calculator was also marketed by Commodore as the Commodore 412F. The Unicom 1200 was introduced sometime in 1970, with OEM calculators introduced slightly later.

The Ricomac 1200 is a basic four-function calculator, twelve-digits, fixed decimal, with constant and round-off feature. The calculator uses a LSI LSI chipset manufactured by American Micro-systems, Inc., individual tube vacuum-fluorescent display technology, and discrete transistor display drivers. The machine is related to another calculator in the museum, the Commodore C112, a slightly later-version of a Unicom-manufactured machine marketed by Commodore.
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