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Advertising Archive - Victor 1800-Series Calculators

Series Introduction Advertisement for the Victor 1800 Series electronic calculators.

The Victor 1800-series was the first successful seriers of Victor calculators (The Victor 3900, Victor's first electronic calculator used LSI IC's, but the IC's proved to be too aggressive for the technology of the time, and the machine was a vailure) to utilize Large Scale Integration (LSI) integrated circuits in their design. The previous generations of Victor calculators utilized small and medium-scale integrated circuits (See the exhibit on the Victor 14-322 for an example). The LSI IC's in the 1800-series were made for Victor by Rockwell. The machines all utilized Burroughs' Panaplex display technology, and all had a capacity of fourteen digits. Features varied, from a very basic four function office calculator, to a full-featured machine with two accumulating memory registers, and automatic one-key square root. Later additions were made to the series to include more advanced scientific machines to the 1800-series.
At introduction, the series included the model 1440 (basic entry-level model); the 1441 (with one accumulating memory register); the 1442 (with two memories with added functions); the 1541 (same as model 1441 but adding one-key square root); and the 1542 (same as 1442, with square root). Later, the Model 1721 scientific calculator was added to the series.