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Tektronix' TEKSCOPE Magazine Introducing the Model 21 and 31 Calculators

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TEKSCOPE Magazine, July-August, 1973

This edition of Tektronix' TEKSCOPE magazine is dedicated entirely to the introduction of Tek's new Model 21 and Model 31 electronic calculators, which formally occurred on August 2, 1973.
The Tek 21 and 31 calculators were follow-on machines to the Cintra/Tektronix 909 and Cintra/Tektronix 911 calculators, which were acquired as completed products when Tektronix purchased Cintra in May, 1971. Tektronix produced, sold and supported the 909 and 911 calculators, along with a line of peripheral devices, under the Tektronix badge until the Model 21 and 31 calculators were introduced, at which time, the former Cintra calculators were discontinued.

The main logic board of the Tek 21 and 31 calculators is essentially a re-implementation of the Cintra 909 calculator using a complement of 15 custom Large Scale Integration(LSI) devices designed by Tektronix using the architecture of the Cintra calculator. The custom LSI chip set was fabricated by American Micro-systems (AMI) for Tektronix. The primary difference between the Tek 21 and 31 is the "Programmer" board, which in the Tek 21 provides a similar linear "Learn Mode" programming capability provided by the earlier Cintra 909/911 calculators. The programmer board in the Tek 31 is significantly more complex, providing a much larger memory for storage of program steps and memory registers, as well as providing a much more fully-featured set of programming instructions, with conditional and unconditional branching and subroutine capabilities. A number of additional features were added along the way, including an optional thermal dot matrix printer (capable of alphanumerics on the Model 31), and addition of a magnetic strip (Model 21) or magnetic tape cassette (Model 31) for offline storage of programs and data.

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