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Wang 300-Series Small Form-Factor Instruction Manual, 1967

Front cover of "Small Form-Factor" Wang 300-Series Instruction Manual, 1967
Document donated by Mr. John Hess

The Wang 300-Series calculators were a highly successful line of electronic calculators that put Wang Laboratories at the top of the high-end calculator market for a good number of years. The series offered advanced math functions in a highly customizable fashion, providing a mix of different types of keyboards and electronics packages, along with the capability of basic punched-card programmability for maximum flexibility for the customer. This is an unusal version of the manual, published in a smaller form-factor than the usual 8 1/2 x 11 format. This manual measures 6 x 8 1/4. It is an abbreviated version of the full-size manuals, but contains all information necessary for general operation of any of the 300-series calculators (except the 360SE, and the 362E calculators, which had not yet been introduced at the time this manual was published).