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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive
Announcement advertisement for Wang Model 700 Calculator, February, 1969

This is a very early announcement advertisement for the Wang 700 Electronic Calculator, which later became the 700-Series calculators. The Wang 700 calculator was announced over a year before it was actually available for sale, a prime example of what later became termed as "vaporware". The reason for the early announcement of a machine that existed only in a prototype form was that in 1968, Hewlett Packard had introduced (and had real machines to sell) the HP 9100A calculator, which took Wang Laboratories completely by surprise, with the 9100A greatly surpassing Wang's highly-successful 300-Series caclulators.

This ad shows a very early prototype (likely empty, or minimally populated with just keyboard and display) using a front-loading cassette tape drive. By the time the 700-Series calculators went into production, the cassette drive was a pop-out top-loading device. Some keyboard arrangement changes were also made in the production calculators.

See the Exhibit for a Wang 700-Series calculator, or, for more information, read the Article on Wang's calculator (and calculator-based custom-systems) evolution.