Front Cover of Wang 720 A/B Standard Trigonometric Program, Circa September, 1970

This manual came as part of an optional program package that included this manual, a special function labeling strip, and a pre-recorded tape cassette of stored programs for performing various trigonometric operations.

The manual contains operational instructions for each of the trig. routines, as well as a printed listing of the entire set of programs.

The trig programs package included the following functions: Degrees to Radians, Radians to Degrees, Sin(X), Cos(X), Tan(X), Inverse Sin(X), Inverse Cos(X), Interse Tan(X), Rectangular to Polar, Polar to Rectangular, Hyperbolic Sin(X), Hyperbolic Cos(X), Hyperbolic Tan(X), Inverse Hyperbolic Sin(X), Inverse Hyperbolic Cos(X), Inverse Hyperbolic Tan(X).
This is the first printing of the manual. A later printing (published in July of 1971) is also exhibited in the museum.

Special thanks to Janet Harrison for donation of these materials to the museum