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Canon Canola L100S Electronic Desktop Calculator

This machine is not particularly noteworthy other than I found it in exceptional condition for its age. The machine is from the late '72 to early '73 timeframe. It was used by a local Portland, Oregon area business (White Stag Manufacturing, as noted on the asset control tag), and kept in very good condition.

Canon Canola L100S insides

The calculator was made in late 1972 timeframe, based on the date code of 7241 on the single Texas Instruments TMS0106NC LSI IC that provides the brains. A number of strangely-packaged, probably proprietary (but no manufacturer name or logo can be found on the parts) IC-like parts apparently provide the drive for the Hitachi-made Panaplex-style display, which has 10 digits, plus an additonal symbol column at the far right for indicating sign and overflow condition. The display module plugs into the machine circuit board via an edge connector. The power supply is a pretty straightforward linear supply. The keyboard has full-travel keys which have magnets on thier bases which activate tiny glass-encapsulated magnetic micro-switches.

Hitachi Display Module

I found this machine at a Goodwill Industries store, and paid $1.99 for it. It works perfectly, and other than a few scratches here and there, and a slightly yellowed case, looks nearly new.

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