Specifications for Denon DEC-311

Manufacturer:		Denon (Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd.)
Model Number:		DEC-311
Serial Number:		200087
Date of Introduction:	Fall, 1971
Date of Manufacture:	Late 1971 to Early 1972
Manufactured In:	Tokyo, Japan
Original Price:		Approx. $400
Weight:			Approx. 6 Pounds
Size:			8 3/4" Wide, 12" Deep, 3 1/3" High
Power Requirement:	120 VAC, 11 Watts
Display Technology:	Nixie Tube
Logic Technology:	Mitsubishi-made LSI three chip set
			 MA8111, MA8112, MA8113
Digits of Capacity:	10
Decimal Modes:		None, Integer Only
Arithmetic Logic:	Arithmetic
Math Functions:		Three function.  Can't divide, doesn't even try.
Constant:		None
Memories:		One, with add/subtract and sum-of-products

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