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News Archive - Initial Wang 300-Series Introduction

Initial Wang 300-Series Introduction Article
Computers & Automation, February 1966

This new product introduction article in the February, 1966 edition of Computers & Automation tells of Wang's initial entries in the 300-series electronic calculators. It is interesting that the article makes no mention at all of the electronics package that drives the keyboard/ display units. It is assumed that the electronics package that would go along with the 300K and 310K keyboard/display units mentioned in the article would be the 300E and 310E respectively. It seems rather odd that there is no mention of the 320E/320K system, as the 300E was just a 320E with two diode logic boards removed (disabling the square root, x2, Natural Logarithm and ex functions), and the 310E was a 320E with one diode logic board removed (disabling the Natrual Logarithm and ex function). The 320E had both diode boards installed and thus was capable of all of the advanced functions. It is not known for sure why the 320E/320K combination was not mentioned in the article. It's possible that there was still work being done on the 320K keyboard unit, and it was not quite ready for announcement at the time the article was submitted for publication. In any case, the Wang 300-series calculators had been shown at various trade shows around the world beginning in the fall of 1965, and while Wang was taking orders for the calculators at the time, full production did not begin until the early part of 1966, and deliveries to customers began around March of 1966.