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Busicom 2017 / 2017P Desktop Calculator

Busicom (Business Computer Corp.) 2017

Busicom 2017P

The Busicom 2017 was a nicely packaged 33 pound desktop programmable calculator with CRT display. The machine wasn't designed by Busicom -- it was designed by engineers at Wyle Laboratories (see more information about Wyle Laboratories and its successor, Computer Design Corp. in an essay entitled "The History of Compucorp") under contract to Busicom beginning in late 1965. The machine was introduced in February of 1969. The 2017 is a direct follow-on to the Busicom 207 electronic calculator with 10 additional memory registers. The machine uses a built-in punched card reader that (bi-directionally) reads cards that are connected together end-to-end to provide programs in length that is limited only by how many cards can be managed. The machine has a capacity of 20 digits, and provides 17 memory registers. A version of the 2017 called the 2017P provided an externally connected high-speed printer to permanantly record calculations. The calculator utilizes small-scale DTL (Diode-Transistor Logic) integrated circuits, and magnetostrictive delay lines for memory and working register storage.