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News Archive - Mathatronics Mathatron Mod II Announcement

Computers & Automation, December, 1966

Mathatronics Mathatron Mod II Announcement

The Mathatron Mod II is a modest re-design of the original Mathatron 8-48 calculator to allow additional ROM-coded mathematical operations, as well as expanded interfacing capabilities to allow the calculator to be used for significantly more complex applications. The Mathatron 8-48 Mod II calculator utilizes threaded magnetic core ROM routines to provide an additional 12 pre-programmed math operations that can range from trigonometric calculations, matrix manipulation, statistical functions, and logarithmic and exponential functions, among others. Custom programs could also be developed for customers and coded into the magnetic core ROM, for specific applications. The Mathatron Mod II shares the same basic functionality of the earlier Mathatron calculators, including the "ticker tape" printed output, algebraic entry with order of precedence evaluation and parentheses for grouping operations, four function with square root, and store/recall memory registers. The Mod II Mathatron also improved the operator controls, with separate buttons for selecting learn mode, normal mode, branch mode, and for starting and stopping program execution. A new "memory lock" function write-protects learn mode program memory from accidental modification. A push-on/push-off button (rather than a rotary switch on earlier machines) controls the power to the calculator. Along with these changes, the machine has additional logic to provide an enhanced I/O interfacing capability to allow a larger selection of peripheral devices to be connected to the calculator via an additional large multi-pin connector on the back panel of the machine.