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Nippon Calculating Machine Co., Ltd. (Busicom) Model 120-DN Exec Desktop Calculator

The Nippon Calculating Machine Co., Ltd. (NCM) Busicom Exec, Model 120-DN is a desktop AC-powered electronic calculator using a single MOS/LSI (Large Scale Integration) IC manufactured by US chip maker Mostek under contract to Nippon Calculating Machine Co., Ltd.(NCM)

The Mostek MK 6010 Calculator-on-a-Chip (Note NCM Logo on Chip Lid)

The MK 6010 Large Scale IC used in the Busicom Exec 120-DN was the first commercial "Calculator on a Chip". The device was laid out and fabricated by Mostek from a logic design created by NCM.

The Exec 120-DN is a follow-on to the earlier Busicom Junior 120-DM which marked the first use of the MK 6010 calculator chip. The 120-DN is functionally equivalent to the earlier machine, with updates mainly in styling, and a slightly smaller form-factor.