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Old Calculator Web Museum Historical Documents Archive
Texas Instruments SR-60A Price List, July 14, 1978

Texas Instruments SR-60A Personal Computer/Calculator Price List, July 14, 1978
Document Countesy of Michael Cochran[5/21/1941-12/2/2018]
Chief Calculator Architect at Texas Instruments

This document is an internal Texas Instruments comprehensive Price List intended for dealers of Texas Instruments calculators, specifically related to the TI SR-60A "Personal Computer/Calculator" (as Texas Instruments refers to the machines). The Price List was not intended to end up in the hands of customers, but no mention of the document being restricted in distribution is noted. The price list contains both dealer prices (the price that a dealer pays for an item) and suggested retail pricing, giving one an idea of the amount of built-in upcharge was included in the retail pricing. The Base SR-60A calculator had a suggested retail price of $1,995, with the dealer paying $1,197, a markup of just under $800, which, in 1978 was quite a lot of money.

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