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News Archive - Olivetti Programma 101 Introduction

Olivetti Programma 101 Announcement
Business Week Magazine, October 23, 1965

This appears to be the earliest introduction article for the Programma 101, appearing in the October 23, 1965 edition of Business Week magazine.

The article claims the calculator is a computer, which is not technically correct, but was a claim that was made by Olivetti. The Programma 101 has many of the characteristics of a computer, such as the ability do conditional tests and change program flow, and capability of magnetic card for program and data storage. The calculator did not have I/O interfacing capabilities, nor could it handle alphabetical information.

Like other early electronic calculator articles written, this article contains numerous technical or terminology errors. For example, the use of the word keypunch is completely misplaced, as the Programma 101 has no punched cards or tape.