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Hugle International Hugle-8 Desktop Calculator

Hugle International Hugle-8

The Hugle-8 may be the only desktop electronic calculator marketed by Hugle International. The calculator is actually made by Commodore as its Commodore US*8. The calculator was purchased by Hugle International through an OEM agreement with Commodore, and marketed and sold as the Hugle-8. The only difference between the Commodore US-8 and the Hugle-8 is that the US*8 provides a slide switch for setting either automatic or fixed decimal point at 0, 2, or 4 digits behind the decimal, while the Hugle-8 has no such switch and always operates in automatic floating decimal point mode. On the Hugle-8, the location where the decimal point switch would be is filled by the Hugle International corporate logo.

Hugle International was founded by William B. Hugle in 1966 as a company marketing equipment involved in the manufacturing of integrated circuits, which took very specialized and sophisticated equipment. At the time, many IC manufacturers built their own equipment to manufacture integrated circuits, and William Hugle thought that there could be a lucrative business in engineering, manufacturing, and selling high-quality equipment for manufacturing integrated circuits. His thought proved right, and his company grew very quickly and made a lot of money.

It appears that for a period of time in the early 1970's, Hugle International got into the electronic calculator business. The company apparently partnered with existing calcualtor manufacturers through OEM agreements, purchasing unlabeled calculators in large quantities at significant discount, then putting their own labeling on the machines and selling them as their own, through their own distribution and sales channels.

The Hugle-8 calculator is a very basic eight-digit, four-function AC powered desktop electronic calcualtor with a constant function for multiplication and division. The machine uses a Texas Instruments "calculator-on-a-chip" IC, and a planar gas-discharge seven-segment display. It operats in floating decimal point mode.

If you know of or have a Hugle-8 calculator, or any other calculator that was old under the Hugle International brand, please contact the museum by clicking on the EMail button in the menubar at the top of this page.

Hugle International Hugle-8 Specifications

Manufacturer: Hugle International (OEM Commodore)
Model Number: Hugle-8
Manufactured In: USA
Display Technology: Planar seven-segment Gas-Discharge Display, 9 digits
Logic Technology: Texas Instuments "Calculator on a Chip"
Digits of Capacity: 8
Decimal Modes: Automatic Floating Decimal Point
Math Functions: Four Function
Memories: None
Constant: Yes. Multiply and Divide via [K] Key

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