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Hewlett Packard Journal, April, 1974 - The HP 9880A/B Mass Storage System for the 9830A Calculator

Hewlett Packard Journal - The HP 9880A/B Mass Storage System for the 9830A Calculator April, 1974 Edition

The Hewlett Packard Journal is a wonderful example of a corporate technology publication that truly tells the story behind the people, innovation, technology, and culture of the company. It is a benchmark publication in this realm, beginning publication in September of 1949, and finally ending in 1998 after publishing hundreds of high quality articles about Hewlett Packard products.

The April, 1974 edition documents the HP 9880A/B Mass Storage System for the HP 9830A. calculator. This system, which includes the 11305A Disc Controller, the 11237B ROM Pack & Connection Cables, the 9867A(9880A) or 9867B(9880B)` Single or Dual Platter Disk Cartridge Drive, and the 12869A 2.4 Megabyte Disk Cartridge. These components combine to provide a hard-disk mass-storage system for the 9830A calculator with a storage capacity starting at 2.4 Megabytes. The 9880A system uses the 9867A disk drive which has a single removable cartridge disc module. The 9880B system uses the 9867B disk drive, which has a removeable cartridge module like the 9867A drive, but also contains an identical, but fixed (e.g., non-removable) platter that doubles the direct access storage capacity of the drive. The 11305A Disc Controller is capable of handling up to four 9867A or two 9867B Disk Drive units, as well as allowing up to four 9830A calculators to acesss data on the drives in a round-robin timesliced fashion. The ROM Pack provides the low-level drivers to allow the calculator to talk to the controller. Each disk platter (whether removable or fixed) has a dedicated storage area that contains extensions to the 9830's BASIC language to allow the progammer access to the capabilities of the mass storage system. The extensions to the 9830's BASIC are modeled after the file-oriented storage system used in the HP 2000C Timeshared BASIC system to provide access to a large base of software developed for the timeshared systems.

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