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Friden EC-130 Version 2 MDD (Master Design Documentation) Definition, April, 1965

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Friden EC-130 MDD Definition (April, 1965)

This document defines the structure of the "Version 2" Master Design Document (MDD) that describes the entire design of the Friden EC-130 and EC-132 electronic calculators. It appears that after the first version of the MDD was published for the EC-130, some re-thinking of the structure of the MDD was done, and a new structure was devised. It is based on the earlier MDD structure, but refining it to be more concise and consumable by human beings. Foremost in the changes was renaming of most all of the signal names, shortening them to four or five characters, along with changes to the logic definitions. This document contains mappings of the old signal names to the new ones, along with desciptions of some (but not all) of the fields in the Version 2 MDD printouts. The definitions were intended to define enough of the information in the MDD for service technicians to be able to use the document to track down faults to the component-level. The document provides an example of fault isolation to help aid in understanding the MDD.

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