Specifications for Friden 1112

Manufacturer: Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, Japan for Friden Division of Singer Electronics
Model Number: Form KK Type 12 (Friden 1112)
Serial Number: P30048838
Date of Manufacture: Early 1968 (Introduced January '67 in Japan)
Manufactured In: Tokyo, Japan
Original Price: Unknown, Estimated at $900 - $1200
Weight: Approx. 30 Pounds
Size: 19 3/4" Deep, 14 1/2" Wide, 9 1/2" High
Power Requirement: 40 Watts, 220VAC 50/60Hz
Display Technology: NEC CD-70 Nixie Tubes
Logic Technology: All Hitachi-Made Discrete Transistors
2SA17, 2SC284, 2BS77, 2SC180 (507 Total)
Digits of Capacity: 12 plus sign
Decimal Modes: Automatic Floating Decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic for addition/subtraction
Algebraic for multiplication/division
Math Functions: Four Function w/Sum-of-Products Mode
Constant: "R" Key, Recalls Multiplier/Divisor
Memories: None
Notes: Designed and Manufactured entirely by Hitachi for Friden.
OEM Version of Hitachi ELKA-12, Hitachi's First Electronic Calculator

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Documentation: Cover of German Instruction Guide [46K]

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