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News Archive - Announcment of Electronic Arrays 4-Chip Calculator Chipset

Amateur Computer Soceity Newsletter, June, 1972

Electronic Arrays had introduced a six-chip calculator chipset, the S-100, in November of 1970. By mid-1972, the company had reduced the chip count to four chips. The four chips were functionally grouped, with an Input chip; a Control and Microcode ROM chip; an Arithmetic and Register chip, and Output chip. The reduction in chip count was achieved by combining the register and arithmetic unit into one chip (which with the S-100 chipset took two chips), as well as combining the control and microcode ROM into one chip (which took two chips in the earlier chipsets). The S-101 chipset implemented an eight-digit calculator, and the S-114 a sixteen digit calculator. Both chipsets provided the standard four math operations, constant, and fixed (selectable) decimal point location.