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Canon Canola 167 Desktop Calculator

Canon Canola 167

The Canon Canola 167 is a rather unique machine, as it utilizes a small magnetic drum for its main register storage. Other machines of the era utilize recirculating magnetostrictive delay lines, chains of shift registers or ring counters, or magnetic core memory. The fact that the machine uses a magnetic drum is reflected in the calculation times for the machine, with division operations quoted as taking up to one second.
Canon Canola 167 Specifications

Manufacturer: Canon Camera Co., Inc.
Model Number: Canola 167
Introduction: Summer, 1967
Manufactured In: Japan
Display Technology: Canon-made electro-optical display elements
Incandescent lamp edge-lighting of plastic panels etched w/numerals
Logic Technology: Discrete Diode-Transistor Logic
Small magnetic drum (8 tracks) for working register storage
Digits of Capacity: 15, w/Double-Precision mode 30-digit results
Decimal Modes: Automatic floating
Math Functions: Four Function w/Automatic Square & Square Root
Memories: Seven. Five Store/Recall, Two Accumulating, all with 16-digit capacity
Performance: Addition/Subtraction: 10mS; Multiplication: 900mS; Division: 1 sec.; Square Root: 600mS; Square: 400mS
Size: 17" wide, 23 1/2" deep, 8 1/2" high
Weight: 51 pounds

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