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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive
Wyle Scientific Electronic Calculator Advertisement

An advertisement for the Wyle Laboratories WS-02 Scientific" electronic calculator, circa late August, 1965. The Wyle Scientific was originally introduced as the Model WS-01, using a head-per-track magnetic disk for its register storage, one of the very few electronic calculators (including the Canon 167) that rotating magnetic memory as a storage medium. The use of a magnetic disk made the machine somewhat temperamental due to the extremely tight tolerances of the disk drive, and also prone to "crashes" if the machine was accidentally moved or shocked while the disk was spinning. The WS-01 Scientific was redesigned and re-introduced as the Model WS-02, utilizing a magnetostrictive delay line to replace the disk memory, and was much more reliable as a result. This advertisement appears to be for the WS-02 model.