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News Archive - Smith-Corona Marchant Cogito 240/240SR Introduction

Smith-Corona Marchant Cogito 240 and Cogito 240SR Electronic Calculator Introduction Article
Computers & Automation, August, 1965

This announcement article from August of 1965 indicates that both the SCM Cogito 240 and Cogito 240SR electronic calculators were introduced at the same time. Other information suggests that the Cogito 240SR may have been introduced slightly (perhaps a couple of months) later than the Cogito 240, however, nothing has yet been found that definitively indicates if that is the case. Information has been found indicating that the Cogito 240 was formally introduced in June of 1965. With production lead-times for publications being what they were in those days, a June introduction would be consistent with publication August.

What is certain is that by the Fall of 1965, both machines were being delivered to customers, although it is suspected that, based on the number of these machines left today, the Cogito 240SR outsold the Cogito 240 by a large margin, with most customers opting for the additional features (square root, mainly) that the Cogito 240SR offered.