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Sharp Compet 361 (CS-361) Desktop Calculator

Sharp-made 16-digit, four function desk calculator with fixed decimal selections. Two independent accumulating memory registers. Small-scale MOS IC-design combined with discrete diode-transistor logic. Small magnetic core memory array for working register storage. Introduced in 1969. Also available as the Sharp 361R (CS-361R), which adds a two-key (÷ followed by =) square root function. Either model wanted.
Sharp Compet CS-361/CS-361R Specifications

Manufacturer: Sharp Corp.
Model Number: Compet CS-361/CS-361R
Manufactured In: Japan
Date of Introduction: 1969
Logic Technology: MOS IC(77) & Diode(583)/Transistor(159) Logic
72x12 Magnetic Core for working register storage
Digits of Capacity: 16 with leading zero suppression
Decimal Modes: Slide-Switch Selectable Fixed or Floating Decimal
Math Functions: Four Function
Model CS-361R adds two-key square root
Memories: 2, Non-volatile (memory retained with power off)
Constant: [K] key activates constant for multiply/divide
Weight: 16 1/2 Pounds
Size: 13 3/8" Wide, 4 5/16" High, 16 9/16" Deep
Power Requirement: 110/220V AC, 50/60Hz, 21 Watts
Clock Frequency: 50 KHz
Performance: Addition: 80ms
Subtraction: 80ms
Multiplication: 180ms
Division: 260ms
Square Root: 310ms