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News Archive - Electrosolids Electronic Calculator Announcement

A press release announcing the development of an all-transistorized desktop electronic calculator by the Computron Corp. subsidiary of Electrosolids, Inc. The Computron subsidiary was headed up by Dr. Stanley Frankel, who was a nuclear physicist heavily involved in the Manhattan Project. After the project completed, he became deeply passionate about computing, and over time was involved in the development of a number of historical computers, including the General Precision LGP-30, the Packard Bell PB-250, as well as computer designs for General Electric, and other custom designs. Later, he became interested in the development of "personal" computing devices, which led to developments in electronic calculator technology, including the SCM Cogito 240SR, and the Diehl Combitron. The Electrosolids calculator announced in this article never came to pass, however, the design that was developed into a working prototype drew the interest of Smith-Corona Marchant, and an agreement was made for SCM to purchase Computron, along with the calculator design, which ended up becoming the SCM Cogito 240.

This article was published in the July, 1961 edition of the digest Computers and Automation.