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Calculator History Timeline

By Rick Bensene
Copyright ©1997-2024, Rick Bensene and The Old Calculator Museum

Last Updated 5/22/2024

This page of the Old Calculator Museum is a timeline of known historical points, people, milestones, and other time-related material relating to calculating machine technology. Also included are some benchmark historical points relating to the early development of "individual computing"; with small computers of the late 1950's into the late 1960's, as well as timeshared computer systems debuting in the 1960s providing some of the earliest opportunities for individual students, scientists, and business people to have access to sophisticated computing resources for the first time. At nearly the same time, beginning in the early 1960's, the arrival of single-user electronic calculating machines also provided access to personal calculating capabilities originally in the engineering lab or large accounting firm, but not much later into the home and small office. Copyright ©1997-2024, Rick Bensene and The Old Calculator Museum

Some historical references are included for the early development of the single-user oriented computers, including early single-user mini-computers, and eventually, the microcomputer.

Most especially, the microprocessor and microcomputer were made possible directly and as a result of the technology created for the electronic calculator. The drive for calculator manufacturers to push the semiconductor manufacturers them to pack more and more circuitry in ever smaller amounts of space, using less electricity, providing more functionality, and perhaps most-importantly, reducing cost, was the force behind the development of digital integrated circuits for their first use in a consumer-based product. The evolution of this technology eventually, through the desire of a number of calculator companies to produce a calculator that was powered by a simple programmable computer on a chip, led to the development of the microprocessor. Once this happened, making calculators on a chip was not a big deal anymore. The big deal became making ever-more powerful computers on a chip. It was then that microcomputers made it possible for personal computers in the home began to appear on the scene, which clearly changed our world forever.

Note that most of these "personal" computing developments were made long before the famed IBM PC (incorrectly called the first "Personal Computer" despite its name) or Apple Macintosh came to market. These computers were the beginnings of the true utility of a personal computer, which, over time, have evolved into the personal computing platforms of choice for people and business all over the world today.

These infant personal computing benchmarks are included here simply because the threads of all of these events interrelate in terms of the development of calculating devices intended for use by an individual in home, school, laboratory, research & development/engineering, or office.

This document was created from a huge number of sources that are too vast and gathered over such a long period of time to begin to account for. Some of the information here was gleaned from various online resources such as Wikipedia and BitSavers. A large amount of information was also gathered from vintage periodicals and newspapers, as well as product flyers, product manuals, marketing materials, and documentation from calculator manufacturers(such as annual reports and internal/external publications) that the museum has accumulated over the years.

Some information is also gathered through interviews with the people involved with the projects to develop various calculating and computing devices at the time. The museum curator has had the incredible luck and privilege of meeting (in person, over the phone, or through Email) with some of these players in the industry during the formative period of the electronic calculator, and was able to gather a tremendous amount of information through these interviews. As such, some content in this document is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate in all aspects, as some of the information is based on the memories of people "who were there", whose memories have inevitably faded over the years. Best effort has been made to obtain alternate sources of information to corroborate such memories before they are published in this document.

There are cases where the definition of terms can be interpreted in different ways, such as when a product is "introduced" versus when it is actually available for sale. In the electronics and computing industry, a product introduction does not necessarily mean that the product can be purchased and delivered at the time of introduction. Effort is made in this document to provide introduction dates, as well as dates when a product was actually available for purchase. Some companies at the time (and is still a common practice today) made a point of introducing product as much as 18 months before the product was actually available for purchase.

All efforts are made to try to assure this document is as accurate as practical, and updates are promptly made when sources of information converge to provide a more accurate dating of a given event. Of course, if anyone reading this material identifies factual errors or any other kind of error such as spelling, punctuation, duplication, ordering, or formatting, please let the museum know by clicking the Email button at the top of this page. Reported errors will promptly be investigated and corrected as necessary.

Some information that is presented may inadvertently be in violation of copyright law, as it is very difficult with old periodicals and newspapers to determine the copyright status of material. If a representative of any organization or an individual believes content on the Old Calculator Museum website is in violation of copyright law, please click the EMail button at the top of the page and send a message including the full URL of the item(s), and a claim relating to how the content is in violation of copyright law. Upon review, any information found to be in violation shall promptly be removed from the website.

If the reader knows of historical events relating to the areas outlined above, especially things that have specific dates associated with them, please let us know by clicking the Email button in the navigation bar above. Also, if you know a more specific date for items listed herewith that do not have a specific date listed, please let us know so it can be added.

Please note that the aggregate content of this document is protected by US and International Copyright Law. This document may not be used in part or in whole by any means without express permission, in writing, from the curator of the Old Calculator Museum. Permission is frequently granted to individuals involved in scholarly research or education to use content in the Old Calculator Museum when the museum is contacted before any content is used. If you or your organization wish to use any content from the museum for any purpose (which includes eBay listings), please do us the courtesy of contacting us first for permission. Click the Email link at the top of the page and clearly describe what you want to use, including the full URL of the page if possible. We will respond as quickly as possible. Please note that use of any content found copied from the Old Calculator Museum website without first obtaining permission to use said content will be aggressively pursued for sanction against the individual or group utilizing such content without permission.

Thank you,
Rick Bensene, Curator
The Old Calculator Museum

Jul Birth of polymath Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz in Leipzig, Germany. Devised first practical four-function calculating machine called the Stepped Reckoner [1-Jul]

Nov Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz passes away at age 70 [14-Nov]

Oct Birth of Hisashige Tanaka, founder of precursors to Toshiba [18-Oct]

Oct Birth of Isaac Merritt Singer, future founder of I.M. Singer & Co. (later, Singer Co.)

Kienzle Apparate, GmbH founded in Germany, manufacturing clocks and time recorders

Apr Birth of Frank S. Baldwin, prolific and revolutionary mechanical calculating machine designer [10-Apr]

Aug Birth of Willgodt T. Odhner in St. Petersburg, Russia, creator of the first mass-marketed European calculating machine
>>>   using the Pinwheel mechanism [10-Aug]

Isaac Merritt Singer forms I.M. Singer & Company, manufacturing sewing machines
Daikichi Tanaka, apprentice of Hisashige Tanaka, establishes Tanaka Engineering Works (Toshiba precursor)

Jan Birth of William S. Burroughs I, founder of American Arithmometer Co. (Precursor to Burroughs Corp.) [28-Jan]

Feb Birth of Herman Hollerith, founder of Tabulating Machine Co.; the genesis of International Business Machines (IBM) [29-Feb]

Sep Singer Manufacturing Co. (formerly I.M. Singer & Co.) formally incorporated [1-Sep]

Grimme, Natalis & Co. founded in Braunschweig, Germany, manufacturing home appliances (later creates calculating machine brand "Brunsviga")

Apr Passing of Frank S. Baldwin, prolific mechanical calculating machine designer [8-Apr]

Odhner Arithmometer invented in Russia by W.T. Odhner, using Odhner's pinwheel mechanism

Hisashige Tanaka establishes Shibaura Seisakusho, manufacturing telegraph equipment (Precursor to Toshiba)
Jul Isaac Merritt Singer, founder of what became Singer Co., passes away [23-Jul]
Ichisuke Fujioka(Son-in-Law of Hisashige Tanaka) & Shoichi Miyoshi form Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electic Co.)

Jul Bell Punch Co., Ltd. Incorporated in UK
Aug Birth of Heinrich Diehl, co-founder of Diehl Corp. [3-Aug]

Aug Birth of Margarete Schmidt(Diehl), co-founder of Diehl Corp. [25-Aug]

Sep Founder of precursor to Toshiba, Hisashige Tanaka, passes away [17-Sep]
Dec Kintarō Hattori opens K. Hattori & Co, a clock & jewelry shop in Tokyo, Japan (Precursor to Seiko) [26-Dec]

Sep National Cash Register Co. (NCR) founded in Dayton, Ohio by John H. Patterson [1-Sep]

Jan American Arithmometer Co. (Precursor to Burroughs Corp.) founded by William S. Burroughs in St. Louis, Missouri [21-Jan]
Smith Premier Typewriter Company established by Lyman C. Smith and three of his brothers, Wilbert, Monroe, and Hurlbut (Precursor to Smith Corona)
Carl Walther Company founded, producing firearms

Dorr E. Felt patents his Comptometer, a mechanical adding/subtracting machine that dramatically improved accuracy over earlier machines

Mar Birth of Willard Rockwell, founder of what became Rockwell International [31-Mar]

Dorr E. Felt and Robert Tarrant form partnership manufacturing Felt's Comptometer calculating machines as Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co.

AB Åtvidabergs Industrier founded in Sweden (becomes Facit AB)

Apr Carl Friden born in Alvesta, Sweden, founder of what became Friden Calculating Machine Co. [11-Apr]
May Gerard Philips and his father, Frederik Philips, found the Philips Co. in Eindhoven, Holland,
>>>   manufacturing light bulbs (Precursor to Philips Gloeilampfabrieken N.V.) [15-May]
May Japan's Ministry of Communications establishes Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL) [24-May]

The Spencer Co. (later Philco) founded producing carbon arc lamps
Grimme, Natalis & Co. AG acquires rights to manufacture calculating machines based on Odhner's Pinwheel mechanism

Smith Premier Typewriter Co. joins with Union Typewriter Co., a corporate trust including Remington, Caligraph, Densmore and Yost
Nov Birth of Tokuji Hayakawa, founder of what became Hayakawa Electric (later, Sharp Corporation) [3-Nov]

Bell Punch Co., Ltd. suffers massive fire, destroying a newly-built manufacturing plant

Winklhofer & Jaenicke (later, Wanderer-Werke AG) founded in Chemnitz, Germany manufacturing motorcycles
Herman Hollerith founds Tabulating Machine Co. (Precursor to IBM)
Lagomarsino established in Milan, Italy as a distributor of European-made calculating machines

Aug Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. (Nippon Denki Kabushiki-gaishe) established by Kunihiko Iwadare and Takeshiro Maeda (Precursor to NEC) [31-Aug]
Sep William S. Burroughs I, founder of Burroughs Corp., passes away [14-Sep]

Jul Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. Incorporated (Precursor to NEC) [17-Jul]

Mar Birth of Howard Aiken, physicist and computer technology pioneer [8-Mar]
Apr Birth of Kiyoshi Ichimura in Saga Prefecture, Japan. Future founder of Ricoh, Co., Ltd. [4-Apr]
Sep Birth of Kazuma Tateisi, future founder of Omron Tateisi Electronics [20-Sep]

Jan Curt Herzstark, inventor of the Curta calculator, Born in Vienna, Austria [26-Jan]
Sep Heinrich & Margarete Diehl start business as a metal artwork foundry (Beginnings of Diehl Corp.)
Dec Birth of Toshio Iue, founder of Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. [28-Dec]

Founders of Smith Premier Typewriter Co. quit due to conflicts with Union Typewriter Co., and form L. C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Co.
Union Schreibmaschinen GmbH (Union Typewriter Co.) established in Berlin (Beginnings of Olympia International)

Jan Royal Typewriter Company founded by Edward B. Hess & Lewis C. Meyers, headquarterd in Brooklyn, NY
Apr Birth of George Robert Stibitz, future Bell Laboratories Computer Researcher & Designer [30-Apr]
American Arithmometer Co. moves from St. Louis to Detroit

Jan American Arithmometer Co. changes name to Burroughs Adding Machine Company [14-Jan]
Sep Willgodt T. Odhner passes away, inventor of Odhner Arithmometer [15-Sep]
Mercedes Büro-Maschinen Werke AG established in Thuringia, Germany

Mar Royal Typewriter Co. introduces its first typewriter, the Royal Standard

May Birth of Karl Diehl, son of Diehl Corp. founders [4-May]
Aug Birth of John W. Mauchly, future co-designer of ENIAC and many other important early computers [30-Aug]

Universal Adding Machine Co. acquired by Burroughs Corp.
Apr Birth of Masaru Ibuka, co-founder of Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Ltd. (later, Sony) [11-Apr]
Kanekichi Yasui establish Yasui Sewing Machine Co. (Precursor to Brother)
Oct Camillo Olivetti founds Ing. C. Olivetti & Co., S.p.A., in Ivrea, Italy, manufacturing typewriters

Burroughs Corp. acquires Pike Adding Machine Co.

Nippon Chikuonki Shokai (Japan Recorders Corp.) founded by Frederick Whitney Horne (later, Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd./Denon)
Feb Birth of William B. Shockley, co-inventor of the transistor [13-Feb]
Feb Uchida Denshi Kogyo Co., Ltd (a.k.a. Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.) founded
Jun Konrad Zuse born in Berlin, Germany [22-Jun]
Sperry Gyroscope Co. founded by US inventor Elmer A. Sperry
Brothers Rodney and Alfred Marchant begin manufacturing calculating machines in Oakland, CA [First US Calculator Company]

Tabulating Machine Co. changes name to Computing, Tabulating and Recording Co. (CTR), later becomes IBM
Aug Marchant Calculating Machine Co. formally incorporated [15-Aug]

Muldivo Calculating Machine Co., Ltd. founded in London by Henri Ebstein as a distributor of office machines
Philips Gloeilampfabrieken N.V. incorporated (Philips)
Apr Jay R. Monroe and Frank Baldwin establish the Monroe Calculator Co. [25-Apr]
Sep David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett Packard, born in Pueblo, Colorado [7-Sep]
Sep Tokuji Hayakawa founds metal-working shop in Tokyo, Japan, Hayakawa Brothers Co. (precursor to Hayakawa Electric) [15-Sep]

May Birth of William R. Hewlett, future co-founder of Hewlett Packard [20-May]
Jun Birth of computing visionary and pioneer Maurice Vincent Wilkes, Dudley, Worchestershire, UK (Created concept of microprogramming) [26-Jun]

James Picker Co. founded by James Picker in New York City (later, Picker X-Ray, Picker Corp./Picker Nuclear Division)
May Tadashi Sasaki born in Taiwan (future calculator mover & shaker at Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) [12-May]

National Association of Office Appliance Manufacturers founded in Chicago, Illinois
May Birth of Bernard (Barney) Oliver, radar pioneer and later, founding director of Hewlett Packard Laboratories, responsible
>>>   for overseeing development of groundbreaking HP 9100 and HP-35 calculators [27-May]

Nov Tadao Kashio born, Nangoku City, Japan, future co-founder of Casio [26-Nov]

AB Addo founded in Malmo, Sweden by Hugo Agrell
Matsushita Electric Housewares Mfg. Works (later Panasonic) founded by Kōnosuke Matsushita
Mar Victor Adding Machine Co. founded in Chicago, IL, by Carl Buehler
May Birth of Ge Yao (G.Y.) Chu (Employee #1 and Co-Founder of Wang Laboratories) [3-May]
May Birth of Richard Phillips Feynman, future Theoretical Physicist, key member of Manhattan Project,
>>>   intuitive mechanical calculator repairman, 1965 Nobel Prize winner, quantum physics theorist [15-May]
Aug Birth of Katherine Johnson, who became one of NASA's
>>>   leading "human computers" (with the help of a Monroe electromechanical calculator) [26-Aug]
Oct Oi Electric Co. Ltd., founded, Tokyo, Japan [3-Oct]

Apr Birth of John Adam Presper Eckert Jr., co-designer of ENIAC and other early computers with John Mauchly [9-Apr]
Jun Birth of Stanley Frankel, Manhattan Project Nuclear Physicist, and later gifted computer & calculator designer.
>>>   See Old Calculator Museum exhibit on the SCM/Marchant Cogito 240SR for more information. [6-Jun]
Jul Birth of Frank S. Wyle, founder of Wyle Laboratories [23-Jul]
Radio Corporation of America (RCA) established as public company with majority ownership by General Electric
Willard Rockwell forms a company in Wisconsin making truck axle bearings forming the foundation of what becomes Rockwell International
The first adding machine from Victor Comptometer, the Model 110, is introduced

Feb Namihei Odaira founds Hitachi, Ltd., through merger of Tokyo Electric Co, Ltd. and Electric Railway Co. to manufacture electric motors [1-Feb]
Feb An Wang born in Shanghai, China, future founder of Wang Laboratories [7-Feb]

Jan Birth of Akio Morita, co-founder of Sony [26-Jan]
Grimme, Natalis & Co. is incorporated as Grimme, Natalis & Co. AG (Brunsviga brand calculating machines)
Moon-Hopkins Billing Machine Co. purchased by Burroughs Corp.

Laurence Marshall and Vannevar Bush are founders of American Appliance Co. (becomes Raytheon)
Oct Birth of Donald C. Hoefler, future journalist who coins term "Silicon Valley" [3-Oct]

Mar William Henry Burkhart born, future prolific electronic calculating machine inventor at Monroe [4-Mar]
Dictaphone Corp. formed out of Columbia Gramophone Co.
Sep Hayakawa Brothers Co. facilities destroyed by the Great Kantō Earthquake and subsequent fires [1-Sep]
Nov Birth of Jack St. Clair Kilby, inventor of early experimental Integrated Circuit [8-Nov]
Dec Birth of Árpád Klatsmányi in Budapest, Hungary, future father of digital computing in Hungary [20-Dec]
>>> &nbap;&nbap;and designer of Hungary's first electronic calculator, the Hunor 131 [20-Dec]

Birth of Yoshio Kojima (Future president of Nippon Calculating Machine Co.)
K. Hattori & Co. begins selling clocks under the Seiko brand name
Carl Walther Company begins manufacture and sale of mechanical calculating machines
Sep Tokuji Hayakawa opens rebuilt(after earthquake) metal-working business in Osaka, Japan, as Hayakawa Metal Laboratories [1-Sep]
Burroughs Adding Machine Co. listed on New York Stock Exchange
Computing, Tabulating, and Recording Co. changes name to International Business Machines (IBM)

Jan Toshio Kashio born (future calculating machine inventor at Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)
Due to a name clash, American Appliance Co. changes name to Raytheon Co.
Apr Frank S. Baldwin, prolific calculator designer at Monroe, passes away [8-Apr]
Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. (later, Panasonic) registers "National" brand name for consumer products marketed in Japan
Apr Heinz Nixdorf born in Paderborn, Germany [9-Apr]

L.C. Smith & Bros. and Corona Typewriter merge to become Smith Corona Corp.
Oct Royal Typewriter Co. produces its one millionth typewriter
Nov Kanekichi Yasui, founder of Yasui Sewing Machine Co. passes away
Nov Masayoshi Yasui, son of founder Yasui Sewing Machine Co. succeeds his father as CEO of the company
Yasui Sewing Machine Co. renamed Yasui Brothers Sewing Machine Co.

Remington Typewriter Co. and Rand Kardex merge to form Remington Rand
Mar Birth of William B. Hugle, future co-founder of Hugle International, Siliconix, and others [30-Mar]
Mar Birth of Robert H. Norman, electronics engineer & businessman (General Micro-electronics, Nortec Electronics) [24-Mar]
Grimme, Natalis & Co. AG renamed Brunsviga Maschinenenwerk Grimme, Natalis & Co. AG, recognizing
>>>   the Brunsviga brand name of calculating machines in its title
Matsushita begins marketing bicycle lamps in Japan under the "National" brand
Aug Birth of Frances B. Sarnat, prolific inventor of semiconductor-related developments. The only woman scientist involved
>>>   in such work in the early days of integrated circuit technology [13-Aug]
Remington Rand purchases Powers Accounting Machine Co.
Dec Birth of Robert Norton Noyce, inventor of the first practical Integrated Circuit, and co-founder of Integrated Electronics (Intel) [12-Dec]

Nippon Calculator Co. Ltd. incorporated in Osaka, Japan
Brand name "Brother" registered by Yasui Brothers Sewing Machine Co.
Jul Birth of Robert A. Ragen, architect and project leader of the legendary Friden EC-130 solid-state electronic calculator [23-Jul]
Sep Paul Galvin founds Galvin Manufacturing Corp., in Chicago, Illinois (Precursor to Motorola)

Jan Birth of Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel, and creator of Moore's Law [3-Jan]
Jan Birth of Kazuo Kashio, co-founder with brother Tadao, of Kashio Seisakujo (future Casio Computer Co., Ltd) [9-Jan]
Feb Birth of Massimo Rinaldi, founder of Industrie Macchine Elettroniche (IME) and designer/patent holder of early IME Calculators [21-Feb]
Apr Birth of Dale Perry Masher, co-designer at SRI of display subsystem for Friden 130 [14-Apr]
Harold T. Avery joins Marchant Calculating Machine Co.
Carl Friden leaves as head of design department at Marchant Calculating Machine Co.
National Association of Office Appliance Manufacturers renamed to Office Equipment Manufacturers Institute
Nov Herman Hollerith, noted inventor of punched card tabulating equipment and founder of what later became IBM, passes away [17-Nov]
Dec Idek Tramielski (Jack Tramiel) Born in Lodz, Poland (founder of Commodore) [13-Dec]

Union Schreibmaschinen GmbH moves from Berlin to Erfürt, Germany
Union Schreibmaschinen GmbH renamed to "Europa Schreibmaschinen AG", creates the brand name "Olympia" for their typewriters
Tiger Calculating Machine Co., Ltd. founded
May Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. established in Japan
May Geophysical Service founded by John C. Karcher and Eugene McDermott. (Precursor to Texas Instruments) [16-May]
Dorr Eugene Felt, co-founder of Felt & Tarrant, passes away
Nov Birth of James (Phil) Ferguson, co-founder of General Micro-electronics [18-Nov]
Dec Birth of Eiichi Goto, inventor of Parametron logic circuitry [22-Jan]
Mar Julius J. Muray, (VP of Cintra) Born in Hungary [22-Mar]
Apr Irwin Wunderman (founder of Cintra) born [24-Apr]
Jun Birth of Don E. Farina, MOS IC Pioneer [3-Jun]

Ing. C. Olivetti & Co., S.p.A makes first public stock offering
May Birth of Jay Glenn Miner, future guru-level MOS LSI circuit designer in early days of American Micro-systems (AMI)
>>>   involved in development of CADC LSI computer chip-set for the F-14 Tom Cat fighter. Creator of
>>>   innovative LSI IC's for Atari's home game consoles, Commodore 64 & AMIGA personal computers [31-May]
Carl Buehler, founder of Victor Adding Machine Co., passes away
Sep Birth of Howard Rathbun, Co-Inventor of Monroe EPIC 2000 and EPIC 3000 calculators with Mark Pivovonsky. US Patent 3,328,763 [24-Sep]

Seiki Kogaku Kenkyusho (Precision Optical Industry) established (Precursor to Canon Camera Co.)
Mar Birth of Atsushi Asada, visionary engineer behind development of Electronic Calculators at Hayakawa Electric (Sharp)
Birth of William Kahn, visionary designer of Mathatronics Mathatron calculator and founder of Mathatronics
May Friden Calculating Machine, Co. founded by Carl Friden with $52,000 in capital
May Future inventor of CMOS IC technology, Frank Wanlass, born in Thatcher, Arizona [17-May]
May Tateisi Electric Mfg. Co. founded by Kazuma Tateisi, Osaka Japan (becomes OMRON Corp.) [10-May]
Sperry Corp. formed

May Tateisi Electric Mfg. Co. founded by Kazuma Tateisi, Osaka Japan (becomes OMRON Corp.) [10-May]
Edgar Jessup brought in by Board of Directors of Marchant Calculators, Inc. as President
Sperry Corp. formed
Vacuum Tube manufacturer Litton Industries founded by Charles Litton Sr.
Yasui Brothers Sewing Machine Co. renamed Nippon Sewing Machine Mfg. Co.
Barry Wright Corp. founded (later purchased Mathatronics, Inc.)

IBM announces the 601 Multiplying Punch (electro-mechanical punched-card calculator)
Mar Birth of Norman J. Grannis, future co-founder of Computer Design Corporation [23-Mar]
May Hayakawa Metal Industry Institute Co., Ltd. incorporated from Hayakawa Metal Laboratories, Tokuji Hayakawa Founder & President (Future Sharp Corp.) [1-May]
May Birth of Howard Zabriskie Bogert, calculator designer & LSI engineer [5-May]
Precisa Co. founded in Zurich, Switzerland to manufacture printing adding/calculating machines
Jun Fujitsu Limited established as manufacturing arm of Fuji Electric Ltd., manufacturing telephone exchange-related equipment [20-Jun]

Feb Riken Kankoshi Co., Ltd. founded by Kiyoshi Ichimura as spinoff of Rikagaku Kogyo (Precursor to Ricoh Co., Ltd.) [6-Feb]
May General Precision Equipment Corp. founded in New York, NY [30-May]
Hayakawa Metal Industry Institute Co., Ltd. changes name to Hayakawa Industrial Co., Ltd. (Future Sharp Corp.)
Union Schreibmaschinen AG renamed Olympia Büromaschinen Werke AG (Olympia Office Machine Works)
Friden Calculating Machine, Co., moves to San Leandro, California

Librascope Inc., Glendale, CA, founded by Mr. Lewie Imm, developing & operating theater equipment
Aug Seiki Kogaku Kenkyusho (Precision Optical Industry) Co., Ltd. Incorporated (Precursor to Canon Camera Co.)
Japanese government bans import of business machines
Oct Marcian (Ted) Hoff, architect of the first commercial single-chip microprocessor at Intel, born in Rochester, New York
Nov Proposal for conceptual computing machine that became Harvard Mark I presented to IBM by Howard Aiken

Konrad Zuse[6/22/1910-12/18/1995] completes the mostly mechanical V1 (later known as Z1), prototype of a programmable calculating machine using binary elements
Mar Riken Kankoshi Co. Ltd. changes name to Riken Optical Co. Ltd. (Later Ricoh Co., Ltd.)
Jun Passing of John A. Presper Eckert Jr., noted co-designer of ENIAC and other important early computers [3-Jun]
Sep Project to develop Bell Labs' (George Stibitz-designed) relay-based Complex Number Calculator approved
Nov Heinrich Diehl (founder of Diehl Corp.) passes, son Karl assumes presidency of company [7-Nov]
Nov Hewlett Packard luminary Physicist & Enginner Barney Oliver passes away [23-Nov]
Dec Incorporation of Geophysical Service, Inc. (Precursor to Texas Instruments) [6-Dec]
Dec Lee Loren (Buff) Boysel born in Detroit, MI [31-Dec] [Fairchild MOS LSI Disruptive Force, Developed First Single Chip Microprocessor Core]

Jan Hewlett Packard founded by Bill Hewlett & David Packard in Palo Alto, California USA
Feb Funding for what becomes the IBM Harvard Mark I electromechanical computer project approved
Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric Co.) and Shibaura Seisakusho merge to form Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (Later, Toshiba)
Apr Construction of the Bell Labs Model 1 Relay Complex Number Calculator begins
Clary Corp. founded by Hugh L. Clary
Geophysical Service Inc.(GSI) changes name to Coronado Corp., GSI spun off as subsidiary
General Instrument founded in Horsham, Pennsylvania
Oct Bell Laboratories' relay-based (~425 relays and eight crossbar switches) Model I Complex Number Calculator
>>>   completed and operational. Cost: ~$20,000, roughly $429,000 in 2022 dollars [First known relay-based calculating machine]

The Spencer Co. changes its name to Philco Corp., using the Philco brand name it had been marketing radios under since the 1930's
May Directors of Philips Gloeilampfabrieken (Philips) learn of Germany's impending invasion of the Netherlands. To continue
>>>   members of the Philips family and other senior management flee to US to eventually start-up North American Philips Co.
Toshio Kashio begins work at Japan's Ministry of Communications after graduating from School of Electrical Engineering in Tokyo
Jul Clive Marles Sinclair born in Ealing, England (Future founder of Sinclair Radionics Ltd.) [30-Jul]
Bell Punch Co., Ltd. introduces a Comptometer and markets it under the Sumlock Comptometer brand
Tiger Calculating Machine Co., Ltd. splits its sales organization into separate company, Tiger Calculating Sales Co., Ltd
Sep Konrad Zuse[6/22/1910-12/18/1995] demonstrates his Z2 telephone relay-based calculating machine built in his parents' home
Sep Public demonstration of Bell Laboratories' relay-based Complex Number Calculator being remotely operated via
>>>   Teletype terminal at Dartmouth College [11-Sep] [First example of remote computing]
Nov Birth of Harold Koplow (Future senior calculator engineer at Wang Labs), in Lynn, MA [21-Nov]

Jan Passing of Edward B. Hess, co-founder of Royal Typewriter Co. and one of is principal typewriter designers
Konrad Zuse[6/22/1910-12/18/1995] founds Zuse Apparatebau to manufacture relay calculators/computers
May Konrad Zuse[6/22/1910-12/18/1995] publicly demonstrates his V3 (later known as Z3) relay-based floating-point
>>>   programmable calculator [12-May] [World's first fully electric programmable calculating machine]
Librascope Inc. purchased by General Precision Equipment Corp.
May Uchida Denshi Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Uchida Yoko) incorporated
May Michael James Cochran (Chief Calculator Architect, Texas Instruments) born in Daytona Beach, Florida [21-May]
Sep Birth of H. Edward Roberts, future founder of MITS [13-Sep]
Four-function relay calculator developed by Fuji Electric Works, Japan
Dec Birth of Federico Faggin, leader of the team that developed what is considered the first
>>>   commercial CPU on a chip, the Intel 4004, first used in Nippon Calculating Machines' Busicom 141-PF electronic calculator [1-Dec]
Dec Geophysical Service Inc.(GSI) subsidiary of Coronado Corp. purchased by Eugene McDermott, Cecil Green,
>>>   Erik Jonsson and H.B. Peacock to form foundation of what would later become Texas Instruments [6-Dec]

Fuji Star Calculator Mfg. established (Precursor to Nippon Calculating Machine Co.)
Oct As part of war effort, Smith Corona begins production of the M1903A3 Springfield bolt-action rifle at Syracuse, NY calculator factory
Hayakawa Industrial Co., Ltd. changes business name to Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Mar Stanley Frankel and Eldred Nelson among first to arrive at secret Los Alamos site to begin calculations on effectiveness
>>>    of gun-type design for atomic (nuclear fission) bomb
Stanley Frankel & Eldred Nelson order assortment of Friden, Monroe, and Marchant rotary electromechanical calculators
>>>    for use by scientists and a group of so-called "hand computers" (human operators of calculators) at Los Alamos
T-5 Computing Group at Los Alamos formed, with Mary Frankel (Stanley's Frankel's wife) appointed as the informal group supervisor
Curt Herzstark[1/26/1902-10/27/1988], under Nazi orders, draws up plans for what becomes the Curta
>>>   mechanical calculator while imprisoned in infamous Nazi Buchenwald concentration camp
Jul Bell Labs completes Model II "Relay Interpolator" relay-based special purpose computer, used
>>>    for calculations relating to the development of the US Army's M-9 (anti-aircraft) Gun Director system
Aug Masatoshi Shima born in Shizouka, Japan. Later while at Nippon Calculating Machine Co., Ltd.(NCM)
>>>    becomes heavily involved in the development of simple computer CPU on a chip (Intel 4004) used in NCM's Busicom 141-PF calculator [22-Aug]
Los Alamos' T-Division leader Hans Bethe recruits mathematician Don Flanders to become the formal head of the T-5 Computing group.
>>>    Immediatly Flanders standardizes the calculators to be used at T-5 as the Marchant Silent Speed 10ACT
>>>    All of the Monroe calculators and all but two Friden calculators were eliminated, with the two Friden calculators that
>>>    remained used by Mary Frankel(Stanley Frankel's wife) and Betty Inglis, which they insisted on keeping believing
>>>    they were superior to the Marchant calculators
Dec Z-3 relay computer built by Konrad Zuse[6/22/1910-12/18/1995] destroyed by allied bombardment of Berlin [21-Dec]

Jan Construction of IBM's Harvard Mark I (also called ASCC, for Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator) electromechanical
>>>    computer completed at IBM's Endicott, NY plant
Feb IBM's Harvard Mark I (ASCC) electromechanical computer shipped to Harvard University, but still owned by IBM
Mar Dr. John von Neumann runs one of the first production programs on Harvard Mark I electromechanical computer, a Top-Secret
>>>   implosion-type atomic bomb design simulation
Three specially-modified IBM Model 601 Multiplying Punch calculators and associated punched card equipment arrive at
>>>   Los Alamos to aid in nuclear weapons calculations
Stan Frankel, Eldred Nelson, and Richard Feynman go about installing the IBM punched card calculating equipment at
>>>   Los Alamos due to Manhattan Project secrecy precluding IBM field personnel from performing the installation
May IBM Harvard Mark I (ASCC) electromechanical computer begins production ballistics calculations for US Navy Bureau of Ships
Aug Harvard Mark I (ASCC) electromechanical computer formally turned over to Harvard University by IBM after completing
>>>   calculations for the US Navy [7-Aug]

Mar Bell Labs completes Model IV relay calculator using ~1400 relays. Shipped to Naval Research
>>>    Laboratory in Washington, DC for solving complex naval gun fire-control calculations
Apr Carl Friden, founder of Friden Calculating Machine Co., passes away [29-Apr]
Nippon Calculator Co., Ltd. re-founded after WW-II manufacturing mechanical calculators (Precursor to Nippon Calculating Machine Co.)
Autonetics formed out of North American Aviation's Technical Research Laboratory
Walter S. Johnson assumes role as President of Friden Calculating Machine Co.
Jun Bell Labs Completes Model III Relay-Based "Ballistic Computer"
Aug First atomic bomb used in warfare dropped by US B-29 bomber on Hiroshima, Japan, immediately
>>>   killing est. 80,000 and causing massive devastation [6-Aug. 8:15 AM Local Time]
Aug A second atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, immediately killing est. 40,000 [9-Aug, 11:02 AM Local Time]
Aug Japanese Emperor Hirohito issues unconditional surrender declaration in radio broadcast [15-Aug]
Sep Japan officially surrenders due to overwhelming force of two US atomic bomb attacks, thus marking the end of World War II [2-Sep]
Sep Royal Typewriter Co. resumes typewriter production after converting
>>>   to production of munitions, weapons, and aircraft parts for World War II

Jan Tektronix, Inc. founded by Jack Murdock and Howard Vollum in Portland, Oregon USA
Apr Tadao Kashio and brother Kazuo co-found Kashio Seisakujo (Kashio Manufacturing, later "Casio Computer Co., Ltd.")
May Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Ltd. (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corp.) re-established
>>>   after WWII (later, Sony) by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita [7-May]
Toshio Kashio joins brothers Tadao and Kazuo at newly founded Kashio Seisakujo as Director of R&D and
>>>   Engineering Manager (Kashio Seisakujo later becomes Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)
Smith & Corona renamed Smith-Corona
Nippon Calculating Machine Co., Ltd Incorporated, Tokyo, Japan; changed name from Nippon Calculator Co.
Sankyo Seiki Mfg. founded, development of mechanical music box movements begins
First of two Bell Labs' Model V Relay calculators completed. Programmable via punched tape,
>>>    used over 9,000 relays. Installed at National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Langley Field, VA
Nippon Chikuonki Shokai(Japan Recorders Corp.) renamed Nippon Columbia Co.
Tadashi Sasaki visits transistor technology researchers at Bell Labs
Nov Calculating race in Tokyo, between desktop electromechanical calculator and abacus - Abacus Won! [12-Nov]

Galvin Manufacturing Corp. changes name to "Motorola, Inc."
Denon brand-name established for Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. audio products
Mar Sanyo Denki Seisakusho (Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.) co-founded by Toshio Iue and brother Goro Iue
>>>   :as spin-off of Matsushita due to US-mandated post-war break-up of largest Japanese corporations [21-Mar]
Second of two Bell Labs' Model V Relay calculators completed. Punched tape programmable,
>>>    used over 9,000 relays. Installed at the Ballistics Research Laboratory(BRL) in Aberdeen, MD
Curta calculator (Type I) begins production
Jun William Hugle and Frances Sarnat are married
Burroughs adopts the capital "B" trademark
Aug Hewlett Packard Co. Incorporated [18-Aug]
Sep Seiki Kogako Kenkyusho (Precision Optical Industry) Co., Ltd. changes name to "Canon Camera Co., Inc."
Dec The first working point-contact transistor is created at Bell Laboratories [16-Dec]
Dec First use of the new point-contact transistor as audio amplifier demonstrated internally at Bell Labs [23-Dec]

Jan The concept of a transistor made by growing semiconductor materials in layers conceived by Dr. William Shockley [23-Jan]
May Tateisi Electric Mfg. changes name to Tateisi Electronics Co.
Jun First program runs on Small-Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM) Computer at Manchester University UK [21-Jun]
Jun First practical Random Access Memory, the Williams-Kilburn electrostatic cathode ray tube (CRT) used in SSEM
Jun Dr. William Shockley files for patent on his concept of a grown-junction transistor, becomes
>>>    US Patent #2569347 [26-Jun]
Jun Bell Labs' point-contact Transistor first publicly demonstrated [30-Jun]
Futaba Denshi founded in Mobara, Japan, manufacturing radio vacuum tubes
Raytheon introduces the first successful commercial Germanium point-contact transistor, the CK703

Jan Japanese government establishes the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to coordinate financial
>>>   and business aspects of Japanese economy to strengthen the country's recovery from World War II [11-Jan]
First Japanese Business Machine Exposition held in Tokyo, Japan
Kashio brothers visit Japan Business Machine Expo seeking ideas for new products,
>>>   and witness various electromechanical calculating machines
Toshio Kashio proposes that Kashio Seisakujo design & manufacture an electric (as opposed to electromechanical) calculator
>>>   and immediately begins design of a solenoid(electro-magnet)-based automatic four-function calculator
Wyle Laboratories founded by Frank S. Wyle with $5,000 loan from his father
Nippon Electric Co. (NEC) and Western Electric (Bell Labs) establish joint-venture with funding from Western Electric to develop transistor technology in Japan
May The Cambridge University (UK) EDSAC stored program computer executes its first program [6-May]
Aug Marchant Calculating Machine Co. re-incorporated as Marchant Calculators Inc. [3-Aug]
Aug Kobe Kogyo Corp. established [5-Aug]
Introduction of the Friden STW-10 electromechanical calculator at the fall New York Business Show
Bell Labs' relay-based Complex Number Calculator decommissioned and dismantled

Feb Royal Typewriter Co. introduces its first electric typewriter
Walter M. A. Andersen founds Andersen Laboratories, Inc., a pioneering company in development of low-cost magnetostrictive delay line technology
Nippon Electric Co. (NEC) begins first Japanese transistor R&D effort as a result of joint-venture with Western Electric
Apr Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., formally incorporated [1-Apr]
Apr First Swedish-built computer, BARK (Binary Automatic Relay Calculator), introduced.
>>>   5,000 telephone relays, plug-board programmable, 50 memory registers, 100 number constant table. [28-Apr]
Kazuo Kashio joins brothers Tadao and Toshio at Kashio Seisakujo (Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)
Canon Camera Co., Inc. opens branch office in New York City
Diehl Corp. begins development of mechanical calculating machines
Nov Broughton & Co. (Bristol) Ltd. (a.k.a. Broughtons of Bristol) incorporated, providing sales & support of imported office equipment in UK [17-Nov]

Jan Geophysical Service Inc.(GSI) changes name to General Instruments Inc., but due to a name clash
>>>   with General Instrument, Inc., again renamed as Texas Instruments
Feb First commercially-available electronic computer, the UK's Ferranti Mark I, delivered to first customer
Jun Dr. An Wang co-founds Wang Laboratories with Dr. Ge Yao Chu, with $600 of self-funding [22-Jun]
Concept of microprogramming conceived by Maurice Wilkes[6/26/1913-11/29/2010] at Cambridge University
Jul Bell Labs features Dr. William Shockley during its announcement of the development of the first grown-junction transistor [4-Jul]
Bell Labs begins selling licensing rights to transistor technology for $25,000 (roughly $536,000 in 2022 dollars)
Sep Bowmar Instrument Corp. founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by Edward White
Sep Bell Labs hosts first technology forum for potential licensees of transistor technology
Physical Research Laboratories of Pasadena, CA, formed by George B. Greene and Donald White
Physical Research Laboratories announces intent to market a small, high- performance scientific computer

Mar Takachiho Koheki Co. Ltd. founded [13-Mar]
Apr Bell Laboratories hosts nine-day Transistor Technology Symposium for licensees of transistor technology
Benson-Lehner introduces the Computyper (later sold to Friden)
Yukio Kashio joins his three brothers at Kashio Seisakujo (later, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)
Japan's Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL) develops prototype relay calculator, the ETL Mark 1
Texas Instruments purchases license for transistor technology from Bell Labs
First demonstration of magnetic core memory
Jun Wang Laboratories, Inc. incorporated [30-Jun]
Friden SRW electromechanical calculator introduced [First Desktop Electromechanical Calculator with Automatic Square Root]
Founding of early semiconductor manufacturer Transitron Electronic Corp. by brothers David & Leo Bakalar.
Jul Heinz Nixdorf founds Labor für Impulstechnik, in Essen, West Germany (later, Nixdorf Computer AG) [1-Jul]
Aug Marchant Calculators, Inc. acquires 70% ownership of computer manufacturer Physical
>>>   Research Laboratories (PRL) of Pasadena, CA to develop a computer business. Marchant renames PRL to Marchant Research, Inc.
>>>   George Greene remains President [6-Aug]
Diehl Corp. (W. Germany) begins production of semi-automatic mechanical calculators
Introduction of the first commercial US product to utilize the transistor, the Sonotone 1010 Hearing Aid,
>>>   uses two subminiature vaccum tubes and a single transistor manufactured by Germanium Products, Inc. [29-Dec]
By December, 1952, Raytheon is producing thousands per week of the first commercial transistor, the Germanium PNP junction
>>>    device designated CK718, sold only to hearing aid manufacturers

Jan Introduction of the world's first all-transistor device, the Model O "Transit-Ear" hearing aid manufactured by Maico Electronics, Inc.
>>>    of Minneapolis, MN, utilizing three commercially-produced Raytheon CK718 Germanium PNP junction transistors
Jan Paul Gardner Allen[1/21/1953-10/15/2018 ], future co-founder of Microsoft, co-author of the first BASIC language processor
>>>    for a microprocessor(Intel 8080), and Philanthropist, Born in Seattle, Washington [21-Jan]
Raytheon announces the first generally-available commercial transistor, the Germanium junction PNP CK722
Cherry Electrical Products Corp. founded by Walter Lorain Cherry out of the basement of a restaurant in Highland Park, IL
National Cash Register Co. (NCR), acquires Computer Research Corp., forming NCR Electronics Division
May RCA introduces its first commercial transistors, the 2N34 Germanium junction PNP and the 2N35 Germanium junction NPN devices
Massimo Rinaldi graduates with Electrical Engineering degree from La Sapienza University of Rome
Burroughs Adding Machine Co. renamed to Burroughs Corp.
Nov University of Manchester's Experimental Transistor Computer operational [First Transistor-based(Logic) general purpose computer]
Burroughs Corp. delivers its first electronic computer, UDEC I, to Wayne State University
Smith-Corona renamed Smith-Corona, Inc.
Philco Corp. develops the surface barrier transistor, a Germanium transistor developed expressly for high-speed computers
Charles Thornton, noted businessman, forms Electro Dynamics, Corp., with partners Roy Ash and Hugh Jamieson,
>>>    in Beverly Hills, CA (Precursor to Litton Industries)
Marchant Research Inc. delivers its first computer, magnetic drum-based MINIAC to Atlantic Refining
>>>    at contract price of ~$50,000
Robert Ragen joins Friden Calculating Machine Co.
First practical use of magnetic core memory in a computer; 32x32x16 (1024 16-bit words) array in Whirlwind I,
>>>    using vacuum tube-based row & column drivers and sense amplifiers

Jan Bell Labs' transistorized TRADIC computer becomes operational [First Transistor-based(logic) computer in US]
Büromaschinen Werke AG renamed to Olympia Werke AG
Mar Parametron ferro-electronic device invented in Japan by Eiichi Goto[1/26/1931-6/12/2005],
>>>    a graduate student at Tokyo University. Parametron-based logic was first used in Ricoh/Oi Electric
>>>    Aleph Zero electronic calculator
Japan's Electrotechnical Laboratory creates Electronics Department specifically tasked with
>>>    solid-state electronic technology research & development
Brother International Corp. established as US presence by Nippon Sewing Machine Mfg. Co.
Apr Texas Instruments R&D department develops first functional Silicon junction transistor [4-Apr]
Apr Royal Typewriter Co. announces intent to merge with McBee Co.
Burroughs purchases Haydu Brothers vacuum-tube manufacturing firm to become manufacturer of Burroughs' newly-invented
>>>    Nixie display tube
May Texas Instruments announces it has begun initial volume production of Silicon-based transistors [10-May] [First mass production of Silicon-based transistors]
May Texas Instruments seeks radio manufacturer to produce a fully-transistorized radio that they designed using hand-picked
>>>    sets of four TI-made Germanium junction NPN transistors. Large vacuum-tube radio manufacturers Philco and RCA were
>>>    not interested. Industrial Development Engineering Associates(IDEA) of Indianapolis, IN, marketing products under the
>>>    Regency brand, signs up to manufacture and market the radio
Jul Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Ltd. (Sony) announces availability of the first transistor produced in Japan,
>>>    a PNP Germanium-alloy junction device
Jul Eiichi Goto[1/26/1931-6/12/2005] presents research paper on Parametron logic at Japan's Electronic Computer Research
   Group of the Institute of Telecommunications Engineers
Jul Merger of Royal Typewriter Co. and McBee Co. completed, forming Royal McBee Corp.
Sep Toyo Electronics Industry established in Kyoto Japan, known as R.ohm (Future ROHM Semiconductor)
Charles Thornton's Electro Dynamics Corp. purchases vacuum tube manufacturer Litton
>>>    Industries for $1.5M with financing from Lehman Brothers, assumes Litton Industries name.
Oct The Regency TR-1, the first transistor radio, designed by Texas Instruments, using four TI transistors, and produced by the
>>>    Regency division of Industrial Development Engineering Associates (IDEA) is announced at a target retail price of $49.95 [18-Oct]
Oct Fuji Telecommunications Mfg. (later Fujitsu) introduces FACOM 100 programmable relay calculator (~4,500 relays)
Friden Calculating Machine Co. opens production facility in Wageningen, Holland
Nov The Regency TR-1 transistor radio, the first such device in the world, begins retail sale
Production of the Curta Type II mechanical calculator begins
Dec Kashio Seisakujo (Casio) completes prototype of solenoid(electromagnet)-based fully-automatic four-function electric calculator

Kazuo and Yukio Kashio of Kashio Seisakujo(Casio) visit office equipment retailer Uchida Yoko
>>>    to show their prototype solenoid-based calculating machine. After demonstrating the
>>>    calculator, they are told it is not marketable due to lack of chain multiplication, stating the machine is "outdated"
On the heels of the rejection by Uchida Yoko, Toshio Kashio begins intensive re-work of solenoid-based calculator
>>>    to successfully add chain multiplication and various other improvements
Feb Monroe Calculator Co. introduces the Monrobot III vacuum tube, magnetic drum-based programmable desk-sized electronic calculator
Autonetics established as an independent division of North American Aviation specializing in military electronics
Aug Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, Ltd. (later, Sony) introduces Japan's first transistor radio for sale in the US, the Sony-Radio TR-55, utilizing five Sony-made
>>>    Germanium junction transistors developed under license from Bell Laboratories
Canon opens US Branch office in New York City, establishing Canon USA
Texas Instruments introduces the first commercial Silicon-junction transistors, the 900-Series
Typewriter marketing firm, Commodore International Ltd., founded by Jack Tramiel in Toronto, Canada
May Dr. An Wang granted US Patent 2,708,722 for principles of principles of magnetic core memory
Remington Rand merges with Sperry Gyroscope Corp., forming Sperry Rand
Matsushita begins use of "PanaSonic" as brand name for products sold outside native Japanese market
Jun Wang Laboratories incorporated with Dr. An Wang as President/CEO, and Ge Yao Chu as Vice President
Motorola opens new production facility in Phoenix, AZ to produce transistors
Aug Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, Ltd. (Sony) listed as OTC stock on Tokyo Stock Exchange
Olivetti establishes a new Laboratory of Electronic Research in Piza, Italy
Oct ENIAC, generally considered the world's first general-purpose fully electronic computer, decommissioned [2-Oct, 11:45 PM EST]
Oct WEIZAC electronic computer becomes fully operational [First Electronic Digital Computer in the Middle East (Israel)]
Oct George Greene resigns as president of Marchant Research, Inc.
Oct Birth of William Henry Gates, Seattle, WA (Future Co-Founder of Microsoft) [28-Oct]
Nov Introduction of Stanley Frankel -designed Librascope LGP-30 small computer
Nov Japan's Electrotechnical Laboratory completes large-scale relay-based ETL Mark II Computer, over 20,000 relays

Project behind development of Bell Punch electronic calculator begins
Mar Japan's Fuji Photographic Film Co. completes Japan's first electronic computer, FUJIC, 1700 vacuum tubes, delay line memory
Mar Dr. An Wang sells rights to patent for core memory principles to IBM for $500,000 to provide capital for Wang Laboratories [4-Mar]
Kashio Seisakujo (Casio) completes engineering prototype of fully-featured solenoid-based calculator and begins
>>>   preparing it for production
Mar Friden Calculating Machine Co. acquires Commercial Controls Corp. (Originator of Flexowriter/Justowriter) [12-Mar]
After years of working on development of an automatic solenoid-based electric calculator at Kashio Seisakujo(Casio),
>>>    it's inventor, Toshio Kashio, suddenly declares it to be a dead-end, and immediately begins design of a relay-based calculator
Kashio Seisakujo(Casio) abandons plans to manufacture refined solenoid-based electric calculator
Realtone Electronics Corp.(US) founded in New York by Saul Ashkenazi to market transistor radios in the US imported
>>>    from Japan's Kobe Kogyo Corp. under the TEN brand
Facit (Sweden) creates new subsidiary, Facit Electronics, to build and sell electronic computers
Litton Industries introduces the transistorized Litton 20 computer, tailored for solving differential equations
Jul Japan's Electrotechnical Laboratory(ETL) completes Japan's first transistorized computer, the ETL Mark III,
>>>    using optical glass ultrasonic delay lines for main memory
Burroughs Corp. acquires computer manufacturer ElectroData Corporation
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) TX-0 fully transistorized computer completed
With investment capital from Beckman Instruments, Inc., Dr. William Shockley[2/13/1910-8/12/1989] founds Shockley Semiconductor
>>>    Laboratory in Mountain View, California to develop and market Silicon-based (as opposed to Germanium) semiconductor devices
Aug Smith Corona acquires Kleinschmidt Laboratories of Deerfield, IL for telecommunications products and engineering/technical talent
Kashio Seisakujo (later, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.) shows prototype relay-based automatic four-function electric calculator,
   a vast improvement in both speed and usability over earlier solenoid-based electric calculator
Dec Dr. William Shockley[2/13/1910-8/12/1989], Walter Brattain[2/10/1902-10/13/1987], and
>>>    John Bardeen[5/23/1908-1/30/1991] jointly awarded Nobel Prize in Physics for discovery of the transistor effect [10-Dec]
US Government action mandates Bell Laboratories make transistor design information available for licensing

Sherman Fairchild, founder of Fairchild Camera and Instrument, funds startup of Fairchild Semiconductor
>>>    to develop and market Silicon transistors
Felt and Tarrant Mfg. Co. becomes Comptometer Corp.
RCA introduces the 2N404 PNP alloy-junction Germanium transistor which became heavily used in early US
>>>    US-made electronic calculator designs. Examples: Friden 130, Wyle Laboratories WS-01/WS-02, Wang LOCI
Clary Corp. introduces a plug-board-programmable electronic calculator built into a desk, the Clary DE-60
Brunsviga Maschinenwerke AG enters into partnership arrangement with Olympia Werke AG
Elmer R. Easton joins Wyle Laboratories as part of its management team after five years at Lear Inc. (Aircraft)
Digital Equipment Corporation (a.k.a. DEC) founded in Maynard, Massachusetts
Hitachi completes its first electronic computing machine, the HIPAC MK-1, based on Parametron logic circuitry developed by Eiichi Goto[1/26/1931-6/12/2005].
>>>   The HIPAC KM-1 was used to calculate sag of electrical power lines between power poles
The Nixie Tube gas-discharge numeric display tube goes into volume production at Haydu Brothers division of Burroughs
Jun Kashio Seisakujo formally re-incorporated as Casio Computer Co., Ltd. [1-Jun]
Jun Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. forges agreement with Casio Computer Co., Ltd. as exclusive domestic (Japan) distributor of Casio 14-A and future calculators
Jun New Casio Computer Co., Ltd. 14-A Relay Calculator begins production. 342 Relays, Bi-Quinary Logic,
>>>   four function with ten-key keyboard[Casio's First Commercial Relay-based Calculator]
The "Traitorous Eight" senior engineers resign from Shockley Semiconductor to join fledgling Fairchild Semiconductor
IBM introduces the 610 "Auto-Point" programmable calculator (floating point, programmable w/magnetic drum, vacuum-tube logic) Video on YouTube
Royal Typewriter division of Royal McBee produces its ten-millionth typewriter
Dec Casio delivers first 14-A Relay Calculator to exclusive distributor, Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.

Jan Bell Punch shows prototype of electronic calculator using cold-cathode tube technology
Jan Marchant shuts down Marchant Research Inc. subsidiary due to high R&D costs for computer business
Jan Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, Ltd. renamed to Sony Corporation [1-Jan]
Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. established as spin off from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. introduces the NEAC-1101 and NEAC-1102 computers based on Parametron technology
James Picker Co. acquired by CIT Financial, but Picker family still manages operations
Marchant Calculators, Inc. acquires Johnson Adding Machine Co.
Mar Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) National Convention, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, NY [24-27 Mar]
Apr Smith-Corona, Inc. and Marchant Calculators, Inc. agree in principle to merge [7-Apr]
Sep Merger of Smith-Corona, Inc. and Marchant Calculators, Inc. completed, forming Smith-Corona Marchant
Sep Jack Kilby demonstrates his prototype Integrated Circuit to his boss at Texas Instruments [12-Sep]
Oct Monroe Calculator Co. acquired by Litton Industries, becomes Monroe division of Litton Industries
Prof. László Kozma completes Hungary's first relay-based computer (Approx. 2000 relays), the MESZ-1, at Budapest University of Technology
Smith-Corona Marchant acquires British Typewriters, Ltd.
Dec Sony Corporation listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange

Hitachi establishes business presence in the US; Hitachi New York, Ltd.
Friden SBT-10 electromechanical calculator introduced offering "Back Transfer" from carriage to keyboard
Apr Tsugio Makimoto hires on at Hitachi, working to improve Germanium transistor operating speed
Apr Hitachi Ltd. completes its first transistorized computer, the binary-coded decimal HITAC 301
Apr Olivetti introduces Italy's first commercially sold computer, the transistorized ELEA 9003, at the Milan Fair
Apr Varadyne Industries, Inc. incorporated in Santa Monica, CA
Brunsviga Maschinenwerke AG becomes Brunsviga Division of Olympia Werke AG, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Bryant Chucking Grinder Co. begins design work on a magnetic disk drive
Robert Noyce of Fairchild Semiconductor develops first monolithic Integrated Circuit
Massimo Rinaldi founds Transimatic S.p.A. in Rome, manufacturing mechanical calculators and accounting machines (later, IME)
May Casio Computer Co., Ltd. introduces 14-B Relay calculator, adding automatic Square Root
Árpád Klatsmányi joins Elektronikus Mérőkészülékek Gyára(EMG),
>>>   (Electronics Measurement Equipment Works) founded in Hungary, performing research on
>>>   the use of transistors for digital logic
LGP-30 computer installed at Dartmouth University, beginning Dartmouth's legacy in computer history
Solitron Devices, Inc., solid-state electronic component manufacturer, founded by Benjamin Friedman, in West Palm Beach, FL
May Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. (later, NEC) delivers first commercial Japanese-made fully transistorized computer, the NEAC 2203
May National Semiconductor founded in Danbury, Connecticut
Nov Design team formed at Packard Bell to develop what becomes the PB-250 computer
Dec NYSE IPO of Massachusetts-based semiconductor designer/manufacturer Transitron Electronic Corp.
>>>    consisting of 1,000,000 shares at $36/share. All shares sold within 30 minutes.
Japan displaces the United States as the world's largest producer of transistors, producing 86 million transistors in 1959

Feb NEC prototypes first Japanese-made mesa-type Germanium transistor [19-Feb]
Feb Sony establishes Sony Corporation of America in US
Feb First customer shipment of Clary DE 60 desk-sized programmable electronic calculator
Mar Texas Instruments announces the SN502 "Solid Circuit" Silicon Monolithic IC Flip Flop ($450 Retail per Flip Flop!) [TI's First Commercially Sold Digital IC]
Japan's Unoke Denshi Kogyo formed by partnership of seven individuals (precursor to USAC Electronic Indstrial Co., Ltd.) [1-Nov]
Federico Faggin begins computer design career at Olivetti in Italy
Nippon Electric Co. (NEC) begins R&D effort in Integrated Circuit technology
Comptometer Corp. sells right use trademark "Comptometer" to Control Systems Ltd., the owner of Bell Punch Co. Ltd., and Sumlock, Ltd.
Mar Casio 301 Scientific relay calculator introduced
Philco Corp. files for bankruptcy protection, seeks buyer for distressed business
Apr Clevite Transistor Products acquires Shockley Transistor Corp., William Shockley joins Clevite's transistor division
Apr Engineers from Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) visit Prof. Hiroshi Ozaki at Osaka University to study transistorized digital logic design principles
May Packard Bell introduces the PB-250 Computer at the Western Joint
>>>   Computer Conference although the computer itself was not shown
Jun Smith-Corona Marchant announces a line of photocopy machines
Jul James (Phil) Ferguson begins new role in Sustaining Engineering at Fairchild Semiconductor [10-Jul]
Aug Prototype Packard Bell PB-250 computer operational. Stanley Frankel is a consulting engineer on logic design of the computer
Smith-Corona Marchant enters accounting/bookkeeping machine market with machines manufactured for them by West-German firm Kienzle Apparate, GmbH
Sep Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) formally creates high technology product research department
Sep Fairchild Semiconductor produces first functional planar monolithic integrated circuit
Oct First production Packard Bell PB-250 computer delivered to customer
Research into development of fully electronic calculator begins at Hayakawa Electric(Sharp) within newly formed R&D department under direction of Mr. Atsushi Asada

  consumer products, computer systems, and space & defense industry equipment [11-Dec]
Jan Japan's government-backed Electro-Technical Laboratory produces a simple integrated circuit as proof-of-concept [Japan's First Integrated Circuit]
William Kahn begins design specification for Mathatron calculator
Feb Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corp. (now Fujitsu) completes prototype of its first transistorized computer, the FACOM 222 general purpose computer
Feb Casio announces the "TUC Compuwriter", a relay-based calculating machine for business that provided a Toshiba-made output typewriter
Sony R&D Engineer Saburu Uemura creates a "homebrew" transistorized electronic abacus (calculator) using over one-thousand reject radio transistors
Mar Clary introduces DAC-2500 electronic calculating unit as OEM product (derived from DE 60 programmable calculator)
Autonetics division of North American Aviation introduces its RECOMP-II
>>>   engineering-oriented transistorized fixed-head disk-based computer w/native floating point math capability
Bryant Chucking Grinder Co. acquired by Ex-Cell-O Corp., becomes Bryant Computer Products
Zuse KG, computer company founded by Konrad Zuse[6/22/1910-12/18/1995], builds fully functional replica
>>>   of Zuse's original Z-3 relay computer that was destroyed in bombing of Berlin in December, 1943
Realtone Electronics Corp. goes public on AMEX with symbol RTE
VEB Mechanik Büromaschinenwerk Rheinmetall (East Germany) introduces line of rotary electromechanical calculators under the Supermetall brand
Mar Fairchild Semiconductor announces its µLogic family of RTL logic biploar integrated circuits
Mar IRE International Convention and Show, Waldorf Astoria Hotel / Coliseum, New York [20-23 Mar]
Apr Business Equipment Exposition, New York Coliseum [17-21 Apr]
Apr Logicon Inc. founded by eight engineers in Redondo Beach, CA, focusing on defense-oriented computing systems
Kōnosuke Matsushita of Matsushita Electric Housewares Mfg. Works travels to US and cements deals to produce television sets under the "Panasonic" brand for sale in US markets
May Friden Calculating Machine Co. contacts Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to develop a CRT-based display system for a calculator
Mitsubishi Electric produces Japan's first commercial integrated circuit under trade name
>>>    of Molectron (Molecular Electronics) using Westinghouse IC samples as a reference
TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) invented at Thompson Ramo Wooldridge (TRW) by James Buie
Wyle Laboratories goes public
Sumlock Comptometer Ltd. founded, primary distributor for Bell Punch calculators
Unoke Denshi Kogyo(USAC Electronic Industrial, Co., Ltd.) produces prototype Parametron-based office-oriented
>>>    small computer system designated USAC 5010 (Never marketed)
Nippon Sewing Machine Mfg. Co. (Brother) begins manufacturing office products
Aug Japan Electronic Computer Co. (JECC) formed, a computing equipment rental agency formed by collaboration of the Japanese government and major computing equipment
>>>   manufacturers; Tokyo Shibaura Denki(Toshiba), Fuji Tsushinki Mfg. Co. (Fujitsu), Nippon Electric Co. (NEC), Hitachi,
>>>   Oki Electric Industry, Matsushita Electric Industrial and Mitsubishi Electric
Tadashi Sasaki earns PhD in Electrical Engineering from Kyoto University
Sep Wyle Laboratories acquires Ransom Research Inc., of San Pedro, CA. Ransom Research develops and markets
>>>    solid-state standardized logic modules and chassis for digital electronic systems prototyping or production use.
>>>    Ransom Research also has a side-project using their logic modules to prototype a solid-state electronic calculator which
>>>    later becomes the Wyle Laboratories WS-01
BEMA (Business Equipment Manufacturers Association) formed from reorganization of Office Equipment Manufacturers Institute
Sep SRI delivers contracted prototype CRT Display System to Friden, one month ahead of Schedule
Sep Signetics (contraction of Signal Network Electronics) Corp. founded by four ex-Fairchild
>>>    semiconductor engineers with $1M funding from Lehman Brothers and others [12-Sep]
Oct Texas Instruments completes prototype "SOLID CIRCUIT" computer programmed to operate as a simple desk calculator under contract
>>>    to Aeronautical Systems Division of the US Air Force to demonstrate viability of monolithic integrated circuit technology
Oct Sumlock Comptometer/Bell Punch introduce the Anita C/VII (Mark 7) and the C/VIII (Mark 8) at the Hamburg Business Equipment Fair
Oct Sumlock Comptometer Anita C/VIII (Mk 8) shown to the world at London Exposition [First mass-marketed desktop electronic calculator]
Oct Victor Adding Machine Co. and Comptometer Corp. merge to form Victor Comptometer Corp.
Oct First public exhibition of the Anita C/VIII (Mk 8) at the Business Efficiency Exhibition in London
>>>   a line of standardized transistor-based logic modules and associated equipment.
Nov Friden begins project EDTC-1, integrating SRI Display System with Friden-developed Calculator Logic
Dec Diehl Corp. (West Germany) and SCM forge agreement for SCM to gain exclusive rights to market Diehl calculators in North America [9-Dec]
Dec Ford Motor Company purchases Philco, creating Philco-Ford division, marketing electronic semiconductor components,
Dec Wyle Laboratories and Liberty Electronics Corp. sign agreement stating that Wyle Laboratories will assume ownership of all aspects of Liberty Electronics Corp. [21-Dec]

Jan Sumlock Comptometer begins accepting orders for the Anita Mk7 and Anita Mk8 calculators
Jan Sumlock Comptometer begins mass manufacturing of the Anita Mk7 and Anita Mk8
Jan Casio Computer Co., Ltd. introduces the AL-1 scientific relay calculator with up to 360 steps of user-programmable read-only memory (ROM)
Jan Wyle Laboratories completes acquisition of electronics distributor Liberty Electronics Corp. through 100% share purchase
Feb Rapid Data Systems & Equipment, Ltd. incorporated [6-Feb]
Feb Mathatronics Inc., founded by William Kahn, Roy Reach, and David Shapiro. Formal design of Mathatron calculator begins
Mar Signetics announces the SE-100 series of small-scale DTL (Diode-Transistor Logic) Integrated Circuits at IEEE show [First Commercial DTL IC series]
Mar Semiconductor manufacturer Siliconix co-founded by husband and wife team of William and Frances Hugle in Santa Clara, CA
Japanese government creates government-owned Research & Development Corp. to provide funding to help Japanese companies to reach technological goals
Business machine distributor Remex Corp. opens doors in Palm Beach, FL
Facit AB shuts down Facit Electronics subsidiary due to extreme competition in the computer marketplace
Philips demonstrates two prototype transistorized electronic adding machines and a prototype transistorized three-function (+,-,X) 10-key calculating device
Ahead of schedule, Stanford Research Institute(SRI) delivers prototype CRT Display design and hardware for use in electronic calculator to Friden
General Electric produces the first practical Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Thomas Osborne begins thought process for design of future "Green Machine" electronic calculator using Finite State Machine(FSM) logic
>>>   while EE student at UC Berkeley [2]
May Friden's EDTC-1 magnetic drum-based electronic calculator prototype operational
May Addmaster Corp. incorporated to manufacture low-cost adding machines utilizing DuPont DELRIN™ plastic components
Commodore International, Ltd. goes public, changes name to Commodore Business Machines
Jun SRI issues refund of $4,444.62 to Friden due to Display Project cost under-run
Jun Friden initiates design project EDTC-3 to replace magnetic drum in prototype electronic calculator with magnetostrictive delay line
Unoke Denshi Kogyo(USAC Electronic Industrial, Co., Ltd.) signs business collaboration agreement with Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.
Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd. establishes US sales presence as Sharp Electronics Corp.
Aug Japan's first microprogrammed computer, KT-Pilot, announced as joint collaboration of Kyoto University and Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. (now Toshiba)
Nippon Sewing Machine Co. changes name to Brother Industries, Ltd.
Saburo Uemura, researcher at Sony, demonstrates third prototype (MD-3) hand-built electronic calculator with typewriter
>>>   output, designated MD-3, to skeptical Sony management
Thomas Osborne begins employment at Smith Corona Marchant as part of engineering team developing an electronic calculator [2]
Olivetti begins design of Programma 101 electronic calculator under direction of Pier Giorgio Perotto[12/24/1930-1/22/2002]
Nov Signetics receives $1.7M investment from Corning Glass in exchange for 51% ownership
Nov Smith-Corona Marchant changes company name to SCM Corp.
Nov Soviet Union demonstrates operational prototype of an all-electronic calculator, precursor to production VEGA electronic calculator
Oi Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan) initiates an electronic calculator development project in collaboration with Ricoh
Friden SRQ electromechanical calculator introduced, offering automatic square root [First Electromechanical Rotary Calculator with Square Root]
Dec Working prototype of Mathatron calculator formally demonstrated to investors of Mathatronics Inc.
Dec Ferranti Atlas computer at Manchester University provides first virtual memory management capabilities (Address-Translation, Memory Paging)
Dec US Subsidiary of Ricoh Co., Ltd. founded as Ricoh Industries, U.S.A. Inc.

Jan Richard (Dick) Ahrens begins work at Friden in Calculator Engineering Department working on what becomes the Friden EC-130 [7-Jan]
Mar First order for two Mathatronics Mathatron calculators placed by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Realtone Electronics Corp. begins marketing consumer electronics products under the Soundesign brand name
General Arthur Lowell retires from the US Marine Corps
Apr Riken Optical Co. Ltd. changes name to Ricoh Co., Ltd.
Long-term merger negotiations between Kienzle Apparate, GmbH and Labor füur Impulstechnik (later, Nixdorf) begin
Apr Ricoh Europe S.A. established in Switzerland as subsidiary of Ricoh Co., Ltd.
Philips introduces the "Compact Cassette" audio tape (later used by Wang, HP, and others for program/data storage for calculators)
Jun Friden exhibits prototype Friden EC-130 electronic calculator to limited audiences under non-disclosure
Kobe Kogyo Corp. merges with Fujitsu Ltd.
Jun General Micro-electronics(GM-e), spinoff of Fairchild Semiconductor, founded by Col. Arthur Lowell(retired, US Marine Corps) along with
>>>   Robert Norman[3/24/1927-1/21/2017], Howard Bobb, and James (Phil) Ferguson[11/18/1930-1/15/2016] (All from Fairchild Semiconductor) [31-Jun]
Jun Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Sharp) and Olims Consolidated Ltd. (Australia) establish joint venture
>>>   (Olims-Hayakawa Electronics Pty Ltd.) manufacturing and selling Hayakawa-designed radios and TVs under the Sharp brand name in Australia
Jun Friden introduces its 6010 Computyper transistorized computer system
Sanyo introduces the "Cadnica" line of Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable batteries
Singer Manufacturing Co. changes named to Singer Corp.
Jun SCM Corp. announces plan to move manufacturing calculators from Oakland, CA, to Orangeburg, SC
Jul Announcement of intent for Singer Corp. to acquire Friden Calculating Machine Co. [16-Jul]
Jul Mathatronics Inc., successfully completes first customer shipment of Mathatron Model 8-48 calculator to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute for shipboard research use
Jul Canon Camera Co. Inc. completes prototype 10-key electronic calculator
Aug Formal agreement approval announced for Singer Corp.'s acquisition of Friden Calculating Machine Co. [16-Aug]
Aug Western Electronics Show & Convention (WESCON), Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA [20-23 Aug]
Diehl Corp. introduces the "Transmatic", a sophisticated four-function electromechanical automatic printing calculator
Aug Oi Electric exhibits trial production prototype of its Aleph Zero calculator
Wanderer Werke AG begins production of electromechanical aspects(keyboard/printer/cabinet) of its future Conti
>>>   electronic printing calculator, pilot production order placed with Labor Für Impulsetecknik
>>>   (later Nixdorf) for all electronics and power supply
Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the first RTL (Resistor-Transistor Logic) Flip Flop IC, the 907
Sep Project to develop timesharing computing system begins at Dartmouth College directed by John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz (becomes DTSS)
Thomas Osborne leaves Smith Corona Marchant over his belief that the electronic calculator SCM was developing (which
>>>   became the SCM Cogito 240) would be a market faiulure (later proven true) [2]
Oct Japanese Electronics Show, Minato Fairgrounds, Osaka Japan [2-8 Oct]
Oct Sale of Friden Calculating Machine Co. to Singer Corp. completed [14-Oct]
Oct Philip R. Samwell succeeds Walter S. Johnson as President of Friden Division of Singer Corp.
Oct Friden Division of Singer Corp. acquires Physical Sciences Corp. of Arcadia, CA
Oct Pyle National announces majority funding of General Micro-electronics [23-Oct]
Oct General Micro-electronics announces production of its first MOS IC family, dubbed Picologic
Nov 17th Annual NEREM (National Electronics Research & Engineering Meeting), Boston, MA [4-6 Nov]
Nov Mathatronics Mathatron formally introduced @ NEREM show, Boston.
>>>    [Many Firsts: First All-Transistor w/Magnetic Core Memory, "Learn Mode" Stored
>>>   Program, Floating Decimal, Scientific Notation, Fully Algebraic Logic w/PEMDAS,
>>>   Automatic Square Root]
Massimo Rinaldi sells majority control of his company Transimatic Itialiana to Edison, S.p.A., and assumes Director
>>>    of Research & Development role. Company changes name to Industrie Macchine Elettroniche, S.p.A. (IME)
Dec MOS IC guru Frank Wanlass[5/17/1933-9/9/2010] leaves Fairchild Semiconductor to join
>>>   General Micro-electronics to advance MOS LSI development
Exports compose 22% of Japanese electronics output, worth $364M. Japan's imports of electronics from US: $63M
Bill & Frances Hugle leave Siliconix, the company they founded in March, 1962

Jan Thomas Osborne begins development of his electronic calculator design called the "Green Machine" (progenitor of HP 9100A)
Jan Dartmouth College Receives National Science Foundation Grant for development of timeshared computing system
Precisa Co. merges with Hermes Typewriter Co. becoming Hermes-Precisa International
Feb K&M Electronics founded, developing electronic inventory systems
Stewart-Warner Microcircuits, an IC manufacturing subsidiary of Stewart-Warner, founded by William and Frances Hugle in Sunnyvale, CA
The Dual In-Line Package (DIP) for ICs invented at Fairchild Semiconductor R&D Lab
David Takagishi (later of Cintra) begins work at Fairchild Semiconductor
Signetics opens large IC fabrication facility in Sunnyvale CA
Union Carbide Electronics created as part of Union Carbide conglomerate, with Jean Hoerni as President
Dr. Tadashi Sasaki leaves Fujitsu for senior management position at Hayakawa Electric (Sharp)
Casio has operational prototype of a transistorized desktop calculator
Wang Laboratories begins development of LOCI-1 Calculator
Feb Dartmouth College receives two computers manufactured by General Electric for implementation
>>>   of timeshared computing system, GE-235(Back-end CPU) and GE Datanet-30(Front-end CPU)
Mar Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) shows prototype Compet 10 (Model CS-10A) transistorized electronic calculator and announces production [18-Mar]
Mar IEEE International Convention, New York Hilton Hotel & Coliseum [23-26 Mar]
Mar Sony shows prototype MD-5 electronic calculator at IEEE International Convention, New York [Sony's First Publicly Shown Desktop Electronic Calculator]
Mar General Electric computers installed in 1700 Sq.Ft. space in basement of old building at Dartmouth University for implementation of timeshared computing system
Mar Ricoh, in collaboration with Oi Electric Co., Ltd. shows prototype version of Aleph Zero 101 electronic calculator [Parametron logic]
Apr IBM announces the System/360 (includes Models 30, 40, 50, 60, 62, and 70) [7-Apr]
Apr Italy's IME (Industrie Macchine Elettroniche) introduces the IME 84 electronic calculator [10-Apr] [IME's First Electronic Calculator]
Apr Opening of 1964-1665 New York World's Fair & Exposition [22-Apr]
Apr Sony shows prototype electronic calculator (MD-6?) in Japanese Pavilion at opening of New York World's Fair & Exposition [22-Apr]
Apr Italy's IME formally announces its IME 84 electronic calculator at the Milan,
>>>   Italy International Trade Fair (Fiera di Milano) [12 to 25-Apr]
Apr Wyle Laboratories demonstrates pre-production Wyle WS-01 Scientific rotating magnetic memory-based
>>>   electronic calculator at Spring Joint Computer Conference, Washington D.C. [21 to 23-Apr]
Apr Friden announces the EC-130 to its sales force at annual "Fiesta de los Conquistadores" sales convention in Boca Raton, FL. [29-Apr]
May Wyle Laboratories announces its WS-01 Scientific electronic calculator
May The Dartmouth Time Shared System (DTSS) runs its first BASIC (Beginner's All-Purpose
>>>   Symbolic Instruction Code) program: "PRINT 2+2" [1-May, 4:00 AM]
May Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) formally announces plan to soon introduce a fully electronic desk calculator, the Compet CS-10A [14-May] [Hayakawa Electric and Japan's first electronic calculator]
May Sony announces intent to enter the electronic calculator marketplace [14-May]
May Friden formally introduces the EC-130 electronic calculator in public event held at the Waldorf-Astoria
>>>   Hotel in New York City, with retail price of $2,150 [20-May] [Friden's First Electronic Calculator]
May George E. Comstock (Future founder of Diablo Systems) hired at Friden as R&D Director
May Canon publicly exhibits prototype of its Canola 130 at Tokyo Business Machine Show [Canon's First Electronic Calculator]
Jun Friden begins national advertising campaign for the EC-130 electronic calculator [6-Jun]
Jun Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the 930-Series DTL IC Logic family of four different IC's
Jun Casio 401 Advanced Relay calculator introduced
Citizen Business Machines Co., Ltd. established as subsidiary of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
Jun US Patent Office grants Texas Instruments two patents on IC technology
Autonetics division of North American Aviation, Inc. sets up pilot microelectronics fabrication line
Jul Friden begins internal project E-585, development of the Friden 1150 IC-based printing electronic calculator [2-Jul]
Jul Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) commences delivery of Compet 10 (Model CS-10A) electronic
>>>   calculator in Japan [Hayakawa Electric's and Japan's first production electronic calculator]
Soviet "VEGA" electronic calculator begins production [Soviet Union's First Electronic Calculator]
Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (Toshiba) forms small engineering team focusing on development of a desktop electronic calculator
>>>   as a result of Hayakawa Electric's introduction of Japan's first electronic calculator, the Sharp Compet 10
Aug Western Electronic Show and Convention (WESCON), Los Angeles Sports Arena [25-28 Aug]
Aug General Micro-electronics (GM-e) Publicly introduces the first commercial "large-scale" MOS IC, the pL20 20-Bit MOS shift register, at WESCON Show
Aug The Friden EC-130 electronic calculator wins Industrial Design award at WESCON Show
Aug Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Sharp) forms Industrial Instrument Division to focus on electronic calculator business
Aug Olivetti's Computer Division sold to General Electric. Electronic calculator team saved from sale at last minute
>>>   by quietly changing classification of the Programma 101 project from "computer" to "calculator". [31-Aug]
Sumlock Comptometer Anita C/IX (Mark 9) debuts
Sep Wang Laboratories introduces the LOCI-1 calculator [Wang Laboratories' First Electronic Calculator]
Sep Dr. An Wang granted US Patent 3,402,285 for principles of Wang LOCI calculator
Oct In-depth article on Sharp's Compet 10 calculator written up in Japan's Semiconductor Technique Magazine
Oct Victor and General Micro-electronics(GM-e) sign contract for GM-e to develop and produce the Victor 3900 MOS IC calculator
Oct Los Angeles BEMA (Business Equipment Manufacturers Association) show [19-23 Oct]
Oct Canon begins sale of the Canola 130 electronic calculator in Japan
Oct Texas Instruments begins sale of military-spec SN5400-Series TTL Integrated Circuits in flat-pack packages
British electronic component manufacturer Mullard Ltd. demonstrates a prototype 12-digit
>>>   electronic calculator using combination of cold-cathode tubes and transistors.
Dec Wanderer-Werke AG publicly shows pre-production prototype of its microcoded Conti electronic printing calculator.
>>>   Electronic logic and power supply developed by Labor Für Impulstechnik
>>>   (later Nixdorf) under contract to Wanderer Werke. Electronics and power supply hidden under
>>>   presentation table, with keyboard and printer mechanisms housed in cabinet on table top [7-Dec]
Dec British electronic component manufacturer Mullard shows prototype electronic
>>>   calculator utilizing a mix of thyratrons and transistors
Dec Monroe EPIC 2000 calculator introduced [1-Dec]
Dec MOS IC innovator Frank Wanlass[5/17/1933-9/9/2010] leaves General Micro-electronics after only one year, moving to General Instrument
Dec Arthur Lowell resigns (under pressure) as President of General Micro-electronics
Dec James (Phil) Ferguson assumes Presidency of General Micro-electronics
Dec Thomas Osborne's "Green Machine" calculator prototype becomes fully operational [24-Dec] [2]
Dec Litton Industries announces intent to acquire Royal McBee Corp.
Wyle Laboratories WS-02 Scientific magnetostrictive delay line-based update of the WS-01 calculator debuts

Jan General Micro-electronics announces general availability of its pL5000 20-bit MOS Shift Register [First commercial publicly available MOS Integrated Circuit]
Thomas Osborne begins showing his "Green Machine" electronic calculator to
>>>   numerous calculator manufacturers in hopes of finding a buyer
Jan Wang Laboratories' LOCI-2 electronic calculator debuts [Wang Laboratories' First Programmable Calculator]
Feb IBM Introduces the famous
General Micro-electronics (GM-e) completes breadboard prototype design for
>>>   the Victor 3900 using its Milliwatt Logic family of bipolar integrated circuits
Mar Litton Industries acquisition of Royal McBee complete. Royal McBee split into five divisions,
>>>   with Royal McBee name changed back to Royal Typewriter Division. Other divisions
>>>   were Roytype Consumer Products, Rotype Supplies, McBee Systems, and RMB.
Mar IEEE Annual International Convention, New York, NY [22-26 Mar]
Mar Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) introduces its new low-cost transistorized 12-bit minicomputer system, the PDP-8 ("Straight 8"), $18,500
Apr Hannover Fair (Hannover Messe) held in Hannover, West Germany [19-27 Apr]
Apr Wanderer-Werke AG formally introduces the Labor für Impulstechnik(LFI),
>>>   later Nixdorf Computer)-designed Wanderer Conti printing desktop electronic
>>>   calculator at Hannover Messe(Fair), Hannover, West Germany [19-Apr]
Apr Gordon E. Moore(1/3/2029-3/24/2023) of Fairchild Semiconductor has watershed article published in Electronics Magazine
>>>   that later becomes known as the foundation of Moore's Law predicting the future incredible growth rate of IC technology
Apr Friden EC-132 introduced to Friden sales force at annual sales convention [8-Apr]
Thomas Osborne joins electronic calculator project at Hewlett Packard as consultant after demonstrating his
>>> nbsp; self-designed & built "Green Machine" transistorized electronic calculator (project becomes HP 9100A)
Fairchild Semiconductor introduces first commercial line of Integrated Circuits using Dual-Inline Package (DIP) format that the company invented
Solitron Devices, Inc. purchases Honeywell Semiconductor Products Division
The transistor-based Hunor 131, introduced. Designed by electronics genius Árpád Klatsmányi of Elektronikus Mérőkészülékek Gyára(EMG), Budapest, Hungary [Hungary's First Desktop Electronic Calculator]
Apr General Micro-electronics delivers first 25 production Victor 3900 calculators to Victor Comptometer
Bowmar Instrument Corp. purchases Acton Laboratories, Inc (ALI), forming Bowmar/ALI Inc. as
>>>   wholly-owned subsidiary (Future electronic calculator design/manufacturing arm of Bowmar Instrument Corp.)
Olympia Werke AG introduces the RAE 4/15 [Olympia's First Electronic Calculator]
May Nippon Calculating Machine Co. shows prototype "Unicon 160" electronic calculator (precursor to the production Busicom 161)
May Former General Micro-electronics co-founder Col. Arthur Lowell assumes role
>>>   of Executive Director of R&D at North American Aviation's Autonetics diviion
May Casio 402 financial math-oriented relay calculator debuts [Casio's last relay-based calculator]
AB Åtvidabergs Industrier changes its corporate name to Facit AB
Clevite Transistor Products sold to ITT Industries
First operational prototype of Data Acquisition Corporation's technolologically advanced DAC-512 programmable desktop calculator
Jun First customer deliveries of Monroe EPIC 2000 calculators begin
Jun Smith Corona Marchant (SCM) announces the Stanley Frankel-designed SCM Cogito 240 electronic calculator
Jun Malcolm McMillan(Physicist) and Jack Volder(CORDIC Algorithm Developer) demo their "Athena" prototype electronic
>>>    calculator to Hewlett Packard executives. Athena uses McMillan's electronic implementation of Volder's
>>>    CORDIC algorithms to perform fast fixed point trigonometric functions
Jun Inventor/electronics engineer Thomas Osborne demos his personally designed & built "Green Machine" floating point
>>>    electronic calculator prototype at Hewlett Packard with disappointingly little interest
Jun Casio Computer Co., Inc. ends nearly eight-year exclusive distribution agreement with Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.
Royal McBee acquired by Litton Industries
Aug General Electric debuts first commercial timesharing service based on Dartmouth University's DTSS timeshared environment
Wanderer-Werke AG introduces the transistorized Wanderer Logatronic desk-sized office computer developed by Labor füur Impulstechnik (LFI, later Nixdorf Computer )
Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (Toshiba) establishes U.S. business presence
Sep Caltype Corporation incorporated, subsidiary of Transistron Electronic Corp. [15-Sep]
Sep Casio announces the transistorized Casio 001 electronic calculator (Sold only in Japan) [Casio's first production all-electronic transistorized calculator]
Sep Texas Instruments' secret "Cal-Tech" skunk-works battery-powered printing handheld electronic calculator project begins
Sep Sharp introduces the Compet 20 (CS-20A) [Sharp's First Use of Silicon Transistors]
Oct Sharp Compet 20 shown at Japan's 31st Annual Business Machine Show in Osaka, Japan
Oct Seven new desktop electronic calculators shown at BEMA show, New York World's Fair Complex [25-29 Oct]
Oct Olivetti Programma 101 introduced and demonstrated in a small area away from
>>>   Olivetti's main exhibition at BEMA show held at the World's Fair Complex in New York. Olivetti's highly-refined electromechanical
>>>   Logos 27 calculator was the primary exhibit. Despite this, the Programma 101 steals the show. [25-Oct]
Oct Dero Research & Development introduces the Fairchild RTL IC-based Sage 1 calculator at BEMA show [First and Only Electronic Calculator by Dero Research]
Oct Victor Comptometer introduces the revolutionary Victor 3900 at annual
>>>   Business Equipment Manufacturer's Association (BEMA) show [First MOS "LSI" IC-Based Electronic Calculator]
Oct Wang Laboratories' first public demonstration of new 300-Series Calculator
Nov Sharp introduces the Compet 21 (CS-21A), adds square root to the Compet 20
Hewlett Packard places order for 100 Olivetti Programma 101 calculators ostensibly as "tools for engineers"
Facit AB cements two year exclusive OEM agreement with Hayakawa Electric (Shapr) to resell electronic calculators under Facit and Addo badges
After showing his "Green Machine" prototype electronic calculator to nearly 30 calculator companies with no interest by any of them,
>>>    Thomas Osborne is invited to Hewlett Packard to show his machine a second time through an engineering contact he worked with at SCM [2]
Thomas Osborne gives demo of his "Green Machine" electronic calculator to Barney Oliver[5/27/1916-11/23-1995 ], leader of HP's
>>>    secret calculator development project. Demo goes well. Osborne is invited by Oliver
>>>    to demo his calculator the following day to "Bill and Dave" (not knowing who they are)
Thomas Osborne dmonstrates his prototype calcualator to "Bill and Dave", whom Osborne discovers
>>>    are the founders of Hewlett Packard, Bill Hewlett and David Packard.
>>> &nbap;  Bill and Dave are impressed, and contract Osborne to participate in a paid six-week evaluation of his design methods
>>> &nbap; and logic design of his "Green Machine" calculator by the HP calculator engineering team
Nov Canon introduces the Canon 161 transistorized electronic calculator
Dec Toshiba introduces its BC-1001 transistorized electronic calculator utilizing uniqu
>>> capacitive working register storage system [Toshiba's first production electronic calculator]
Combined output of Japanese electronic calculator manufacturers for 1965 is 4,355 machines

Jan Hitachi produces its first Integrated Circuits, Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL) bipolar devices, HD101 - HD106
Six week evaluation of Thomas Osborne's "Green Machine" calculator by Hewlett Packard's calculator develeopment team
>>>    results in his design being enthusiastically embraced. Project is given a green light with Osborne serving as senior
>>>   design engineer, operating as a consultant to HP
Jan Casio √001 calculator introduced [Casio's First Electronic Calculator with Automatic Square Root]
Jan Alan W. Drew appointed President/CEO of Friden Div. of Singer Corp., succeeding Philip R. Samwell
Jan Startup founder William B. Hugle displaced as Executive VP at Stewart-Warner Microcircuits in management shuffle
Mar sale of General Micro-electronics to Philco-Ford completed
Mar Dr. Gordon Moore(1/3/2029-3/24/2023) of Fairchild Semiconductor predicts Large Scale Integration will "change the world", adding it will
>>>    cost ~$30,000,000 per acre for a single chip!
Mar Friden begins engineering development program designated E-630 for a new IC-based CRT display calculator
>>>    initially given the model number 1130, in deference to its predecessor, the Friden EC-130. It was subsequently renamed the Friden 1160
>>>    after legal concerns over trademark rights relating to IBM's 1130 computer.
Mar Hitachi completes prototype Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) IC-based desktop electronic calculator using ICs it manufactured
Mar Wang Laboratories begins production of transistorized 300-Series calculators
Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd. formed out of Bell Punch Co., Ltd. to design and build electronic calculators
Industria Macchine Elettroniche (IME) introduces the transistorized IME 86/IME 86-S calculators
Due to cash problems, Commodore's founder & CEO, Jack Tramiel, sells 17% of the company to Canadian investor Irving Gould
Unoke Denshi Kogyo(USAC Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.) produces its first
>>>    electronic billing machine, sold through marketing agreeement with Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.
Radio and TV manufacturing joint venture between Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Sharp) and
>>>    Olims Electronics (Australia) begins licensed manufacture and sale of Sharp-designed electronic calculators
>>>    under the Sharp brand name in Australia, beginning with the Sharp Compet 20
Data Acquisition Corp. introduces the technologically advanced DAC-512 programmable desktop calculator
May Hayakawa Electric(Sharp) announces availability of its new Sharp Compet 30 (Model CS-30A) transistorized electronic calculator
May Casio 164 transistorized electronic calculator introduced [Casio's first calculator to utilize magnetic core memory]
May Diehl introduces the Combitron transistorized electronic programmable printing desktop calculator
>>>    with extremely elegant electronic design by Stanley Frankel [Diehl's first electronic calculator]
Hayakawa Electric(Sharp) announces an update to the Compet 30 (CS-30A) designated Model CS-30B, providing support
>>>    for negative numbers, and adding error and memory register status indicators to the left of the display panel
Jun Introduction of the Stanley Frankel-designed SCM (Smith-Corona Marchant) Cogito 240 and Cogito 240SR
>>> transistorized electronic calculators [SCM's first electronic calculators]
Jun Toshiba introduces BCT-1211 8-Terminal transistorized timeshared calculator system [World's first timeshared multi-console calculator system]
Jun Wyle Laboratories purchases 36,500 shares of its own common stock
>>>    to end long-standing litigation with prior ownership of Liberty Electronics, purchased by Wyle Labs in January, 1962
Jun Wanderer Werke AG begins full-scale production of its Wanderer Conti printing electronic calculator
Jun Friden partners with Texas Instruments for development & manufacture of custom TTL Ring-Counter IC's
>>>   for use in next generation of IC-based calculators
Jul Transistorized Casio 101 introduced in Japan [Casio's first export-ready electronic calculator]
Jul Friden introduces the 1217 printing electromechanical calculator to limited regional markets [Friden's Last Electromechanical Printing Calculator]
Jul Chip maker American Micro-systems Inc. (AMI) founded in Santa Clara, California, led by ex-General Micro-electronics
>>>    co-founder Howard Bobb, and Warren Wheeler
Jul Nippon Calculating Machine Co., Ltd. (NCM) introduces the transistorized Busicom 161 electronic calculator
>>>   produced by its ElectroTechnical Industries division [NCM's first production electronic calculator]
Jul Mathatronics, Inc., purchased by Barry Wright Corp., becomes Mathatronics division of Barry Wright Corp.
Canon U.S.A., Inc. Incorporated
Hugle Industries, Inc. founded by William and Frances Hugle to manufacture IC fabrication equipment
Facit AB acquires AB Addo, a competing Swedish mechanical calculating machine company
Aug Western Electronics Show and Convention (WESCON), Sports Arena & Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, CA USA [23-26 Aug]
Sumlock Comptometer introduces the Anita C/XII (Mark 12) [Sumlock's first all-transistor calculator]
Sep ISE Electronics Corp. (Iseden) founded, inventor of Vacuum Fluorescent Display(VFD) indicator devices
Sep Casio make first export shipment of its Casio 101 electronic calculators to Australia where they
>>>    are sold under the Remington brand name [First Casio electronic calculator sold outside Japan]
Sep Japan Electronics Show, Tokyo, Japan [20-29 Sep]
SCM (Smith-Corona Marchant) begins fulfilling orders for the Cogito 240 and Cogito 240SR electronic calculators
Sep Casio introduces the Casio 101E (Marketed by Commodore as the Commodore 500E)
Oct Japanese Business Machines Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
Oct Nortec Electronics Corp. incorporated, founded by Robert Norman[3/24/1927-1/21/2017] [13-Oct]
Oct Sanyo exhibits prototype version of its upcoming DK-141 transistorized electronic calculator
Oct Hayakawa Electric(Sharp) announces the Japan-only Sharp Compet 31 (CS-31A), an update to the Compet 30 Model CS-30B using Mitsubishi-made
>>>   small-scale bipolar TTL ICs to replace transistorized memory register logic of the CS-30B. [Hayakawa Electric's Calculator to Use ICs]
Oct Brother International (Japan) introduces its first mass-market electronic calculator, the transistorized Calther 130
Oct Litton Industries Royal Typewriter division announces plans to acquire UK typewriter manufacturer Imperial
Oct 50th Anniversary BEMA Exposition, McCormick Place, Chicago [18-20 Oct]
Texas Instruments Begins Sale of 7400-Series TTL ICs in plastic Dual-Inline (DIP) packages
Nov Wang announces availability of the model 320SE 4-user Simultaneous "Time Shared" calculator system
Nov Sharp introduces the Compet 15 "budget-friendly" electronic calculator
Nov Toshiba introduces the BC-1411 electronic calculator
Dec Rough prototype of Texas Instruments "Cal-Tech" electronic calculator is operational
Facit AB begins marketing Sharp-manufactured electronic calculators through OEM agreement with Hayakawa Electric (Sharp)
Dec Rumors surface that Hewlett Packard is developing a sophisticated desktop electronic calculator
>>>   (becomes the HP 9100A, announced on 3/11/1968)
Combined output of Japanese electronic desktop calculator manufacturers for 1966 is 25,532 machines

Jan Hitachi introduces KK-12 (ELCA-12) transistorized electronic calculator in Japan. Imported by Friden to become the Friden 1112 [Hitachi's First Production Electronic Calculator]
Feb Canon announces it will begin sale of its new Canola 167 magnetic-drum-based calculator in Japan.
Feb Sharp begins Japan-only sales of the Compet 31 (CS-31A) using Mitsubishi small-scale bipolar IC-based memory register
Feb Victor Comptometer and General Micro-electronics explain lack of deliveries of Victor 3900 introduced in October, 1965
Mar International IEEE Convention Exhibition, New York Coliseum/Hilton Hotel [20-23 Mar]
Mar Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) shows prototype 12-digit calculator using small-scale Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Integrated Circuits
>>>   manufactured by Nippon Electric, Co., Ltd. (NEC)
Picker X-Ray Changes Name to Picker Corp.
Mar Wang Laboratories introduces its new modular 4000 Computer System based on 300-Series calculator logic
Mar Canon introduces its transistorized Canola 151 (reduced capacity version of the Canon 161
The Floppy Disk (8-inch) invented at IBM by Alan Shugart
Commodore Business Machines enters OEM agreement with Casio for sales of Casio calculators under the Commodore brand in US & Canada
Mar Texas Instruments completes first operational " Cal-Tech" proof-of-concept bipolar LSI IC-based printing electronic calculator [29-Mar]
>>>   [World's First LSI Bipolar IC-Based Handheld Battery-Powered Printing Electronic Calculator (Not marketed)]
Mar Texas Instruments' first showing of "Cal-Tech" proof-of-concept electronic calculator
Sharp introduces a new version of the Compet 30, the Model CS-30B, with some improvements over the early Model CS-30A
>>>   including true negative number handling and a memory active indicator.
Apr Uchida Yoko introduces the USAC 10B small-scale IC-based electronic desk calculator utilizing Fairchild Semiconductor's "µLogic" RTL (Resistor-Transistor Logic) family ICs [Uchida Yoko's First Electronic Calculator, First primarily IC-based Japanese Electronic Calculator]
Sony applies with Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) for grant funding relating
>>>   to development of electronic calculator utilizing Large Scale Integration(LSI) Integrated Circuits
Apr Masatoshi Shima joins Computer Division of Nippon Calculating Machine Co. as Computer Programmer
May Sony Corp. issues Press Release Announcing the ICC-500W Electronic Calculator. [15-May]
Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) applies to Japan's MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) for grant to fund development of Large Scale Integration(LSI) miniature calculator
Facit renews its agreement with Sharp for marketing of Sharp-made calculators under the Facit brand after previous two-year agreement expires
Federico Faggin joins SGS-Fairchild in Italy
North American Aviation and Rockwell-Standard Merge to form North American Rockwell Corp.
Data Acquisition Corp. acquired by Picker Corp., placed in company's Picker Nuclear Division
Data Acquisition Corp's DAC-512 calculator re-badged and marketed as a Picker Nuclear product
Chip maker Intersil founded by Jean Hoerni to develop ICs for electronic watches
Chip maker Electronic Arrays, Mountain View, California, founded, formerly McMullen Associates
Jun Tateisi Electronics Co., (Omron) begins secret development project to create an electronic calculator within its
>>>   R&D Department at direction of President of Omron, Mr. Tateisi
Jun First ever Consumer Electronics Show(CES), New York
Jun Toshiba introduces its BC-1201 transistorized electronic calculator
Jun Sony Corp. formally introduces the SOBAX ICC-500 hybrid circuit electronic calculator [1-Jun] [Sony's First Production Electronic Calculator]
Jun Sony introduces the SOBAX ICC-400, identical to the ICC-500, omitting Sum-of-Products function key
Jul Wang Laboratories begins publishing "The Wang Laboratories Programmer" periodical
David Shapiro leaves Mathatronics
Jul Autonetics division of North American Rockwell announces intention to enter custom MOS and SOS(Silicon-on-Sapphire) IC design & production market
Casio opens first European sales office in Switzerland, begins exporting electronic calculators into Europe
Jul Wang Labs announces the transistorized Model 370 programmer for the 300-Series calculators
Aug Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) introduces the mostly transistorized (with a few Mitsubishi-made small-scale bipolar ICs) Compet 32 (CS-32A) [14-Aug]
>>>   [Sharp's first production use of Magnetic Core Memory, Bit-Serial Architecture, Multiplexed Display]
Aug Western Electronic Show and Convention (WESCON), Cow Palace & Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, California [22-25 Aug]
Aug SCM introduces the Cogito 566 PR, a re-badged OEM version of the Diehl Combitron [24-Aug]
Aug Wang Laboratories first publicly demonstrates the 370 Programmer at WESCON show in San Francisco, CA
Aug Wang Laboratories listed publicly on the New York Stock Exchange, Announces issue of 240,000 shares of Common Stock at $12.50/share [27-Aug]
Sep Initial shipment of Hayakawa Electric Sharp Compet 32 calculators to US market halted at request of
>>>   Mitsubishi over fears of Texas Instruments patent infringement litigation over bipolar IC technology used in the calculator
Sep Lee Boysel of Fairchild Semiconductor writes proposal for MOS IC-based computer chip-set
Sep Casio forms OEM relationship with Sperry Remington
Sep Nippon Electric Co. (NEC) produces 250,000 Integrated Circuits in month of September, 1967
Sep Japan Electronics Show, Osaka Japan [28-Sep - 4-Oct]
Oct Japanese Business Machines Show at Japanese Trade Center, Chicago, IL [9-13 Oct]
Oct 9th Annual BEMA (Business Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.) Show, New York [23-27 Oct]
Oct Friden introduces the 1217 electromechanical printing calculator to the US market
Oct 7th Annual Japan Business Machine Show, Tokyo, Japan [25-28 Oct]
Sumlock Comptometer adds Wanderer-Werke Conti printing electronic calculator to its line of calculating machines
Oct Masatoshi Shima transfers to calculator design division of Nippon Calculating Machine Co.
Oct Casio AL-1000 transistorized programmable calculator debuts [Casio's First Programmable Electronic Calculator]
Nov 21st Annual NEREM show, Boston War Memorial Auditorium [1-3 Nov]
Nov James (Phil) Ferguson leaves position as General Manager of Philco-Ford Microelectronics ostensibly to spend more time with family
Nov Cintra founded by Irwin Wunderman in his garage, manufacturing digital photonic measurement instruments
Nov Japan's Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. registers trade name "Denon"
Nov Nippon Calculating Machine Co. introduces the Busicom 141 transistorized calculator, a 14-digit version of its original 16-digit Busicom 161
Nov Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (NCM) announces the Wyle Laboratories-designed Busicom 162, eventually sold through OEM agreement to
>>>   National Cash Register (NCR) who repackaged and sold it as the Model 18-2, [NCM's First IC-Based Electronic Calculator]
Nov Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(NCM) introduces the small-scale DTL IC-based Busicom 202 CRT-display calculator, designed by Wyle Laboratories under contract to NCM
Toshio Iue, Founder/CEO of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd, steps down, relinquishes CEO role to his brother, Yuro
Nov Monroe Calculator Co. holds sales convention at Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, Florida [26-Nov to 1-Dec]
Dec Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) introduces Compet 16 (CS-16A) [Sharp's First use of Japanese-made MOS Integrated Circuits in Production Electronic Calculator]

Jan Sanyo announces entry into electronic calculator marketplace with three machines to debut in early spring, 1968
Hayakawa Electric's (Later, Sharp) Tadashi Sasaki arranges $40M Yen (Approx. $110,000 US) "under-the-table" funding to Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (Busicom)
Feb Federico Faggin moves from Italy to California to work at Fairchild Semiconductor on development of Silicon-Gate MOS integrated circuit technology
Feb Singer/Friden internally announces the small/medium-scale DTL/TTL IC-based 1150 printing calculator at MSRP of $1,495 [8-Feb]
Mar The American Calculator Corp. of Dallas, TX incorporated [6-Mar]
Mar Dr. An Wang, CEO of Wang Laboratories, given sneak preview of Hewlett Packard 9100A electronic calculator at
>>>   calculator at the IEEE Conference in New York, NY by Hewlett Packard founder, Bill Hewlett[5/20/1913-1/12/2001]
Mar Hewlett Packard (HP) formally announces the amazing 9100A electronic calculator [HP's First Electronic Calculator, Revolutionary Capabilities] [11-Mar]
Mar Early Production Hewlett Packard 9100A first shown to limited audience at IEEE Conference in New York [March 18-21]
Mar Singer and General Precision Equipment Corp. (GPE) agree in principal for Singer to acquire GPE [26-Mar]
Mar Singer/Friden internally announces the 1151 programmable printing desktop calculator at MSRP of $1,795
Mar Canon introduces the Canola 130S transistorized electronic calculator
Mar Wang Laboratories introduces Model 380 programmer console for 300-Series calculators at New York IEEE Conference [20-Mar]
Japanese domestic integrated circuit production surpasses number of imported ICs
Apr ElectroTechnical Industries (ETI) (not to be confused with Japan's Electrotechnical
>>>   Laboratory) established for Electronic Calculator development & manufacturing, associated with Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (Busicom) Tokyo, Japan
Apr Canon 161S and Canola 163 calculators announced in Japan [1-Apr]
Apr Burroughs signs agreement with Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) for Sharp to design & manufacture calculators for Burroughs
Apr Harold Koplow[11/21/1940-11/4/2004] begins employment at Wang Laboratories
>>>   as calculator application programmer for Wang 300-Series calculators
Apr Agreement reached for Labor für Impulstechnik (LFI) (later Nixdorf) to purchase business machines division of Wanderer-Werke AG for 17.2M DM
Apr Tokyo Shibaura Mfg. Co. (Toshiba) introduces its stylish BC-1412 transistorized electronic calculator
Apr Tokyo Shibaura Mfg. Co. (Toshiba) introduces its high-end transistorized desktop electronic calculator, the BC-1621 transistorized electronic calculator
Apr Sanyo introduces ICC-141 and ICC-161 calculators using MOS shift register IC made by Philco-Ford Microelectronics(formerly General Micro-electronics)
Apr Sanyo introduces its ICC-121 and ICC-141 calculators utilizing incandescent-lit mosaic display
Apr Wang Laboratories announces the 379-5 Output Writer, a modified IBM Selectric typewriter used for programmed output from the 370 and 380 Programmer consoles
Realtone Electronics Corp. formally changes company name to Soundesign Corp., AMEX stock symbol SON
May Canon begins sales of the Small-Scale bipolar IC-based Canon 163(US $958) and Canon 161S(US $764) in Japan [1-May]
May Wang 362E introduced
May General Precision Equipment Co. and Singer Co. announce merger [10-May]
May Casio introduces the Casio 152 calculator
May Tadashi Sasaki (Sharp) travels to US seeking IC manufacturer to layout and fabricate LSI ICs for miniaturized electronic calculator
Tyco Laboratories, Inc. acquires magnetostrictive delay line manufacturer Digital Devices
Tokyo Electronic Applications Laboratory (TEAL), Tokyo, Japan, established by Hayakawa Electric's Tadashi Sasaki
>>>   to manufacture electronic calculators as an OEM producer
Wang Laboratories acquires substantial share of disk drive manufacturer Digital Information Storage Corp.
Uchida Yoko acquires Japanese distribution rights for the Seiko S-300 Programmable Electronic Printing calculator
David Takagishi joins Cintra as electronics engineer on design team for the Cintra 909 calculator
Computer Design Corp. founded, spin-off of Wyle Laboratories Calculator Products Division
Broughton & Co. (Bristol) Ltd. and Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(NCM) joint venture formed to market NCM electronic calculators under the Busicom brand calculating machines in North America
Futaba Denshi begins manufacture of gas-discharge display devices
Facit AB builds a large new calculator factory in Sweden
Wang Laboratories rattled by rumor that Digital Equipment Corp.(DEC) is working on developing a "Desk Calculator". The rumored calculator actually turned out to be the extremely popular DEC PDP-11 16-bit mini-computer
May Japanese Business Machine Show, Harumi Fairground, Tokyo (14 Manufacturers, 34 Models of electronic calculators)
May Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) introduces the Compet 50, Model CS-50A Printing Electronic Calculator [Sharp's first Printing Electronic Calculator]
Jun Ray Holt & Steve Geller of Garrett AiResearch begin work on Top-Secret US Government project to develop what becomes a very sophisticated MOS Large-Scale
>>>   Integration(LSI) microprocessor chip set for the flight control system in the Navy F-14A Tom Cat jet fighter
Jun Philco-Ford Corp. shuts down production of the history-making Victor 3900, the world's first MOS Large-Scale Integration(LSI) electronic calculator
Sharp introduces its Compet 22 (Model CS-22A) electronic calculator
Dr. An Wang granted US Patent on logarithm-generating circuit initially used in Wang Labs' LOCI-1 and LOCI-2 electronic calculators
Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) selects Autonetics division of North American Rockwell for development of an advanced LSI calculator chip set
Jul Tateisi Electronics Co., R&D department completes secret delveopment projecproducing a prototype electronic calculator designated as OMRAC 777
Jul Compucorp incorporated as business unit of Computer Design Corporation, with Elmer Easton(President), Norman J. Grannis(VP)[3/23/1935-2/19/2001],
Jul Roger Keenan(Finance), Kasper Terhorst(Director) and Cynthia Wells(Secretary) as principals [5-Jul]
Jul Singer Corp. acquires General Precision Equipment Corp.
Jul Bob Noyce and Dr. Gordon Moore(1/3/2029-3/24/2023) found "N M Electronics", the genesis of Intel Corp. [18-Jul]
Jul Sony introduces the SOBAX ICC-600 calculator
Jul Canon introduces the Canola 161S and Canola 163 calculators for sale in USA
Jul Wang Laboratories closes purchase of Philip Hankins, Inc. (PHI). Dave Moros from PHI instrumental in development of future Wang Calculator architectures
Jul Singer Corp. completes acquisition of General Precision Equipment Corp. (including Librascope, Inc., The Kearfott Co., Inc., and Link Flight Simulation)
Jul Computer Terminals Corp. (Later Datapoint Corp.) founded by Phil Ray and Austin("Gus") Roche in San Antonio, TX USA,
>>>   to develop low-cost CRT-display electronic data terminals to replace the noisy electro-mechanical
>>>   Teletype Model 33-ASR commonly used as data terminals for computer systems
Jul Hitachi introduces the KK-22 (ELCA-22) calculator in Japan. Imported and sold by Friden as the Friden EC-1113
Jul National Cash Register (NCR) signs agreement with Nippon Calculating Machine Co. for sale of NCM manufactured calculators under NCR brand name in North America
Brother Industries acquires UK-based Jones Sewing Machine Co.
Nippon Calculating Machine Co. forms Business Computer Corp., a.k.a. Busicom USA, for US market expansion
Aug NM Electronics renamed Intel [6-Aug]
Aug Western Electronic Show and Convention (WESCON), Los Angeles, CA [20-23 Aug]
Okaya Electric Industries Co., Tokyo Japan, introduces a new cold-cathode segmented display tube it calls
>>>   "Elfin", challenging Burroughs' ubiquitous Nixie tube for calculator displays
Aug Nippon Calculating Machine Co./Busicom introduces follow-on machine, the Busicom 162C electronic calculator, removing the square root function of
>>>    the earlier Busicom 162, by simply omitting the key on the keyboard
Sep Denon announces the DEC-61A4 electronic calculator [Denon's First Electronic Calculator]
Sep Japanese Electronics Show, Tokyo, Japan [17-23 Sep]
Sep Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd. (later Sharp Corp.) announces "Memorizer 30" and "Memorizer 60"
>>>   auxiliary programmers for it's and Compet 32 calculators
Sep Shinshu Seiki Co., Ltd. (later Epson) announces the historic EP-101 digital printer, providing a simple, compact,
>>>   reliable and easily-interfaced printing solution for electronic calculators and any other device that required (mostly numeric) printing capability in a small package.
Sep Hewlett Packard 9100A documented in HP's corporate technology publication, the Hewlett Packard Journal September, 1968
Sep Wang Laboratories stock begins trading on the American Stock Exchange [10-Sep]
Oct Labor für Impulstechnik (LFI) formally closes purchase of business machines division Wanderer-Werke AG [1-Oct]
Oct Wang Laboratories introduces 360SE four-user simultaneous electronics package extension of the earlier 320SE [Last Wang Labs 300-Series Calculator]
Oct Lee Boysel and two other MOS engineers leave Fairchild Semiconductor to form Four-Phase Systems to develop
>>>   computer systems based on VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) building block ICs
Oct Computer Design Corp. [CDC](spun off from Wyle Laboratories) and Nippon Calculating Machine Co. [NCM] forge agreement for CDC to design and build advanced calculators for NCM
Oct Labor für Impulstechnik (LFI) renamed Nixdorf Computer AG
Tadashi Sasaki (Hayakawa Electric/Sharp) meets with Robert Noyce and Bob Graham (Intel) and Yoshio Kojima
>>>   (Nippon Calculating Machine Co./Busicom) concerning use of large-scale MOS ICs in electronic calculators
Japanese government-owned Research & Development Corp. grants Toshiba and Hitachi Ltd. $900,000 each to develop Ion-Implantation semiconductor fabrication techniques
Victor Comptometer acquires exclusive distribution rights from Nixdorf Computer AG for sale of the Wanderer Conti printing electronic calculator as the Victor 1500
Nov Tateisi Electronics Co. establishes trade name of Omron Tateisi Electronics Co.
Dec Toshiba introduces its BC-1401 calculator [Toshiba's First MOS IC-Based Calculator][1-Dec]
Dec Uchida Yoko, Co., Ltd. introduces the USAC-22B electronic calculator
Dec Passing of Kiyoshi Ichimura, Founder of Riken Kankoshi Co., Ltd. (later Ricoh Co., Ltd.) [16-Dec]
Total value of electronic calculators produced in Japan for 1968: $71M

Jan Litton Industries acquires German typewriter manufacturer Triumph Adler
Jan Singer Co. board of directors changes status of Friden, Inc. from fully-owned subsidiary to the Friden Division of Singer Co. [1-Jan]
Jan MOS Technology, Inc. incorporated, founded by three former General Instrument executives [16-Jan]
Jan Wang Laboratories introduces 200-Series "business" calculators based on 300-Series calculators
Jan Sony introduces the ICC-500A, a cost-reduced version of the ICC-500
Jan Wang Laboratories announces CP-2 Card Programmer for 200/300-Series calculators
Feb Hugle Industries, Inc. establishes Japanese subsidiary Hugle Electronics, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan
Feb U.S. Patent 3,430,095 granted to to Jack J. Bialik[7/20/1924-1/4/2010], Dale P. Masher[4/14/1929-3/30/2014],
>>>   and Bill W. Stevens, all of Stanford Research Institute, for display subsystem developed for Friden EC-130 electronic calculator [25-Feb]
Hitachi New York, Ltd. renamed Hitachi America, Ltd.
Feb The Singer Co. formally adopts a new logo for Friden, with a larger SINGER with "FRIDEN DIVISION" in smaller letters beneath
Feb Friden announces market availability of the Hitachi-made Friden 1113
Feb Wang 700 calculator announced, not actually available until nearly a year later
Feb Four Phase Systems, Inc. incorporated, founded by Lee Boysel and associates
Massimo Rinaldi leaves IME to form new company building computer systems, Industria Sistemi Elettronici (INSEL), SpA, in Rome.
Feb Busicom (ElectroTechnical Industries) introduces the Wyle Laboratories-designed Busicom 207 and 2017 punched-card programmable electronic calculators
Feb Hitachi introduces the first Japanese-made minicomputer, the HITAC 10
Feb Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) approves Hayakawa Electric's (Sharp) request for funding
>>>   assistance to develop a Large Scale Integration (LSI)-based miniature electronic calculator
Feb Japan's MITI approves Hayakawa Electric's request to engage Autonetics division of North American Rockwell
>>>   to develop custom MOS LSI ICs for a new miniature calculator
Mar Arthur Lowell resigns as Director of Microelectronics Applications and Advanced Products at Autonetics
Mar Fujitsu introduces its first minicomputer, the FACOM R utilized small-scale TTL integrated circuits
Mar 1969 IEEE International Convention and Exhibition, New York, NY [24-27 Mar]
Mar Autonetics Division of North American Rockwell receives $30M from Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Sharp) for
>>>   LSI Calculator integrated circuit development, some of which comes from Japanese Government (MITI) grant to Hayakawa Electric
Mar Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) exhibits prototype "miniature calculator" using 11 Hitachi-made MOS/LSI Integrated Circuits at IEEE Expo in New York (precursor to the historical Sharp QT-8D)
Mar Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) announces (though it is not anywhere near production) its historical "micro-Compet" Sharp QT-8D in the US at New York IEEE
>>>    trade show, sales in Japan tentatively estimated to begin in August [27-Mar]
Mar Fujitsu introduces its entry into the Japanese minicomputer market, the FACOM R
Mar Wang Laboratories, Inc., acquires Medical Systems and Data Corp. of Boston, MA
Bob Cole(Fairchild) and Don Borror(GM-e/Philco Microelectronics) start up IC mask making & foundry Cartesian, Inc.
Union Carbide Electronics' MOS Devices Division(San Diego, CA) sold to Solitron Devices, Inc.
Amidst rabid competition in the calculator market, Italy's IME begins phasing out production of its electronic calculators
R.ohm (Toyo Electronics Industry, Japan) begins development of Integrated Circuit technology
North American Philips Corp. formed as merger of Consolidated Electric Co., and North American Philips Co., Inc.
ISE Electronics licenses Vacuum Fluorescent Display technology to Futaba Denshi
Mar Omron Tateisi Electronics Co. shows prototype of the Omron 1210 electronic calculator
Mar Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (NCM) forges secret contract with Wyle Laboratories of El Segundo, California for realization of NCM's
>>>   block-level design of a complex configurable Large Scale Integration calculator chip set estimated by NCM to require twelve chips (before engaging Intel with same project)
Apr All of Autonetics' microelectronics activities rolled into a completely new Microelectronics Products Division with
>>>   Sam Carlson named as GM. Autonetics' aviation, navigation, and space systems remain under the Autonetics umbrella.
Apr VEB Kombinat Robotron formed as a large conglomerate of German Office & Data Processing Companies [1-Apr]
Apr Intel introduces its first product, the Intel 3101 bipolar 64-bit Random Access Memory (RAM) chip
Apr First operating prototype of Top Secret state-of-the-art American Micro-systems(AMI)-fabricated MOS/LSI microprocessor chip set for
>>>   the US Navy F-14A Tom Cat air superiority fighter flight control system, the (MP-944 CADC) [One of a number of early multi-chip microprocessors realized before the Intel 4004]
Apr M. Shima, H. Masuda, and S. Takayama from Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(NCM), Japan, visit Intel
>>>   concerning development of proposed seven-chip MOS LSI calculator chipset designed by NCM calculator architecture design team
Apr Provisional agreement forged between Intel and Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (NCM) signed for Intel to develop and fabricate a complex configurable
>>>    MOS/LSI calculator chip set based on architecture developed by NCM
Apr SCM Cogito 414 electronic calculator introduced [23-Apr]
May Sharp announces the Compet 361, Model CS-361), first of a series of Compet 361 electronic calculators [16-May]
May Friden announces the CRT-display Friden 1160 electronic calculator to its sales force [20-May]
May Wang Laboratories introduces model 301 Column Printer for Wang 200/300-Series calculators
Casio announces the programmable AL-2000 electronic calculator
May Uchida Yoko exits calculator market after just two years
May Shinshu Seiki Co., Ltd. (later Epson) shows revolutionary EP-101 printer at 38th Business Show in Tokyo
May Casio introduces the Casio 121-A/AS-A calculator
Citizen Business Machines Co., Ltd. establishes US sales company CBM America Corp.
Universal Electronic Industry Co., Ltd., a.k.a. Unitron founded in Taiwan [1]
Unoke Denshi Kogyo changes name to USAC Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
May Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) founded in Sunnyvale, CA
Jun Mostek founded in Worcester, Massachusetts by ex-Texas Instruments employees with significant funding from Sprague Electric Co.
Jun Barry Wright Corp. announces negotiations to sell Mathatronics calculator division to a small private investment group
Jun Completion of Top Secret project to develop what is one of the first MOS/LSI microprocessors, the MP944 CADC (Central Air Data Computer),
>>>   developed by Garrett AiResearch and fabricated by American Micro-systems, Inc.(AMI), used in flight control system of the new US Navy F-14A Tom Cat fighter jet fighter
Jun SCM Introduces the 1016PR Programmable Calculator, $2,495 [18-Jun]
Jun Sony introduces the ICC-510 Electronic Calculator
Jun The Friden division of Singer Co. announces it will build a new plant for electronic calculators in Albuquerque, NM
Jun Annual Consumer Electronics Show, New York Hilton Hotel [28 Jun-1 Jul]
Jul Matsushita begins first shipments of an electronic calculator it manufactures for Olympia, to be sold by Olympia in its markets as the Olympia ICR-412
Jul Toshio Iue, founder of Sanyo, passes away at age 66 [16-Jul]
Jul Casio's AL-2000 Programmable Calculator available for sale
Chipmaker Microsystems International Ltd.(MIL) founded in Ottowa, Canada, a spinoff of Northern Electric Co. Ltd., part of Bell Canada
Jul Dictaphone Corp. announces entry into the electronic calculator business, marketing two calculators manufactured by Sanyo under Dictaphone badge [29-Jul]
Jul-Aug Hayakawa Electric rejects all MOS LSI chips produced by Autonetics in July & August for its upcoming QT-8D "Micro-Compet" calculator as having an excessive failure rate,
>>>   forcing Hayakawa Electric to delay introduction of the calculator from August to October (actually December)
Aug Sanyo reaches licensing agreement with chipmaker General Instrument to import, and later to locally manufacture, MOS LSI calculator chipset
Aug Founding of Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) by Ed Roberts and three other partners
Aug Hitachi introduces the KK-24 (ELKA-24) in Japan. Sold by Friden as the Friden 1114 under OEM contract with Hitachi
Sales of Casio electronic calculators passes 100,000 unit mark
Victor Comptometer sells its electronics division to Nixdorf Computer AG
Aug Western Electronics Show and Convention (WESCON), Cow Palace & Hilton Hotel, San Francisco [19-22 Aug]
Aug Introduction of the Monroe 820 CRT-display electronic calculator [Monroe's First IC-Based Calculator]
Aug Shinshu Seiki Co., Ltd. (later Epson) shows EP-101 drum printer at WESCON show
Canon Camera Co., Inc. changes name to "Canon, Inc."
Sep Schneider Radio-Tèlèvision Electronique, Ivry-sur-Seine, France, introduces the EXA(Exactronique) 210
>>>   electronic calclator at the International Office Equipment and Computer show in Paris
Sep M. Shima of Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(NCM) returns to US to check on Intel's progress of calculator chipset development and finds progress
>>>   not meeting expectations. He is told Intel does not have the capability to make the chipset proposed by NCM
Sep Intel engineer assigned to "Busicom Project" proposes an alternative to NCM's chip set design involving the development of a simple single-chip CPU
>>>   and support chips that could be programmed to operate as various different types of calculators
Sep Intel introduces its first static 256-bit MOS Random Access Memory IC, the 1101
Sep Omron Tateisi Electronics Co. introduces production version of the Omron 1210 [Omron's First Electronic Calculator]
William Kahn, Roy Reach (both founders) leave Mathatronics
Oct Hitachi Begins Sale of its First Minicomputer, the HITAC-10, using small-scale TTL ICs
Oct Japan Electronics Show, Osaka [1-7 Oct]
Oct Sony publishes news release stating it will demonstrate its first programmable electronic calculator, the SOBAX ICC-2500, at BEMA show [22-Oct]
Oct 11th Annual BEMA (Business Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.) show, New York Coliseum, October 26-30
Oct Sony introduces the ICC-610 calculator at BEMA show [26-Oct]
Oct Sony formally introduces its first programmable calculator, the ICC-2500, at BEMA show [26-Oct]
Oct Prototype Wang 700 Advanced Programming Calculator shown at BEMA show
Oct Nippon Columbia (Denon) and Hitachi form strategic business alliance
Oct Brother Procal 514 electronic calculator introduced
Oct Hewlett Packard 9100B introduced
Oct Barry Wright Corp. announces failure of deal to sell Mathatronics division to private investment group
Oct Canon and Texas Instruments enter into agreement involving development of "Miniature Electronic Calculators"
Computer Terminals Corp. approaches Intel and Texas Instruments concening design of a single-chip eight-bit CPU to
>>>   replace the large board full of TTL small & medium-scale ICs that implemented the CPU in their Datapoint 2200 "smart terminal"
Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the first static RAM IC, the 4100, storing 256 bits
Nov 23rd Annual Northeast Electronics Research and Engineering Meeting (NEREM), Boston, MA [5-7 Nov]
Nov Texas Instruments sets up its first complete production MOS LSI fabrication line at its new Houston, TX facility
Nov Sony introduces the SOBAX ICC-520 calculator
Nov Matshushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. (later, Panasonic) introduces the National PANAC-12W electronic calculator [Matsushita's First Electronic Calculator]
Nov Friden introduces the Hitachi-manufactured Friden EC-1114 electronic calculator [5-Nov]
Nov Hitachi introduces the KK-32 (ELKA-32) Electronic Calculator in Japan. OEM'd by Friden to become the Friden 1115
Nov Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) establishes Sharp Electronics U.K. Ltd. in Manchester, U.K.
Nov Sophisicated 909 Scientist electronic calculator announced by Cintra [Cintra's First Electronic Calculator]
Commodore Business Machines moves corporate headquarters to Santa Clara, CA, from Toronto, Canada
Wander Werke AG ceases distribution of Wanderer Conti calculators, now only sold as Victor 1500-series
Dec Hayakawa Electric Sharp QT-8D calculator debuts in Japan utilizing Autonetics-made four chip LSI chipset [World's Second Electronic Calculator with Entirely MOS/LSI Logic]
Dec Barry Wright Corp. shutters Mathatronics division, marking end of Mathatron calculator production/sales [30-Dec]
Estimated World Total Sales Value of Electronic Calculators for 1969 in US Dollars: $46.8 Billion
Casio's Total Calculator Sales Reach 100,000 Units World-wide
Japanese Electronic Calculator Firms Ship 441,000 Calculators Selling For A Total of $146.4M World-wide in 1969
US Domestic Sales of Electronic Calculators for 1969 is $46.8M

Jan Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd., changes name to Sharp Corporation [1-Jan]
Jan Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) introduces its new 16-bit minicomputer, the PDP-11 (PDP 11/20)
Jan MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems) incorporated
Jan Omron Tateisi Electronics Co. introduces the Omron 1200 electronic calculator [21-Jan]
Jan Nippon Columbia (Denon) introduces the DEC-411 electronic calculator
Jan Ricoh Co, Ltd. founds Ricoh of America, a wholly-owned US subsidiary, located in New Jersey
Jan Production of the Wanderer Werke Conti and (licensed) Victor Comptometer 1500-series ends
Jan Wang Laboratories claims it has begun customer deliveries of its long-delayed Wang 700-Series calculators
Futaba Denshi begins manufacture of Vacuum Fluorescent Display Devices after licensing technology from Iseden(ISE)
Oi Electric Co., Ltd. ceases manufacture of electronic calculators
Feb Japanese telephone equipment manufacturer Nitsuko, Ltd. introduces its 1213 electronic calculator under the Tiger brand name
Feb Sony introduces its ICC-1600 electronic calculator
Feb Friden introduces the Hitachi-made Friden EC-1115 electronic calculator [4-Feb]
Feb Formal agreement signed between Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(NCM) (a.k.a. Busicom) and Intel,
>>>   for development of a set of LSI integrated circuits exclusively for NCM to use for electronic calculator applications [6-Feb]
Feb Wang Laboratories announces the Wang 3300 Timeshared Computer System
Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) introduces its new PDP 8/e 12-bit minicomputer utilizing
  small and medium-scale bipolar DTL and TTL logic chips and a universal backplane bus called Omnibus, $6,500
Mar Sony announces its ICC-1500 electronic calculator
Mar Autonetics division of North American Rockwell gains standards approval of 42-pin "Zig Zag" IC package
APF Electronics Inc. founded by brothers Allen and Philip Friedman in New York to market & distribute Japanese-made electronics in the US
Mar Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (Busicom) approves specs for Intel's proposed chip set to
>>>   serve as adaptable controller for electronic calculators
Mar Wang Laboratories formally introduces the Wang 720A/B with additional memory capacity
Mar Sharp QT-8D begins sales in US
Apr Japanese Electronics Show, Tokyo
Apr Federico Faggin leaves Fairchild Semiconductor, hired by Intel to work on "Busicom Project"
Apr Federico Faggin put in charge of chip set design for "Busicom Project"
Apr M. Shima of Busicom travels to Intel to help with chip set development,
>>>   joins Intel development team and immediately begins contributing to design [7-Apr]
Apr Light Emitting Diode (LED), and later, calculator manufacturer Litronix founded by George E. Smith and six associates
Apr Friden begins customer deliveries of the Friden EC-1115 electronic calculator
Apr Canon announces the Canon Pocketronic "handheld" printing calculator using Texas Instruments LSI chips
Apr Bill Hewlett[5/20/1913-1/12/2001] (HP co-founder) and Barney Oliver[5/27/1916-11/23-1995 ] (9100 calculator project manager) gift a
>>>   HP 9100B calculator to noted Science and Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke
Apr Founding of General Digital by Alvin Philips, formerly of Motorola (beginning of Western Digital) [23-Apr]
May Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (later Busicom) introduces the Wyle Laboratories-designed 207P and 2017P versions of the 207/2017 calculators with interface for an external impact printer
May Casio establishes its own US sales company, Casio, Inc., in New York
May Sanyo announces the ICC-0082D "mini-calculator" with rechargeable Sanyo-developed Nickel-
>>>   Cadmium rechargeable battery pack and Nixie tube display.
>>>   Uses four-chip MOS/LSI chipset developed and fabricated by General Instrument in US
May Mostek's VP of Marketing (Harvey "Berry" Cash) visits Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (NCM) in Japan
>>>   concerning NCM's request for Mostek to develop MOS Large Scale Integration (LSI) single
>>>   chip basic calculator IC based on NCM's logic design (becomes the MK5010; First calculator-on-a-chip)
Hewlett Packard Corp. ordered to pay Olivetti $900,000 in royalties for violation of Olivetti's Programma 101
>>>   patents by HP's 9100A/9100B calculators
Burroughs introduces the "Panaplex" planar gas-discharge display panel innovation
>>>   using clear electrodes desposited on glass
American Micro-systems, Inc. (AMI) moves IC manufacturing facilities to Pocatello, Idaho
Jun Nippon Columbia (Denon) introduces the DEC-521 electronic calculator
Jun Computer Terminals Corp. announces its Datapoint 2200 "smart" data terminal with TTL SSI & MSI-based CPU and MOS memory
Jun Wang Laboratories introduces its 100-Series calculators
Jun Japanese electronic calculator manufacturers produce 519,000 units worth $142M US Dollars
>>>   in first half of 1970, exceeding total 1969 production by 78,000 units and only
>>>   $US4.4M shy of total 1969 revenue.
Jun Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(NCM) (a.k.a Busicom) and Mostek ink contract for NCM to purchase 60,000 units of a Mostek-made
>>>   calculator-on-a-chip for $US30 per chip if the chip is ready for production by mid-November ($US1.8M deal)
Jul North American Rockwell (NAR) creates NAR Microelectronics Inc. from its Autonetics division
Pico Electronics Ltd. founded in Glenrothes, Scotland, by skilled group of MOS IC design
>>>   engineers from General Instrument intent on developing a single chip calculator IC
Aug Friden introduces the Hitachi-made Friden EC-1116 electronic calculator [5-Aug]
Friden's new electronic calculator manufacturing plant in Albuquerque, NM up and running
Aug Logic simulation of Intel's simple CPU on a chip for Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(NCM) completed, only one logic error found
Aug Nippon Calculating Macine Co. shows prototype Busicom Model 141-DA using Japanese-produced
>>>   Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) (Never went to production)
Aug Western Electronics Show and Convention (WESCON), Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, CA [25-28 Aug]
Monroe signs OEM agreement with Computer Design Corp. to market calculators designed and built by Computer Design Corporation
Sep Shares of Sony Corporation first listed on New York Stock Exchange
Sep Sanyo introduces the ICC-0082D "mini-calculator" in the US [7-Sep]
Sep Casio first publicly traded on secondary market of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Oct Japan Electronics Show, Osaka Japan [1-7-Oct]
Oct Intel announces the 1103 1024-bit dynamic RAM IC, first commercially used in the
>>>   Hewlett Packard 9810A [First Commercially-Available DRAM Chip]
Oct Matsushita introduces the National (Matsushita's trade name for electronic products)
>>>   PANAC-1202 (JE-202) electronic calculator for sale in Japan
Oct Canon's Pocketronic begins sales in Japan [First MOS-LSI Handheld, Rechargeable Battery Powered, Printing Calculator] [Texas Instruments' Cal-Tech was proof-of-concept]
Oct Nippon Calculating Machine Co. informally accepts Intel's single-chip CPU proposal for its new calculator concept,
>>>   flatly rejecting successful competing chipset from Computer Design Corporation based on NCM's original concept
Nov Mostek engineer hand-delivers Rubylith layout for "calculator on a chip" to Californian
>>>   IC photomask contractor for mask production
Nov Nippon Calculating Machine Co.'s Masatoshi Shima returns to Japan after working very closely with Intel
>>>   design team focused on developing developing "CPU on a chip" as basis for calculator
>>>   [became Intel 4004 microprocessor and later, Busicom 141-PF calculator]
Nov Electronic Arrays announces six-chip calculator (S-100) chipset for $158.46 for all six chips [First publicly-available commercial calculator chipset]
Nov Team at Hewlett Packard begins design of HP-35 Handheld Scientific calculator
Nov Mostek team successfully tests "calculator on a chip" from first run of IC developed
>>>   for Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (Busicom)
Nov Four-Phase Systems, Inc. debuts their MOS/VLSI IC-based IV/70 Computer System [First Use of Microprocessor in a Commercial Product]
Nov International Calculating Machines (ICM) created as subsidiary of Electronic Arrays
Nov Canon introduces the Canon L-121 desktop calculator [Canon's first calcualtor to utilize MOS/LSI ICs]
Nov Casio 121-B/AS-B calculator introduced
Dec U.S. Patent 3,546,676 granted to Robert Ragen of Friden, for design of Friden EC-130
Dec Wang Laboratories common stock begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange [22-Dec]
Industrial Research Magazine names the Cintra 909 as one of its "IR 100" most innovative products of 1970
US sales of domestically-made electronic desk calculators for 1970: $37.8M
Total sales value of European-made electronic desk calculators in 1970: $134.3M
Japanese-made electronic calculators account for 70% of US calculator sales in 1970, amounting to ~$120M

Jan Don Hoefler, journalist, first uses the term "Silicon Valley" in print in a number of articles he wrote that
>>>   ran in Electronic News, with the title of "Silicon Valley, USA" [11-Jan]
Jan Hewlett Packard introduces instrumentation system for 9100A and 9100B calculators
Jan Mostek begins volume production of "Calculator-on-a-chip", dubbed the MK5010, developed exclusively for Nippon Calculating
>>>   Machine Co. (NCM) a.k.a. Busicom [First Single-Chip Calculator IC]
Jan Sanyo introduces re-design of the ICC-0081D calculator using 7-Segment gas-discharge
>>>   display tubes replacing Nixie tubes
Jan Sanyo introduces the ICC-0082 calculator with built-in power supply/charger versus external power pack of ICC-0081/ICC-0081D
Jan Sharp EL-8, also known as the ELSI-8, introduced
Jan Victor Comptometer internally obsoletes the Victor 14-321 and Victor 14-322 electronic calculators
Jan Nippon Calculating Machine Co. completes breadboard prototype of printing calculator using small/medium scale
  TTL ICs based on the design of Intel's proposed micro-CPU
Jan Nippon Calculating Machine Co. introduces first "pocket" calculator, the "Handy" LE-120A, using
>>>   Mostek MK6010 single-chip calculator IC [First calculator to use calculator-on-a-chip]
Computer Terminals Corp. begins shipping its Datatpoint 2200 "smart" data terminal, considered by many to be the first "personal computer"
Intel begins pilot production of CPU on a chip and peripheral chips exclusively for Nippon Calculating Machine Co.
Jan Wang Laboratories announces its 500-Series calculators
Feb Intel verifies first operating "CPU on a Chip" IC created for Nippon Calculating Machine Co.
Feb Philco-Ford announces shutdown of its microelectronics division amidst extreme competition in the marketplace
International Calculating Machines introduces the ICM 816 calculator using its parent company's
>>>   (Electronic Arrays) S-100 six-chip calculator chip set
Feb Canon's unique Pocketronic calculator goes on sale in USA
Feb Sharp EL-8 begins sales in US
Mar Michael Cochran leaves Cintra to join Texas Instruments
Mar Nippon Columbia (Denon) and Hitachi dissolve business partnership
Mar Wang Labs delivers first 3300 Time Shared Computer System to Weymouth South High School in Weymouth, MA
Remains of Mathatronics liquidated, marking the end of the innovative calculator company
Victor 1800-Series calculators introduced
London-based calculating machine distributor Muldivo Calculating Machine Co., Ltd. goes out of business
Hewlett Packard 9810A introduced as first member of new 9800-series of electronic calculating instruments
Apr Sharp introduces the EL-8M, follow-on to the EL-8, adding memory or double-precision multiply functions
Apr Nippon Calculating Machine Co. receives first production "CPU on a Chip" and support
>>>   chips from Intel used for building prototype printing business calculator
Apr Casio introduces the Casio AL-3000 printing programmable electronic calculator
Apr First operating prototype of printing office calculator using Intel "CPU on a chip" completed by
>>>   Nippon Calculating Machine Co. [Prototype for the Busicom 141-PF]
May Introduction of the Omron 800 calculator [New Low Price Benchmark for AC-Powered Desktop]
May Nippon Calculating Machine Co. begins volume production of the Intel 4004-based Busicom 141-PF calculator
SCM introduces the Marchant I (also known as the F-80) battery-operated, portable, Nixie Tube
>>>   display calculator utilizing AMI-manufactured two chip LSI chip set
May Nippon Calculating Machine Co., under Busicom brand name, begins sale of its LE-120A calculator using Mostek's
>>>   single-chip calculator IC [First Handheld, single-chip, LED-Display calculator]
May Intel and Nippon Calculating Machine Co. renegotiate calculator chip-set contract,
>>>   allowing Intel to sell "CPU on a chip" and support ICs to others, creating the MCS-4 family of chips
May Casio introduces the Casio AS-C
May Bowmar shows early prototype of pocket-sized battery-powered calculator using TI calculator-on-a-chip at industry trade show
May Tektronix announces purchase of Cintra, Inc. from Physics International [7-May]
May Jack Murdock, co-founder of Tektronix, dies in mishap with his seaplane [16-May]
Computer Design Corporation launches its own line higher-end calculators under the Compucorp brand name
UniCom Systems, Inc. founded in Cupertino, California, as an electronic calculator distributor
Jun Sharp begins sale of the EL-8M, follow-on to the EL-8, adding memory/double-precision functions
Jun Wang Laboratories announces the top-of-the-line 700C and 720C models of
>>>   its 700-series calculators
Jun Wang Laboratories announces the 708 Memory Expansion Controller for its 700-Series calculators
Jun Wang Laboratories announces 709 Dual Cassette Drive peripheral for the 700-Series calculators
Sankyo Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Japan) begins production of compact SANAC-series magnetic card reader/writer device
Jul Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(Busicom) and National Cash Register negotiate OEM sales agreement
>>>   for NCR to sell the Busicom 141-PF calculator under the NCR badge in North America
Jul General Digital renamed Western Digital
Jul Purchase of Cintra, Inc. by Tektronix is completed
Jul Michael Cochran validates functionality of what becomes the progenitor of Texas Instrument's TMS1802
>>>   microcontroller-based calculator chip [4-Jul]
Jul Tektronix announces the re-badged Cintra 909 and 911 calculators as the Tektronix 909 and Tektronix 911
Jul Hugle International incorporated, Mountain View, California [20-Jul]
Aug Tektronix announces price reduction and upgraded base memory in Tektronix 909 and Tektronix 911 calculators
Aug American Micro-systems, Inc. (AMI) announces agreement to acquire majority interest in desktop calculator
>>>   distributor UniCom Systems, Inc. of Cupertino, CA
Sep Texas Instruments announces the TMS1802, TI's first calculator on a chip [later becomes TMS0100-series] [17-Sep]
Sep Masatoshi Shima leaves Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(Busicom) for new position at Ricoh
Sep Omron inks $2M contract with Nortec Electronics Corp. for development of MOS/LSI chip set for low-cost calculators
Sep Casio AS-8A introduced
Sep Sony introduces the Sobax ICC-88 rechargeable portable calculator using Electronic Arrays' six-chip calculator chip-set
Sep AMI completes acquisition of calculator distributor UniCom Systems, Inc.
Sep Bowmar/ALI, Inc. ships their first pocket-sized electronic calculator, the 901B with MSRP of $249,
>>>   utilizing TI calculator-on-a-chip IC [First commercial truly pocket-sized calculator]
Oct Busicom introduces the Model 141-PF printing desktop calculator [First calculator to utilize single-chip microprocessor (Intel 4004)]
Nov Mitsubishi Electric introduces its first minicomputer, the MELCOM 70, using Small- & Medium-Scale TTL IC Logic with 0.8µS cycle time [Fastest Japanese Minicomputer at the time]
Nov Masatoshi Shima Leaves Ricoh to work for Intel at request of Intel CEO Bob Noyce
Nov Popular Electronics publishes article introducing MITS' $179 calculator kit, the MITS 816
>>>   based on Electronic Arrays' low-cost six-chip calculator chip set
Nov Intel announces general availability of MCS-4 microprocessor family [15-Nov] [Intel's first publicly-marketed microprocessor IC]
Dec Wang Laboratories announces Wang 600-Series calculators
Sales of electronic calculators in US during 1971 totals $131-million
Sales of Japanese-made electronic calculators during 1971 is ~$176-million
Total number of electronic calculators in Soviet Union (USSR): ~45,000

Jan General Electric closes down its integrated circuit business
Jan Hewlett Packard introduces the revolutionary HP-35 handheld scientific calculator utilizing LSI ICs
>>>   fabricated by Mostek for HP [World's first handheld scientific calculator]
Feb Rapid Data Systems & Equipment, Ltd. introduces the Rapidman 800 pocket calculator
Feb Wang Labs announces SWAP calculator user group [operational in June '72]
Feb Wang Labs announces Model 711 Input/Output Writer
Feb Casio fx-1 introduced [Casio's first scientific electronic calculator]
May Sony introduces its ICC-700 electronic calculator
Apr Varadyne, Inc. spins off Veradyne Systems unit which manufacturers electronic calculator equipment
Apr Texas Instruments opens calculator manufacturing plant in Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Apr Litronix opens electronics manufacturing facility in Malaysia
Apr Intel announces the 8008 microprocessor chip, based on 1201 microprocessor prototype developed for Computer Terminal Corp.
Apr Commodore Business Machines provides guarantee of bank loan for Varadyne Systems, Inc.
Apr Birmingham, UK-based business equipment firm Fonadeck International purchases assets of closed-down Muldivo
>>>   Calculating Machine Co., Ltd. for an undisclosed price
Apr Commodore Business Machines obtains option to acquire 75-90% of Varadyne Systems, Inc. from Varadyne, Inc.
Facit AB begins large scale layoffs as calculator business suffers major losses
Diehl Corp. ends production of electromechanical calculators
May The American Calculator Corp. dissolved [8-May]
May Casio AS-8D introduced
Jun Master Calculator Company, a division of 6/C Inc., registered as doing business in Grand Prairie, Texas [9-Jun]
Jun Wang Laboratories inaugurates "SWAP" (Society for Wang Applications and Programs) User Group
Jun MITS Model 1440 calculator introduced in Radio-Electronics magazine
Jun Casio introduces its R-3 Printing Electronic Calculator
Hewlett Packard 9820A introduced, using HP-developed 5x7 dot-matrix alphanumeric LED display
Hewlett Packard 9830A introduced [First desktop calculator to have the BASIC programming language embedded in ROM]
Production of Curta mechanical calculators ends
Aug Casio's Casio Mini introduced [New low price benchmark for four-function handheld]
Aug Fujitsu introduces the FACOM U-200 Series of 16-bit Minicomputers [Intel's second microprocessor]
Aug Intel introduces the 8008 Microprocessor [24-Aug] [Intel's second microprocessor]
Aug Rockwell Microelectronics introduces the 4-bit PPS-4 microprocessor [Rockwell's first microprocessor]
Aug Sharp EL-801 "ELSI-MINI" handheld calculator introduced [First use of CMOS calculator chip-set (T3103, T3104) made by Toshiba]
Rockwell International acquires Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd. and Sumlock Comptometer
Sep Rockwell International acquires UniCom Systems, Inc. from American Micro-systems, Inc. [18-Sep]
Sep Texas Instruments announces its TMS0100 family of mask-programmable calculator ICs that can be configured for
>>>   different features by simple mask changes [20-Sep]
Sep Texas Instruments announces entry into the electronic calculator marketplace with the TI-2500, TI 3000,
>>>   and TI 3500 calculators, utilizing their new TMS0100-series calculator on a chip ICs [20-Sep]
Oct First all Taiwanese-designed & manufactured Unitron DC-12 electronic calculator goes to market [1]
Facit AB and subsidiary Addo AB acquired by consumer and industrial products conglomerate Electrolux
Nov Litronix purchases CMOS integrated circuit manufacturer Advanced LSI Technology, Inc.
Nov Nixdorf acquires Victor Comptometer, establishes Nixdorf Computer, Inc. in Chicago, IL
Nov Microsystems International(MIL) licences Nortec Electronics' single chip
>>>   calculator IC design to manufacture calculators for Rapid Data Systems & Equipment Ltd.
Wang 400-Series calculators introduced
Dec Micro Instrumentation & Telemetry Systesm (MITS) introduces its most advanced desktop electronic calculator, the MITS 7400

Feb Hewlett Packard HP-80 introduced [First Financial Handheld]
Feb Casio introduces the Casio "Mini", Model CM-601
Mar US Federal Trade Commission, under anti-trust concerns, rules that Litton Industries to divest itself of Triumph Adler
Mar MITS 7440 calculator introduced in Radio Electronics magazine
Hewlett Packard opens retail sales showrooms in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago to market its line of
>>>   advanced desktop and pocket electronic calculators
Cherry Electrical Products Corp. begins manufacture of electronic calculators purely as OEM producer, initial customers
>>>   are UniCom Systems (Rockwell International), SCM, and Olympia. Later, Sumlock Anita and NCR
Business Equipment Manufacturers Association (BEMA) becomes CBEMA, adding computer manufacturers to the mix
Apr Hewlett Packard introduces the 9805A printing (with optional LED display) statistical desktop electronic calculator
Apr First public demonstration of cellular phone technology by Marty Cooper of Motorola,
>>>   leader of team that developed the technology, uses a prototype wireless portable
>>>   cellular phone to place a call to counterpart at Bell Laboratories [3-Apr]
North American Rockwell and Rockwell Manufacturing merge to form Rockwell International
May Hewlett Packard, through Japanese subsidiary Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard, markets a plug-in ROM block for the HP 9810 calculator that prints in Japanese Katakana character set
May Sharp introduces the ELSI Mate EL-805 [15-May]  [First Battery-Powered "Pocket" Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Calculator]
May Sony announces it will end production of electronic calculators [31-May]
May Hewlett Packard HP-46 printing desktop electronic calculator introduced
May Wang Laboratories begins shipping the 2200 "personal computer"
May Computer Design Corp. (Compucorp) Introduces the 324 Scientist and 344 Statistician "portable microcomputers" (Compucorp's term)
May Hewlett Packard HP-45 handheld calculator introduced
Jul Panafacom, Ltd. established in Japan by consortium of Fujitsu, Fuji Electric, and Matsushita(Panasonic) to develop a 16-bit microprocessor IC [2-Jul]
Jul Sony terminates manufacture of electronic calculators [31-Jul]
Aug Japan's Ministry of Finance reports that exports of Japanese-made electronic calculators through
>>>   the end of July, 1973 exceeded the total exports for all of 1972.
Aug Tektronix Model 21 and 31 calculators introduced. Model 21 priced at $1,850, and Model 31 at $2,850 [2-Aug]
Sep Master Calculator Co. purchased by American Metrics
Sep Western Electronics Show & Convention (WESCON) trade show, San Francisco, CA [11-14 Sep]
Nov Signetics goes public with 1.3M shares at $17 each
Dec Hewlett Packard announces its 9821A calculator for $4,975 in base form
Japan's combined output of electronic calculators exceeds ten million units for the year 1973
Research firm Creative Strategies study reveals that retail sales of electronic calculators in 1973 reached $1-billion mark
Factory-cost of electronic calculators produced in the US in 1973 amounts to $530M

Jan Hewlett Packard HP-65 handheld programmable calculator introduced [World's first programmable handheld electronic calculator]
Jan Intel introduces its 8080 8-bit microprocessor, follow-on to the earlier 8008
Feb Singer/Friden announces the Friden 1202 and Friden 1203 calculators utilizing Rockwell single chip calculator IC
Feb Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (Busicom) files for bankruptcy
Feb Tektronix Model 21 and Model 31 calculators launched in UK
Motorola announces its 6800 8-bit microprocessor based loosely on Digital Equipment (DEC) PDP-11 minicomputer architecture
Mar Tektronix announces the 31/53 Instrumentation System based on its Model 31 Calculator
Apr Unexpected market-wide drop in sales of electronic calculators marks beginning of shakeout in industry
Jun U.S. Patent 3,819,921 granted to Texas Instruments' Jack Kilby & team for TI's prototype Cal-Tech calculator
Cal-Tex Semiconductor, Inc. leaves the electronic calculator marketplace to focus on electronic watches
Computer Design Corp. (Compucorp) sells 24% share of voting stock to Litton Industries (Monroe)
A general economic recession hits the semiconductor market resulting in large layoffs at chip makers
Jul Litton Industries loans Computer Design Corp. (Compucorp) $1M
Aug Tektronix announces Model 152 BCD Interface for its Model 31 calculator
Aug Monroe division of Litton Industries assumes sole distributorship of electronic calculators and peripheral equipment
>>>   manufactured by Computer Design Corporation under the Compucorp brand. The agreement states that the Compucorp division of Computer Design Corp. will
>>>   cease all marketing, sales and service of Compucorp-branded calculators, with all personnel involved with Compucorp becoming Monroe employees. [2-Aug]
Smith-Corona Marchant files complaint with US Federal Trade Commission against Brother Industries, Ltd.
>>>   of Japan for dumping inexpensive portable typewriters into the US Market
Broughton & Co. (Bristol) Ltd., UK, purchases rights to the "Busicom" brand name from bankrupt Nippon Calculating Machine Co.
Nippon Calculating Machine Co.(Japan) and Busicom Corp. cease operations after bankruptcy
National Cash Register Co. changes name to "NCR Corp."
Nov Sam Carlson released as director of Rockwell International's Microelectronics Products division, replaced by Don Mitchell.
>>>   Carlson named VP & Assistant to Donn L. Williams, Rockwell's President of Electronics Operations
Computer Design Corp. (Compucorp) shuts down its dealer/distributor network and OEM agreements per
>>>   August agreement with Monroe division of Litton Industries
Microsystems International Ltd.(MIL) acquired by Northern Electric Co. Ltd. from which it was originally a spin-off
Estimated world-wide production of electronic calculators in 1974: 34-Million units
US production value of calculator ICs in 1974: Basic Single-Chip, $18.6M; Scientific Single-Chip, $10.6M;
>>>   Special Function Single Chip, $3.5M; Chip sets, $2.7M
1974 sales of electronic calculators in Japan & Europe: Basic pocket calculators: $145.6M; Office calculators: $48.9M; Scientific calculators: $23M
Sales of calculator chip sets produced in Japan & Europe for 1974: $108.3M
Estimated factory-cost of 12.2 million electronic calculators produced in the US in 1974: $580M
Dec The remains of former CDS Technology, Inc, (MOS Technology) revitalized with arrival of four ex-Motorola senior engineers and
>>>   investment from Prentice-Hall Corp. System Inc. under name of PJM Technology, Inc. [11-Dec]
US sales of desktop calculators in 1974: Programmable: $170M; Non-Programmable: $375M
Casio's total global sales of calculators tops 10,000,000 (10 Million) units

Jan Texas Instruments shutters Fort Walton Beach, Florida calculator plant, citing economic conditions [10-Jan]
Jan PJM Technology, Inc. (formerly MOS Technology/CDS Technology), renamed to MOS Technology, Inc.
Feb Rockwell International announces intention to shut down calculator division UniCom Systems [1-Feb]
Feb New York Life Insurance Co. files $16-million suit against Bowmar Instrument Corp. due to default on a loan [7-Feb]
Feb Bowmar Instrument Corp. files for Federal Chapter XI bankruptcy [10-Feb]
Mar Plan for acquisition of chip maker Signetics by Philips announced
Apr On appeal, the US Federal Trade Commissions reverses its ruling that Litton Industries divest itself of Triumph Adler
Apr Panafacom Ltd. introduces its MN1610 16-bit Microprocessor IC based on its U-200 minicomputer architecture
Apr Bill Gates & Paul Allen found Micro Soft [4-Apr]
National Semiconductor reveals that one of its proprietary scientific calculator chip designs
>>>   had been stolen, copied, and is being sold at lower cost than National's chip
Hugle International declared bankrupt
Remains of Computer Design Corp. absorbed into Monroe International division of Litton Industries
May Tektronix announces the Model E-31 Calculator (reduced cost version of the Model 31)
Jun Acquisition of Signetics by Philips, via US Philips Trust Corp., is completed, combined becomes Philips Semiconductors
Jun Bowmar Instrument Corp. terminates production of calculators
Jun Shinshu Seiki Co., Ltd. launches the Epson brand name
Jun Canon introduces its SX-310 advanced programmable desktop calculator
Hewlett Packard 9830 calculator selects passwords for the very popular ABC TV Game Show Password
Jul CDS Technology, Inc dissolved as a corporate entity [9-Jul]
Singer Business Machines division shut down
Oct IMS Associates publishes advertisement for IMSAI 8080 Microcomputer in Popular Electronics magazine
Beginning of project at Hewlett Packard to develop what became the HP 85
Western Digital becomes the largest independent producer (by sales volume) of calculator ICs in the world
Facit AB subsidiary of Electrolux closes its US calculator production unit, Lago Calc, Inc. in Canoga Park, CA
Nov Tektronix introduces the revolutionary 4051 desktop "Graphics Computer System", $7,995
Tektronix shuts down calculator business unit, exiting the calculator business.
Dec Texas Instruments' Cal-Tech calculator accepted for exhibit by the Smithsonian Institution
Dec IMS Associates ships the first batch of IMSAI 8080 microcomputer kits to customers [16-Dec]
1975 sales of calculator chip sets produced in Japan & Europe: $115.6M
1975 sales of electronic calculators in the US: $268M
1975 sales of electronic calculators in Japan & Europe: Basic pocket calculators: $117.6M; Office calculators: $100.1M; Scientific calculators: $42M
US production value of calculator ICs in 1975: Basic Single-Chip: $21.6M; Scientific Single-Chip: $16.1M
>>>   Special Function Single Chip: $2.4M; Chip sets: $2.4M

Jan Victor Comptometer introduces the Victor 4900 Advanced Programmable Calculator
Jan Rockwell International begins phase-out of Sumlock Anita division in UK
Texas Instruments announces the SR-60 advanced programmable desktop calculator
Feb Hewlett Packard announces HP 9825A programmable calculator with HP-IB instrument control capability
Feb Rockwell International's Microelectronics Device Division reports that it produced over two-million LSI semiconductor devices during February, 1976
Mar Federico Faggin(formerly Intel), Ralph Ungermann(Intel), and Masatoshi Shima(formerly Nippon Calculating Machine Co./Intel)
>>>   create first working prototype of Zilog Z-80 microprocessor
Friden closes down electronic calculator plant opened in fall of 1970 in Albuquerque, NM
Facit AB begins phase-out of direct sales force for office products
Facit AB closes office product production factory in Gothenburg, Sweden
Monroe Division of Litton Industries ends business relationship with Computer Design Corp.(Compucorp)
Oct Computer Design Corp. announces bankruptcy filing [22-Oct]
Oct Western Digital Corp. announces voluntary filing for Chapter XI bankruptcy production during attempted reorganization
>>>   after it is unable to meet financial obligations to United California Bank and Emerson Electric Co.
Dec Texas Instruments introduces the PC-100 Thermal Printer Dock for the SR-52 Mag-Card Programmable Pocket Calculator at Consumer Electronics Show
Dec Singer closes down Friden Division, marking the official end of Friden

Mar Agreement reached between Victor Comptometer Corp. and Walter Kidde Co. for Kidde to acquire Victor
Apr Ricoh introduces the acronym "OA" for Office Automation at Hanover Fairground CEBIT(defunct as of 2018) show in Germany
Hewlett Packard introduces the revolutionary HP-01 Wrist Instrument [First wrist-worn calculator/timekeeper/calendar/stopwatch]
Jun Rockwell International exits calculator business
Facit(Electrolux) exits calculator business
Litronix exits the electronic calculator market
Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) sold to Pertec Computer Corp.
Oct Texas Instruments introduces the SR-60A update of the SR-60 programmable calculator
Victor United spins off business machines division as Victor Business Products

Jan Tokyo Electronic Application Laboratory (TEAL) closes, claiming bankruptcy, a victim of the calculator price wars
Commodore exits electronic calculator business in favor of personal computers
Dr. Ge Yao Chu, Senior VP and Board Member, retires from Wang Laboratories
Jun Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. (NEC) announces intent to acquire California-based chip-maker Electronic Arrays, Inc. for approx. $8.6M [16-Jun]
Oct Willard Rockwell, founder of what became Rockwell International, passes away [16-Oct]
Dec Sale of Chip Maker Electronic Arrays to NEC completed

Mostek purchased by United Technologies Corp.
Mar Volkswagenwerk AG (Volkswagen) announces intent to acquire majority ownership of Royal Typewriter/Triumph-Adler in 55% stock purchase
R.ohm (Toyo Electronics Industry) changes name to ROHM
Fairchild Camera & Instrument purchased by French company, Schlumberger Limited, for $425M
Dec Hewlett Packard announces the HP-85A desktop computer
Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. formally changes name to Toshiba

Jan John W. Mauchly, physicist, noted designer of ENIAC and other important early electronic computers, passes away at age 72 [8-Jan]
Bankrupt Computer Design Corp./Compucorp rejects paltry $1/share bid by Savin Corp. to acquire the company
Jun Tokuji Hayakawa, brilliant inventor, Head of R&D and Engineering Manager at Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd. (later, Sharp Corp.) passes away [24-Jun]
Monroe International changes name to Monroe Systems for Business
Oct Compucorp introduces "Correct'n'Spell" Word processing System, $13,000
Dec Rapid Data Systems & Equipment dissolved [16-Dec]
Total global sales of Casio electronic calculators reaches 100,000,000 (100 Million) units

Jan Commodore Business Machines acquires MOS Technology, Inc. [1-Jan]
Financier Bernard Katz acquires majority ownership of Compucorp
May Dr. Stanley P. Frankel, Manhattan Project physicist, and later designer of the SCM/Marchant Cogito 240SR
>>>   and the prototype of the Diehl Combitron, passes away [2-May]

Mar Motorola, Inc. completes purchase of Four-Phase Systems, Inc. in $253M Stock Exchange [2-Mar]
Jul Harold Koplow[11/21/1940-11/4/2004 ] leaves Wang Laboratories over disagreements with Fred Wang(Dr. An Wang's son), Wang Labs' Director of R&D
Soundesign Corp. returns to being a privately-held company
Victor United & Victor Business Products rejoined, now called "Victor Technologies"
Dr. An Wang retires from active management of Wang Laboratories

Harold Koplow[11/21/1940-11/4/2004 ] joins computer manufacturer Modular Computer
>>>   Systems, Inc. (MODCOMP) as VP of Research & Development
Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. officially renamed "NEC Corporation"
Texas Instruments files complaint with US Intl. Trade Commission concerning importation of inexpensive off-shore calculators as violation of US Tariff and Patent Law
Sep Compucorp announces plan to purchase 80% stake in Monroe division of Litton Business Systems

Jan Jack Tramiel leaves Commodore, citing "personal reasons" for his departure, though indications were that it was really due
>>>   wrangling within the company concerning its future direction
Jan Compucorp announces abandonment of plan to purchase majority ownership of Monroe division of Litton Industries
Apr Toshio Kashio awarded Japanese Medal of Honor with Blue Ribbon by Emperor Hirohito(Shōwa) due to his contributions in
>>>   the development of electronic technology (most specifically electronic calculators) in Japan
Frank S. Wyle retires from role as CEO of Wyle Laboratories
Jul US Intl. Trade Commission initiates investigation of TI claim of import tariff/patent violation by off-shore (Japan) calculator manufacturers
Aug Hewlett Packard begins shipping the HP-25 handheld programmable calculator
Aug Compucorp announces promotion of Norman Grannis[3/23/1935-2/19/2001] to Executive VP and Chief Operations Officer
Litton Industries sells Monroe Systems for Business division to Jeffry Picower, a major beneficiary of the Bernie Madoff investment scandal
Dec Elmer R. Easton steps down as President and CEO of Compucorp
Dec William M. Duke succeeds Elmer Easton as President and CEO of Compucorp

Jan Bernard B. Katz invests $1M in Compucorp, assumes board Vice Chairman of the Board title
Olympia Werke AG is renamed Olympia Aktiengesellschaft
Mar Elmer R. Easton resigns as Chairman of the Board of Compucorp to pursue other business interests
Dr. An Wang (Founder/CEO of Wang Laboratories) holds secret discussions with ITT regarding possible merger
Jun US Intl. Trade Commission rules no violation of tariff or patent law relating to Texas Instruments' complaint filed in late 1983
Jun Bernard B. Katz resigns from board of directors of Compucorp citing potential conflict of interest
Jul John F. Cunningham resigns as President of Wang Laboratories, sells all of his stock holdings in the company [19-Jul]
Harold Koplow[11/21/1940-11-4-2004], leaves Modular Computer (Modcomp), and Dave Moros, both
  formerly from Wang Laboratories, recruited to Computer Consoles, Inc.
Sep Bernard B. Katz elected Chairman of the Board of Compucorp (only months after having resigned as a director)
Sep Norman Grannis[3/23/1935-2/19/2001] promoted to President and CEO of Compucorp, replacing William Duke
Oct United Technologies announces intent to close down Mostek Corp. subsidiary [17-Oct]

Mar Passing of Heinz Nixdorf due to heart attack suffered at the CeBit Trade Show [17-Mar]
Apr Passing of Don Hoefler, journalist who first used the term "Silicon Valley" in print [15-Apr]
Apr Olivetti S.p.A purchases Volkswagen's controlling interest in Royal Typewriter/Triumph-Adler
Fairchild Semiconductor purchased from Schlumberger by National Semiconductor
Jun Transitron Electronics Corp. announces it is going out of business [29-Jun]
Elmer R. Easton, former President of Computer Design Corp., forms Three D Graphics Inc.
Sep Burroughs Corp. and Sperry Corp. merge to form Unisys Corp.
Nov Dr. An Wang steps down as President of Wang Laboratories
Nov Dr. An Wang's son, Fred (Director of R&D), named President of Wang Laboratories [19-Nov]
Bell Punch Co., Ltd. ceases business

Morris Chang founds Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC) and begins operations as world's first dedicated
>>>   Silicon IC foundry. Philips Gloeilampfabrieken N.V. largest corporate source of start-up funding and intellectual property.
SGS Thomson purchases chipmaker Mostek

Feb Noted Manhattan Project physicist Richard Feynman passes away [15-Feb]
Tadao Kashio steps down as President of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Toshio Kashio assumes role as Chairman of the Board of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Oct Curt Herzstark, inventor of Curta calculator, passes away [27-Oct]

Apr Kōnosuke Matsushita, founder of Matsushita/Panasonic, passes away at age 94 [27-Apr]
Aug Frederick Wang, son of founder of Wang Laboratories, Dr. An Wang, resigns as President [8-Aug]
Aug Dr. William B. Shockley, co-inventor of transistor, passes away at age 79 [12-Aug]
Dr. An Wang, founder of Wang Laboratories, diagnosed with high mortality rate esophageal cancer

Jan Dr. An Wang loses ability to speak due to esophageal cancer
K. Hattori & Co. formally renamed Seiko Corporation
Mar Dr. An Wang, founder of Wang Laboratories, passes away at age 70 due to complications from esophageal cancer [24-Mar]
Jun Robert Noyce, semiconductor technology luminary, passes away at age 62 [3-Jun]
Oct Siemens AG acquires majority equity in Nixdorf Computer AG, to form Siemens Nixdorf Informationsystems AG [1-Oct]

Jan Founder of Omron Tateisi Electronics, Kazuma Tateisi, passes Away at 90 Years of Age [12-Jan]
Pier Giorgio Perotto awarded prestigious Leonardo Da Vinci award for development of the groundbreaking Olivetti Programma 101 programmable electronic calculator
National Cash Register Corp. (NCR) acquired by American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T)
Mar Dr. Julius J. Muray, Vice President of Cintra, passes away [28-Mar]

Aug Wang Laboratories files for Chapter XI bankruptcy protection, 5,000 jobs to be eliminated [18-Aug]

Mar Tadao Kashio, co-founder of Casio, passes away at age 75 [4-Mar]
Sep Wang Laboratories emerges from August, 1992 Chapter XI Bankruptcy reorganization [20-Sep]

Mar Commodore's stock falls to $0.75/share, NYSE halts trading of the company's shares
Apr Commodore Business Machines announces closure and liquidation of the company [29-Apr]
Soundesign Corp. changes company name to SDI Technologies
Apr Commodore Semiconductor Group survives closure of parent company through purchase by its management
Jun Jay Glenn Miner, early MOS LSI chip design guru General Micro-electronics (GM-e) and American Micro-systems (AMI), developer of chips for Atari and Commodore, passes away [31-May]

Jan George Robert Stibitz, famed Bell Labs Computer Researcher & Designer, passes away [31-Jan]
Apr Remains of Commodore Business Machines sold to ESCOM, a German computer manufacturer
Jul Smith Corona Corp. files for Chapter XI bankruptcy protection [5-Jul]
Nov Passing of Bernard (Barney) Oliver, founding director of HP Laboratories, and project leader for HP's first calculators, the HP 9100s and HP-35 calculator, among other notable achievements. [23-Nov]
Dec Konrad Zuse, electronic computing pioneer, passes away [18-Dec]

Mar David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett Packard, passes away [26-Mar]
Federico Faggin donates the original prototype for the Busicom 141-PF calculator, the first to use a single-chip microprocessor, to the
>>>   Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California

The Old Calculator Museum first appears on the World Wide Web as a Geocities site
Fairchild Semiconductor, an independent venture, founded in Portland, Maine
Mar National Semiconductor sells its Standard Products Group (created from parts of the "old" Fairchild Camera & Instrument) to newly-formed Fairchild Semiconductor for $550M
May Logicon, Inc. acquired by Northrup Grumman for $750M [5-May]
Aug William S. Burroughs passes away [2-Aug]
Dec Masaru Ibuka, co-founder of Sony, passes away at age 89 [19-Dec]

Wang Laboratories acquires Olivetti's Computer Services Division, Olsy, SpA, for $391M; Wang Labs now "Wang Global"
Facit AB, after numerous breakups and ownership changes, ceases to exist
Sep Public disclosure (after 30 years) of formerly top secret MP944 CADC microprocessor chip set used in US Navy's F-14 Tom Cat Jet Fighter via article in the Wall Street Journal [22-Sep]
Monroe Systems for Business sells off copier, fax, and shredder businesses to Savin, to focus business purely on calculators

Wang Global (formerly Wang Laboratories) acquired by Dutch company Getronics
Tsugio Makimoto, GM of Hitachi's Semiconductor Division, leaves Hitachi to join Sony Corp.
Oct Akio Morita, co-founder of Sony, passes away at age 78 [3-Oct]

Mar William H. Burkhart, prolific calculating machine designer at Monroe Calculating Machine Co., passes away at age 77
Atsushi Asada, key calculator engineer in the early days of Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) electronic calculators, joins board of directors of Nintendo
Sep David Moros, Wang 700 hardware architect and co-inventor of Wang Labs' first Word Processor, passes away from cancer at age 64 [27-Sep]
Dec Litton Industries and Northrop Grumman announce buyout of Litton for ~$5.1 billion

Jan Bill Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett Packard, passes away [12-Jan]
Feb Co-founder of Computer Design Corporation, and later President of Compucorp, Norman J. Grannis, passes away at age 65 [19-Feb]
Apr Northrop Grumman announces completion of purchase of Litton Industries [3-Apr]
Monroe Systems for Business becomes privately-owned, with HQ in Bristol, PA
Sep John P. Stedman, once VP and Director of Operations at Mathatronics, passes away at age 83 [26-Sep]

Jan Pier Giorgio Perotto, project leader and architect of the historical Olivetti Programma 101, passes away at age of 71 [22-Jan]

May Matsushita announces it will globally unify its consumer products under the Panasonic brand name
Oct William B. Hugle, founder of Hugle Industries, Hugle International, Siliconix and Stewart-Warner Microcircuits, among others, passes away at age 76 [14-Oct]
Dec Howard Z. Bogert, calculator designer and MOS LSI IC designer, passes away at age 68 [28-Dec]

Sep Royal goes private, becoming Royal Consumer Information Products, Inc. located in Bridgewater, NJ USA
Nov Harold Koplow, winner of contest with Dr. An Wang to write the most efficient
>>>   microcode, developer of microcode for the Wang 700-Series calculators, and later, development of
>>>   Wang's breakthrough word processing and small office computing systems, passes away at age 64 [4-Nov]

Jun Eiichi Goto, developer of the Parametron, passes away [12-Jun]
Atsushi Asada(Sharp) retires, leaves position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nintendo
Jun Jack Kilby, inventor of the first Integrated Circuit, and leader in the design of the "Cal-Tech" calculator at Texas Instruments, passes away at age 81 [20-Jun]
Jul Dr. Irwin Wunderman, founder of Cintra, visionary behind development of the Cintra 909 and 911 calculators, and noted theoretical mathematician and physicist, passes away at age 74 [July 27]
Jul Hiro Moriyasu, involved in the formation of the Tektronix calculator division with the acquisition of Cintra, passes away at age 70. [July 31]
Dec Sales of Casio electronic calculators passes one-billion unit mark
Dec Sharp Corporation presented with prestigious "IEEE Milestone in Engineering and Computing"

May Benjamin Friedman, founder of Solitron Devices, Inc. passes away at age 84 [10-May]

Jul Árpád Klatsmányi, a pioneer in development of transistorized digital electronics in Hungary, passes away at 83 years of age [1-Jul]
Wyle Laboratories, Inc. changes its name to Wyle, Inc.
Nov Tektronix, Inc. acquired by Daniher Corporation
Dec AMI Semiconductor acquired by On Semiconductor for approximately $915M in stock

Jan Karl Diehl, son of Diehl Group founders, passes away at age of 100. [19-Jan]
Nov Panasonic and Sanyo announce agreement in principle for Panasonic to acquire majority stake in Sanyo [2-Nov]

Apr Hewlett Packard awarded the "IEEE Milestone in Engineering and Computing" award for the company's development of the HP-35 calculator, the first handheld scientific electronic calculator
Jun Don Farina, MOS IC pioneer at Fairchild, General Micro-electronics and others, passes away at age 78 [11-Jun]
Aug Massimo Rinaldi, calculator designer and founder of IME, passes away [16-Aug]
Nov Matsushita and Sanyo begin talks relating to Matsushita acquiring Sanyo [3-Nov]
Dec Panasonic acquires majority (50.2%) stake in Sanyo with $4.5 billion investment [21-Dec]

Mar Passing of Jack J. Bialik, project leader at Stanford Research Institute for development of CRT display system for Friden calculator [1-Mar]
Apr Dr. H. Edward Roberts, founder of MITS, passes away at age 68 [1-Apr]
Aug A monument honoring the legacy of Autonetics opens to the public in Anaheim, CA [3-Aug]
Jul Panasonic announces that it will acquire all remaining shares of Sanyo, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic
Sep Frank Wanlass, CMOS IC Inventor, passes away at 77 years of age
Nov UK Computer Pioneer Sir Maurice Wilkes, inventor of microprogramming concept, passes away at age 97 [29-Nov]

Apr Sanyo Electric Co. becomes wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic [1-Apr]
Jul Saul Ashkenazi, founder of Realtone Electronics (later, Soundesign; now SDI Technologies) passes away at age 90
Aug Dr. Ge Yao (G.Y.) Chu, co-founder with Dr. An Wang of Wang Laboratories, passes away at age 93 [4-Aug]

Mar Passing of Mark Pivovonski, age 88, co-inventor of the Monroe EPIC 2000/ EPIC 3000 calculators, as well as one of the engineers involved in development of early Monrobot-series computers [11-Mar]

Oct Howard Rathbun, co-inventor of the Monroe EPIC 2000/ EPIC 3000 calculators, passes away at age 82 [23-Oct]

Jan James (Phil) Ferguson, integrated circuit technology luminary, passes away at age 85 [16-Jan]
Mar Broughton & Co. (Bristol) Ltd. principals file Striking Off (Dissolution) Application for the Company [11-Mar]
The Casio AL-1 Relay Calculator listed in Japan's National Museum of Nature & Science registry as important achievement in Japanese technological history
Aug Broughton & Co. (Bristol) Ltd. ceases operations, ending legacy of Busicom brand name [16-Aug]
Aug Frank S. Wyle, founder of Wyle Laboratories, passes away at age 97 [29-Aug]
Jul Wyle, Inc. (formerly Wyle Laboratories, Inc.) purchased by KBR, Inc. for $570M, forming KBRwyle [5-Jul]
Oct Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, passes Away at Age 65 [15-Oct]

Jan Robert H. Norman, Fairchild Gang-of-Eight Member, GM-e co-founder, Nortec Electronics founder, MOS IC Design Pioneer, passes away at age 89 [21-Jan]
Apr Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore, passes away at age 83 [8-Apr]
Jun Kevan Heydon, fellow calculator collector and preservationist living in the UK, passes away due to sudden cardiac arrest at age 50. Rest in Peace, Kevan. [22-Jun]

Jan Tadashi Sasaki, undisputed leader in Japanese electronic calculator technology development and key player in development of the Intel 4004 microprocessor, passes away at age 102 [31-Jan]
Sep Untimely passing of Emil Dudek, fellow calculator preservationist, at age 57 [30-Sep]
Dec Passing of Michael J. Cochran, extraordinary calculator engineer at HP, Cintra, Tektronix and Texas Instruments [2-Dec]

Feb Jerry Merryman, one of Texas Instruments' key engineers involved in development of TI's revolutionary skunk-works bipolar LSI Cal-Tech calculator passes away at age 86. [27-Feb]
Mar The Old Calculator Museum's exhibit of Wang Laboratories' line of electronic calculators presented at the 2nd annual Vintage Computer Festival-Pacific Northwest held at the Living Computer Museum+Labs in Seattle, WA wins the "Most Interesting Presentation" award. [24-Mar]
Dec Charles (Chuck) Peddle, primary designer of the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor, passes away at age 82 [15-Dec]

Feb Katherine Johnson, noted NASA computer(mathematician), passes away at age 101. [24-Feb]
Mar Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum+Labs in Seattle, WA, closed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Still closed as of May, 2024; future unknown. [5-Mar]
Nov The Texas Instruments Cal-Tech prototype electronic calculator from the estate of Jerry Merryman[6/17/1932-2/27/2019], one of its designers, sold at auction for $68,825

Apr Lee Boysel passes away at age 82 [25-Apr] [Fairchild MOS LSI Disruptive Force, Developed First Single Chip Microprocessor Core, the AL1]
Sep Sir Clive Sinclair, founder of Sinclair Radionics and producer of novel calculators and low-cost microcomputers, passes away at age 81 [16-Sep]
Nov Royal Consumer Information Products becomes officially licensed partner of Hewlett Packard to
>>>   produce, distribute, market, and support HP-branded electronic calculators [1-Nov]

Mar Gordon E. Moore, Electronics Technology Visionary, Co-Founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel, and creator of Moore's Law, passes away at age 94 [24-Mar]

Mar C. Gordon Bell, computer pioneer, museum founder, historian, architect of DEC PDP-4 and PDP-6, influencer in design of DEC PDP-1,
>>>   PDP-5 and PDP-11, oversaw project that developed the DEC VAX. National Medal of Technology recipient among many other honors, passes away at age 89 [17-May]


[1] Taiwan 1: The Unitron DC-12 Launches an Industry, Will & Dave Davis, November, 2023
[2] Thomas Osborne's Story in His Own Words, Steve Leibson, 2004

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