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Hewlett Packard Journal, October, 1970 - The HP 9101 Memory Expansion for the 9100A/ 9100B Calculators

Hewlett Packard Journal - HP 9101A Memory Expansion for the 9100A/ 9100B Calculators, October, 1970 Edition

The Hewlett Packard Journal is a wonderful example of a corporate technology publication that truly tells the story behind the people, innovation, technology, and culture of the company. It is a benchmark publication in this realm, beginning publication in September of 1949, and finally ending in 1998 after publishing hundreds of high quality articles about Hewlett Packard products.

The October, 1970 edition documents the magnetic core memory-based 9101A memory expansion unit for the amazing HP 9100A and 9100B electronic calculators. The 9101A provided 20,832 bits of magnetic core memory organized as a maximum of 3,472 program steps, or 248 numeric memory registers. The storage system is contained in a standard 19-Inch rackmount chassis that consumes five rack units. It interfaces to the calculators via the I/O connector on the back panel of the calculator. A special cable connects the 9101A to the calculator. The calculator's [FMT] key on the keyboard is used to address and control the 910A. This device greatly added to the power of the 9100 calculator, multiplying the amount of memory of the 9100A by 8 times, and the 9100B by 4 times.

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