Specifications for Remington-Rand EDC-III

Manufacturer: Remington-Rand Office Machines Division
Model Number: EDC-III
Serial Number: 39279
Date of Manufacture: Early 1969
Manufactured In: USA
Original Price: $970 at introduction
Weight: 18 1/2 Pounds
Size: 13 3/4" Wide, 17" Deep, 7" High
Power Requirement: 41 Watts, 117V AC, 60Hz
Display Technology: Nixie Tube, 5/8-inch Digit Part#CD-66LP [Left-Hand Decimal Point], 10 Digits
Three neon status lamps: [OVERFLOW], [-], and [<-]
Logic Technology: Small Scale Integration, DTL (ITT, Fairchild)
Five Circuit Boards, Fiberglass, Double-Sided Plate-Thru
Unique Flexible Backplane Interconnect Technology
2.0 MHz Basic Clock Frequency
228 SSI IC's, DTL
Magnetostrictive Delay Line Register Storage
Digits of Capacity: 20 Max.
Decimal Modes: Fixed, Thumbwheel Selectable, 0 through 10 digits behind decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic for Add/Subtract, Reverse-Polish for Multiply/Divide
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: Switch selectable, all four functions
Memories: None (2 Accumulators)
Other Models: EDC-IIIA

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Manual: Cover of Operating Instructions [26K]

Advertising: "Remington Introduces $1400 worth...

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