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Calculators by Manufacturer

Last Updated 6/20/2019

This page is a list of the calculators in the Old Calculator Web Museum organized by manufacturer. Please go to the Main Museum Page to see the listing of calculators ordered roughly by age. Note that if you go to a given calculator's page, the "Previous" and "Next" selections will take you to the next machine in chronological order, not by manufacturer as listed here. Calculators listed that do not have a link are part of the museum's collection, but have not yet had an exhibit prepared.

Adler 804

Addo-X 9958

Bohn Contex
Bohn Omnitrex 8
Bohn Omnitrex 12

Brother Calther/Procal 412
Brother Procal 514

Burroughs C3350
Burroughs C3146
Burroughs C3260
Burroughs C3660
Burroughs C3661

Busicom 161
Busicom 207

Canon 161

Canon 130S

Canon 141
Canon 164P
Canon Canola 1210
Canon Canola L163
Canon Canola 167P
Canon Canola L121
Canon Pocketronic
Canon Canola L100A
Canon Canola L100S
Canon Canola L1210
Canon Canola L1428
Canon CP-2010
Canon SX-310

Casio Computer Co. Ltd.
Casio/Remington 101
Casio/Commodore AL-1000
Casio AL-2000
Casio 121-A
Casio AS-L
Casio fx-1
Casio AS-8A
Casio "Mini"
Casio fx-3
Casio 121-F

Cintra/Tektronix 909 "Scientific"

Commodore 500E
Commodore AL-1000

Commodore 1121
Commodore C108
Commodore C112
Commodore US*1
Commodore US*1M
Commodore US*8
Commodore US*10
Commodore US*14

Compucorp (Computer Design Corp.)
Compucorp 110/X Scientist
Compucorp 120 Scientist
Compucorp 122E Scientist
Compucorp 125E Scientist
Compucorp 140 Statistician

Crown CL-80K

Curta Type II

Denon DEC-61A4
Denon DEC-311

Descal ASI-500

Dictaphone 1212

Combitron S

Facit 1121
Facit 1122
Facit 1111

Friden STW-10
Friden SRQ-10
Friden EC-130
Friden EC-132
Friden 1112
Friden 1113
Singer/Friden 1152
Singer/Friden 1160
Singer/Friden 1162
Singer/Friden 1166
Friden EC1114
Friden EC1115
Friden EC1116
Friden EC1117
Friden EC1118
Friden EC1117A
Friden 1203

Heathkit IC-2008A

Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard 9100
Hewlett Packard 9100B
Hewlett Packard 9810A
Hewlett Packard 9820A
Hewlett Packard 9830A
Hewlett Packard HP-46
Hewlett Packard 9815A
Hewlett Packard 9825A
Hewlett Packard HP-85
Hewlett Packard HP-01

Industria Macchine Elettroniche (IME)
IME 86

International Calculating Machines
ICM 816

Lago Calc, Inc.
LC 816
LC 119

Lloyd's Electronics, Inc.
Accumatic 70

Mathatron 8-48
Mathatron 8-48M Mod II

Marchant (SCM)
SCM/Marchant Cogito 240SR
Marchant Cogito 412
Marchant Cogito 414
SCM Marchant I
Marchant 221

Master Calculator Co.
Master H-1

Miida MC840

MITS (Micro Instrumentation & Telemetry Systems)
MITS 816
MITS 7440

Monroe 740
Monroe 770
Monroe EPIC 2000
Monroe EPIC 3000
Monroe 920
Monroe 950
Monroe 990
Monroe 820A
Monroe 620
Monroe 630
Monroe 650
Monroe 425
Monroe 1920
Monroe 1610
Monroe 1656
Monroe 1655
Monroe 1665
Monroe 1860
Monroe 1880
Monroe 2880

National Cash Register (NCR)
NCR 18-1
NCR 18-2

Olympia International

Programma 101

Panasonic 1000
Panasonic 850

Passport CA-850

Rapid Data
Rapid Data Rapidman 1208LC

Remington/Casio 101
Remington Rand EDC-III
Remington Rand EDC-1201GT
Sperry-Remington 661-D
Sperry-Remington 663

Rockwell 960

Royal Digital VIII-K

Sanyo ICC-1141
Sanyo ICC-0081
Sanyo ICC-1122

SCM (Smith-Corona Marchant)
SCM/Marchant Cogito 240SR
Marchant (SCM) Cogito 412
Marchant (SCM) Cogito 414
SCM Marchant I
Marchant 221

Sharp [Hayakawa Electric]
Sharp Compet 20
Sharp Compet 21
Sharp Compet 15
Sharp Compet 16
Sharp Compet 22
Sharp Compet 32
Sharp Memorizer 60 Programmer
Sharp Compet 241
Sharp QT-8D
Sharp EL-8
Sharp Compet 623B
Sharp EL-160
Sharp Compet 363P
Sharp EL-811
Sharp EL-803
Sharp Compet 365P
Sharp EL-804
Sharp Compet 364R
Sharp Compet 229
Sharp PC-1001
Sharp ELSI 817S
Sharp EL-8109

Singer/Friden EC1113
Singer/Friden 1152
Singer/Friden 1162
Singer/Friden EC1114
Singer/Friden EC1115
Singer/Friden EC1116
Singer/Friden EC1117
Singer/Friden EC1117A
Singer/Friden EC1118
Singer/Friden 1203

Sony Sobax ICC-400W
Sony Sobax ICC-500W
Sony Sobax ICC-2550

Sumlock Comptometer
Sumlock Comptometer/Bell Punch Anita C/VIII

Tektronix/Cintra 909 "Scientific"
Tektronix Model 31
Tektronix 31/53 Measurement System

Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments TI-3000
Texas Instruments TI-3500
Texas Instruments SR-20
Texas Instruments Exactra 31
Texas Instruments SR-60/SR-60A

Toshiba BC-1411
Toshiba BC-1211-S

Victor Comptometer Corp.
Victor 14-321
Victor 14-322
Victor 1800-1441
Victor MEC/223 & MEC/225
Victor 4900

Wanderer Werke

Wang Laboratories
Wang LOCI-2
Wang LOCI Printer
Wang 320E Calculator
Wang 360E Calculator
Wang 360SE Calculating System
Wang 362E Calculator
Wang 370 Programmer
Wang 380 Programmer
Wang 372 Data Storage
Wang 377 Model 33ASR Input/Output Writer Control
Wang 700A
Wang 720C
Wang 701 Output Writer
Wang 705 Micro Interface
Wang 709 Dual Cassette Drive
Wang 711 I/O Writer
Wang 718 Memory Expansion Unit
Wang 144T Scientific
Wang 500
Wang 600
Wang 462 Programmable Statistical
Wang C-50 Scientific
Wang C-52 Advanced Scientific
Wang C-86 Government Bond Trader

Wyle Laboratories
WS-02 Scientific