Front Cover of Wang 700 Interim Instruction Manual, Circa November, 1969

This manual is a very early edition, likely printed as a means to allow distribution of the manual prior to the availability of the calculator to sell potential customers on the capabilities of the machines. The document is dated November, 1969, a couple of months before the Wang 700 calculators began shipping.
An introduction on the first page of the manual reads:

The WANG 700 Interim Instruction Manual has been prepared to provide a reference to the basic calculating and programming logic of the Wang 700. Part I explains the basic keyboard operations. Part II discusses the programming capabilities of the WANG 700. Specific examples have been used whenever possible to make the text and meaning as clear as possible. Although designed primarily as an interim manual, it is hoped that the text will answer most of your questions and fulfill your needs until the final and more complete version can be published.

All comments, suggestions, or opinions you have will be appreciated and taken into consideration when preparing the final manual.

The manual was written by Ned Chang, one of Dr. Wang's 'chosen ones', a close friend of Dr. Wang, and also a major contributor to many different calculator development programs at Wang Labs.

Special thanks to Gene McGough for donation of this document to the museum