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Monroe 925 Desktop Calculator

Monroe 925

The Monroe 925 is a step-up from the slightly less-capable and less-expensive Monroe 920 desktop electronic calculator. The 925 upstages the 920 by adding an additional digit of capacity (13 digits versus 12 on the 920) as well as adding an accumulating memory register that can be enabled by a push-on/push-off [AM] key that will automatically accumulate products or quotients in the memory register. The memory register can be recalled to the display with the [RM] key. Other than these additional features, the 925 is functionally and visually identical to the Monroe 920.

Like the 920, the guts of the 925 were produced for Monroe by Canon in Japan under an OEM manufacturing agreement.

Canon marketed a virtually identical machine (other than color scheme of cabinetry/keyboard) as the Canon 121.
Monroe 925 Specifications

Marketed By: Monroe International Division, Litton Business Systems, Inc.
Model Number: 925
Manufactured In: Japan, by Canon for Monroe under OEM contract
Date of Introduction: 1969
Logic Technology: DTL (Texas Instruments 39xx & 45xx-series) and TTL(Texas Instruments 74xx-series) Small-Scale Integrated Circuit
NEC (Japan) magnetostrictive delay line for Register Storage
Digits of Capacity: 13, No Zero Suppression
Decimal Modes: Fixed at slide-switch selectable positions of 2, 3 or 4 digits behind decimal
Math Functions: Four Function
Memories: 1 Accumulate-Mode Register
Constant: [K] key activates constant for multiply/divide
Weight: 9 1/2 Pounds
Size: 10 1/4" Wide, 3 3/4" High, 13" Deep
Power Requirement: 115V AC, 60Hz, 13 Watts