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Wyle Laboratories Arithmetic Processor Writeup

Computers & Automation, December, 1964

This is product writeup for the Wyle Laboratories Arithmetic Processor, also known as the AP-01. The Arithmetic Processor was essentially the calculating engine of the Wyle Labs WS-01 Electronic Calculator with inputs (for controlling operation of processor) and outputs (coded outputs that represent the content of the registers of the machine) that can be connected to external equipment. The Arithmetic Processor can serve as the mathematical engine of any system that needs to perform math. The arithmetic processor consists of a small magnetic disk (visible at the left-front of the photo) for storage of the working registers of the machine, transistorized electronics to manipulate the data on the disk and perform calculations(the complex of circuit boards toward the rear of the photo), and a power supply to run the electronics(foregound) The arithmetic unit performs the basic four functions plus square root, along with data movement operations. Connector sockets on the unit provide input and output connections to external equipment. The device has a numerical capacity of twenty digits, and uses a fixed decimal point setting, selected by a rotary switch inside the unit. There are three working registers and three memory registers stored on the disk. A complete calculator system, essentially the equivalent of the Wyle Laboratories WS-01 electronic calculator could be created by adding external keyboard and CRT display units.

There were two versions of the Arithmetic Processor offered by Wyle Labs. The first version is described here. The second version of the Arithmetic Processor, like with Wyle Labs' calculators, replaced the troubleshome magnetic disk with a magnetostrictive delay line, which proved to be more reliable.