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Wang 2315 On-Line Computing System Advertisement
Wang Laboratories' News Review, May, 1967

The Wang 2315 On-Line Computing System was a general-purpose computing system based on the Wang LOCI-2 electronic calculator. The calculator was augmented by a fairly large cabinet of electronics located underneath the calculator. Interfaced to the calculator was a Teletype Model 33-ASR, which included an 8-channel ASCII-code paper tape punch, as well as a reader that could read the punched tapes. Also included was a bank of magnetic core memory storage registers that augmented the memory registers of the LOCI-2.

Through program control, any of ten analog input channels can be sampled and digitized, loading the digitized value into the calculator. The LOCI-2 uses two of its standard punched card readers as a program store, each of which contain 80 program steps for a total of 160 program steps. The Teletype paper tape reader could also serve as a source for program instructions, allowing for much more complex programs to be developed. The Teletype could also be used as an input/output device, accepting user input data, as well as printing out results, including format-controlled output. Along with these built-in capabilities, the system also provided an I/O interface that could allow external devices to connect to the system.

The 2315 was a forerunner to the Wang 4000 Computing System, which utilized a Wang 300-Series calculator to replace the LOCI-2, and a generalized bus system in interface the Teletype, Storage, and other peripherals.