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News Archive - Autonetics to Produce Custom LSI Integrated Circuits

Electronics Magazine
July 10, 1967

The Autonetics division of huge defense contractor North American Rockwell, announces that it will begin volume production of custom MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and SOS (Silicon on Sapphire) Large Scale Integrated Circuits for its own uses (much of which involves developing classified systems for national security and military use), as well as for possible customers requiring custom large-scale integrated cicuit devices. Manufacturing the IC's used in classified systems helps keep the secrets secret.

This announcement sets the stage for Autonetics to later partner with Hayakawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Sharp) in Japan to develop the four LSI chips and a special clock generator chip for the second (though actually the first truly successful and profitable) MOS LSI electronic calculator in history, the Sharp QT-8D.