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Friden 1155 Instruction Manual

This document is the general reference manual for the Friden 1155 Advanced Programmable electronic calculator.

The Friden 1155 was similar in appearance to the earlier machines in the Friden 115x-series (such as the Friden 1152), but was a complete departure from the architecture of the 115x-series, utilizing a mix of small and medium-scale DTL and TTL logic IC logic, combined with MOS Large-Scale integrated circuits, including large capacity shift registers (for program step storage), very early RAM ICs (for working registers and memory registers), and ROM ICs for storing two-levels of microcode that directs the operation of the calculator.

This design is rumored to have been outsourced to an external consultant, much to the the upset what remained of Friden's calculator engineering team. The 1155 provided 13-digits of precision, with scientific notation exponents ranging from -99 to +99. It featured 20 memory registers, up to 511 program step storage, and two working registers. An optional magnetic card reader peripheral, the model 511, could be plugged into a connector on the back panel of the calculator to allow storing and loading programs from magnetic cards. The machine provided a large repertoire of math functions, including reciprocal, logarithms, exponentials, trigonometric functions, factorials, square root, and polar<->rectangular conversion.

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Friden 1155 Advanced Programmable Calculator Reference Manual
Published September, 1972
Document Scan Courtesy of Mr. Al Kossow, bitsavers.org

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