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Calculator News Article Archive

By Rick Bensene

Last Updated 11/19/2022

This page of the Old Calculator Web Museum is an archive of magazine, newspaper, and other published material relating to the history, development, products, and companies that were a part of the development of the calculator (most-specifically, electronic calculator) technology and marketplace. The items are arranged in chronological order. Some content in this archive may be under copyright protection. The curator has made reasonable efforts to assure that copyrights are not violated, but with old content like this, it is difficult to determine copyright status. Content is placed here in good faith. If any materials are found to be in violation, please contact the curator by clicking the EMail link above, and any such content will be immediately removed from this archive.

Apr Article in Friden's Corporate Newsletter announcing the passing of founder, Carl Friden

Jul Introducing the Transistor

Nov Announcement of Librascope LGP-30 Computer (Design by Stanley Frankel)

Mar Announcement of Agreement for Friden to Purchase Commercial Controls Corp.

Apr Announcement of agreement for Smith Corona and Marchant merger

Mar Clary announces the DAC-2500 Digital Arithmetic Center
Apr First known Announcement of Electrosolids' development of Transistorized Desktop Electronic Calculator
Jul Later Article discussing Electrosolids' development of Transistorized Desktop Electronic Calculator
Sep A short article announcing the acquisition of Ransom Research Inc. and Ransom Systems by Wyle Laboratories, Inc. [1-Sep]
Dec Announcement of agreement between Smith-Corona Marchant and Diehl Calculator Co. for SCM to market Diehl-made calculators in North America

Jun Introduction of the Friden 6010 Computyper small computer system
Aug Announcement of agreement for acquisition of Friden, Inc. by Singer Co.

Mar Article announcing the Mathatronics 4-24.
Jul Announcement article for the Friden EC-130.
Jul A short article announcing that Wyle Laboratories received a large contract from NASA including purchase of Wyle Labs Scientific calculator(s).
Aug A short article publicly announcing General Micro-electronics' development of a MOS 20-bit Shift Register chip
Dec Announcement of Monroe EPIC-2000

Jan Introducing the Wang Laboratories LOCI-1 Logarithmic Computing Instrument
Feb A short News-byte Indicating that General Micro-electonics may show an IC-based "computer" at IEEE Convention in late March
May Article announcing Arthur Lowell's new job as Asst. to President and Acting Exec. Director of R&D at Autonetics
May Article announcing General Precision Inc.'s 50% share purchase of Royal Precision Corp.
Aug Announcing the SCM Cogito 240 and Cogito 240-SR calculators
Aug Announcing the Friden EC-132
Aug Article on state of the electronic calculator market
Oct Introduction of the Olivetti Programma 101.
Oct Article announcing the Victor 3900 electronic calculator at the BEMA show in New York, week of October 25, 1965.
Nov Early article announcing the Olivetti Programma 101 programmable electronic calculator.
Dec New Product Introduction: The Olivetti Programma 101 electronic calculator
Dec Introducing the Dero Sage 1 electronic calculator

Jan Early article concerning the impending sale of General Micro-electronics to Philco Corp.
Feb Initial introduction article announcing the beginnings of the Wang 300-Series calculators (300/310 Models)
Mar Announcing the sale of General Micro-electronics to Philco Corp.
Apr Announcement of Mathatronics APS add-on for Mathatron 8-48 calculator
May Introducing the Data Acquisition Corp. DAC-512 Programmable Electronic Calculator
Aug News Release concerning a program in Los Angeles school system using Wyle Labs WS-02 Scientific Electronic Calculators
Dec Article hinting that Hewlett Packard may be working on an electronic calculator
Dec Mathatronics announces the Mathatron Mod II calculator

Jan Article stating that Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) is working on development of electronic calculators using ICs
Mar Grossly premature announcement article for the Wang 300-Series Simultaneous Electronics (SE) System
Jul Autonetics division of North American Aviation announces it will enter the custom MOS and SOS Large Scale Integration market
Aug Announcing the SCM Cogito 566PR calculator
Aug Wang Laboratories' Initial Public Offering Announcement on New York Stock Exchange [24-Aug]
Sep Article introducing the Canon 167 calculator
Nov Article announcing Casio's new magnetic core-based AL-1000 programmable calculator
Dec An article announcing Autonetics' first commercial Large Scale Integration (LSI) integrated circuits

Jan Announcement of agreement between Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (NCM) and Wyle Laboratories for Wyle to design calculators for NCM
Mar News release announcing the revolutionary HP 9100A programmable electronic calculator [11-Mar]
Mar An early News Release in a periodical announcing the HP 9100A calculator [18-Mar]
Mar Later Article announcing the groundbreaking HP 9100A Programmable Scientific calculator
Apr Article announcing agreement between Sharp and Burroughs for Sharp to make calculators for Burroughs
Apr Announcement of Canon 130S electronic calculator.
May A Product Introduction Article announcing the HP 9100A Programmable Scientific calculator a few months after the formal intro of the calculator
May Article announcing Friden 1151 Programmable Printing Calculator
May Introduction article for the Wang 380 Programmer
May A somewhat later Article announcing agreement between Sharp and Burroughs for Sharp to make calculators for Burroughs
Jun An article announcing the end of production of the history-making Victor 3900 electronic calculator
Jul Article announcing availability of KM-220 computer based on Wang 360E calculating element
Jul Article announcing the Canon 161S and Canon 163 calculators
Aug Article announcing agreement between Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (NCM), and National Cash Register (NCR) for NCM to make calculators for NCR
Nov An article announcing that Hayakawa Electric Co. (Sharp) has built an experimental LSI-based electronic calculator
Nov Announcement of a new agreement between Computer Design Corporation (spin-off from Wyle Laboratories) and Nippon Calculating Machine Co. for development of a MOS/LSI-based electronic calculator

Feb Article Announcing the Friden 1113 electronic calculator
Feb Brief article introducing Friden's new Friden 1150 printing electronic calculator.
Feb News-brief concerning Nippon Electric Company's (NEC) development of a novel single-chip Nixie tube decoder/driver IC, combining MOS(logic) and bipolar(driver) transistors on the same chip
Feb Article Announcing the Wang 700 Advanced programmable electronic calculator
Apr Announcing the SCM Cogito 414 electronic calculator
May Article introducing the Sharp QT-8D
Jun A brief article announcing that West Germany's Olympia has established an OEM agreement with Matsushita in Japan to develop and build a calculator for Olympia to sell under its brand.
Jul Dictaphone announces its line of Sanyo-made electronic calculators
Aug Announcement of the Monroe 820 electronic calculator

Jan Announcing the Sony ICC-2500 Programmable Electronic Calculator (formally announced in Oct, 1969).
Jul News Brief announcing US Government Services Administration (GSA) order of up to $4.5M of Wang Labs electronic calculators
Jul A news release introducing the Wang 100-Series electronic calculators
Aug Introduction of Electronic Arrays' 3300 PMOS 512x8 Mask-Programmed ROM
Nov Announcement of Electronic Arrays' LSI 6-Chip Calculator Chip set

Jan Announcement of Busicom's development of calculator using Mostek's single-chip LSI
Feb A new product announcement article for the Cintra 911 Statistician calculator.
Apr A brief newspaper article announcing the delivery of the first Wang Laboratories 3300 Timeshared BASIC minicomputer.
May Letter written by Tektronix President, Howard Vollum about the passing of his business partner, Jack Murdock. [16-May]
Jul Article announcing the completion of the acquisition of Cintra, Inc. from Physics International by Tektronix, Inc.
Aug Later article announcing the completion of the acquisition of Cintra, Inc. from Physics International by Tektronix, Inc.
Aug Tektronix News Release announcing price decrease and improved memory capability in Tektronix 909 and 911 calculators.
Sep Listing detailing Nortec Electronics' deal to produce calculator chip set for Omron
Sep Article announcing the acquisition of Unicom Systems, Inc., by American Micro-Systems, Inc. (AMI)
Nov Article announcing Texas Instruments' September introduction of its TMS1802 "calculator on a chip" IC.
Nov News-byte announcing an article in Popular Electronics magazine introducing the MITS 816 calculator kit

Jan A later article announcing Texas Instruments' TMS1802 "calculator on a chip" Large Scale Integration(LSI) IC.
May Introduction of the Cal-Tex CT5005 single chip calculator IC
Jun Introduction of two new four-chip calculator chip sets by Electronic Arrays
Aug Short article announcing Casio's market-shaking Casio Mini handheld battery-powered electronic calculator
Sep Announcement of North American Rockwell's acquisition of Unicom from American Micro-Systems, Inc (AMI) [18-Sep]
Sep Announcement of Joint Venture between Singer and Hitachi for business machine marketing/manufacture
Oct Article announcing the Busicom 162DE electronic desk calculator

Jun Article announcing Sony's exit from the electronic calculator business
Aug Introduction of the Tektronix Model 21 and Model 31 programmable electronic calculators [2-Aug]
Nov Announcing Rockwell International's acquisition of Lamson Industries, Ltd. (UK) Calculating/Computing-Related Businesses
Dec Introducing the Hewlett Packard 9821A calculator

Aug Announcing the Monroe (Calculating Machines) Division of Litton Industries exclusivity agreement with Compucorp

Feb Very short published note indicating the shutdown of its Unicom Systems, Inc. calculator subsidiary [1-Feb]
Feb Somewhat late News-byte noting the voluntary filing of bankruptcy by Bowmar Instruments [10-Feb]

Oct Texas Instruments announces the SR-60A programmable calculator

Sep Compucorp, Inc. announces the intention to purchase the Monroe Division of Litton Business Systems

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