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Advertising Archive - HP 9100A

First HP 9100A Advertisement
Science Magazine, 1968
Image provided courtesy of, and with permission from, Hewlett-Packard Corporation

The Hewlett Packard 9100A holds the distinction of being the first monolithic desktop scientific stored-program programmable solid-state electronic calculator. The machine provided built-in high-level math functions that were fast and accurate, including trigonometric functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, rectangular to polar conversions, square root, and much more. There were prior machines that provided true stored program programmability, but offered only the standard four functions, or four functions with square root (for example, the Mathatronics Mathatron, the Casio/Commodore AL-1000, and the Olivetti Programma 101); required additional external add-ons to provide programmability (such as IME's 1st generation electronic calculators, and some early Sharp machines); or were programmable, but not via stored-program means (using punched cards, such as the Wyle Laboratories WS-02 Scientific, the Wang LOCI-2 and Wang 300-Series calculators). The HP 9100A was the first to wrap all of these features into one desktop-sized personal computing dynamo. This technological coup promptly vaulted HP to the lead in the high-end electronic calculator marketplace of the late '60's and 1970's.