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Facit 1115 Desktop Calculator

Image Provided through the Courtesy of Serge Devidts

Facit's OEM version of Sharp Corporation's landmark Sharp QT-8D Large-Scale Integration calculator. The QT-8D was the first electronic calculator (if you don't count the incredible 1965-vintage Victor 3900) to utilize a large-scale integration MOS chipset (developed and fabricated by US chipmaker Rockwell under contract to Sharp) to provide the four-chip calculating logic of the machine. The Facit 1114 re-packages the QT-8D's electronics, which were provided to Facit by Sharp through an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) agreement between the two companies. Introduced in 1970.
AC-powered,eight digit, four-function calculator with automatic floating decimal. Utilizes eight Itron vacuum-fluorescent display tubes.