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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive
Digital Devices Advertisement
February, 1969

Digital Devices 613E-1015 Magnetostrictive Delay Like Advertisement
Electronics Magazine, Feb. 17, 1969

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information available on Digital Devices, Inc. The company specialized in the manufacture of magnetostrictive delay lines, generally made-to-order for customers for their specific needs, with varying lengths of delay, operating mode, frequency, and optional interface electronics.

The particular delay line advertised has a storage capacity of approx. 30K-bits circulating through the line at a frequency of 2MHz. At a small-quantity retail price of about $300, or $0.01 per bit, this delay line was a very economical way to store small amounts of data that does not require the random access capability and fast access of types of memory like magnetic core. Delay line technology is particularly suitable to devices that cyclically access data in a regular pattern, such as refreshing a display.

A few of the calculators in the Old Calculator Museum's collection utilize magnetostrictive delay lines manufactured by Digital Devices. The SCM Cogito 240SR, Diehl Combitron S, and Wyle Laboratories WS-02 all contain delay lines manufactured by Digital Devices specifically made for the calculator manufacturer.

Digital Devices was acquired by conglomerate Tyco Laboratories of Waltham, Massachusetts, in the spring of 1968.