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Wyle Laboratories Model AP-01 Arithmetic Processor Brochure

March, 1965
Document Courtesy of The Computer History Museum
Al Kossow, bitsavers.org

This is a product brochure for the Wyle Laboratories Arithmetic Processor Model AP-01. Also described are a number of different external peripheral devices which could interface with the AP-01 arithmetic processor. The Arithmetic Processor was essentially the calculating engine of the Wyle Labs WS-02 electronic calculator with digital input and output signals replacing the keyboard and CRT display of the calculator. The Arithmetic Processor can serve as the mathematical engine of any system that needs to perform math. The arithmetic processor uses a magnetostrictive delay line to store the working registers of the device, transistorized electronics to manipulate the data in the delay line and perform calculations, along with a power supply to run the electronics. Connector sockets on the unit provide input and output connections to external equipment. The unit performs the basic four functions plus Square Root. It operates with numbers up to 24 digits in length, and uses a fixed decimal point setting located anywhere on three digit boundaries, preset by a rotary switch. There are three working registers, and three memory registers.