Specifications for Wang LOCI Printer

Manufacturer:		Wang Laboratories, Inc.
Model Number:		Model 2278 LOCI Printer
			 Accessory Printer for Wang LOCI-2 Calculator
Serial Number:		F-3718
Date of Manufacture:	Late 1966
Manufactured In:	USA, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Original Price:		Unknown
Weight:			30 Pounds
Size:			16 3/4" Deep, 13" Wide, 7 1/4" High
Power Requirement:	115VAC 60Hz
Logic Technology:	All Transistorized Logic
			14 Plug-In Circuit Boards
Digits of Capacity:	Prints Eleven Digits(or Decimal Point) Plus Sign

Documentation: MODUPRINT Technical Bulletin 602

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Thanks to Sarah Hafner for the opportunity to acquire this wonderful artifact.
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