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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive
Wang Electronic Calculators - Wang 300-Series

Wang 300-Series Advertisement, May 1968.

This advertisement was created as the Wang 300-Series had reached its peak, with the line of various options covering everything from Keyboard/Display units with built-in Trigonometric programs, Multi-User calculators (up to four simultaneous users), Programming Keyboard/Display Units, Various I/O Options, Memory Storage Expansion Units, and various other accessories which made the 300-Series, while rather aged at this time, still capable of being a powerful personal calculating environment.

However, major havoc was looming when this ad was placed, just before Hewlett Packard announced it's mind-blowing 9100A desktop programmable scientific calculator, which totally blew Wang's previously market-leading 300-Series out of the water. Literally overnight, sales of Wang's 300-Series plummeted, resulting in a frenzy of activity within Wang Laboratories to play catch-up with its Wang 700-Series calculator, which didn't make it to market until almost a full two years after HP's machine, and HP's even more-powerful successors.

This blow to Wang's market share marked the beginning of the end of Wang's dominance in the high-end electronic calculator marketplace, and the genesis of Wang's move into a much different (and highly profitable) technology, that of Electronic Word Processing.