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Advertising Archive - Sony ICC-2700W Advertisement

Sony ICC-2700W Advertisement

The Sony ICC-2700W programmable electronic calculator was Sony's last entry in the programmable calculator market, and its most powerful machine. The first Sony programmable, the ICC-2500W introduced in October of 1969, was somewhat limited in its programming features, and did not have a means to store/recall programs from external media. The Sony ICC-2550 was the 2500W's successor, and added a much-needed built-in magnetic card reader/writer for quickly saving and recalling programs from small magnetic cards, provided more program step and memory register storage, and also provided some additional programming capabilties. The ICC-2700W took the ICC-2550W one step further by adding a few more memory registers. All three of the programmable machines utilized a magnetostrictive delay line (operating in longitudinal mode rather than the torsional mode used by most magnetostrictive delay lines) for storing the program steps and memory registers, with a couple of MOS shift registers made by National Semiconductor in the US for working register storage. The rest of the logic in the ICC-2700W (as with the two earlier programmable calculators) is made using Sony's unique 500-series DTL/TTL-like small-scale integrated circuits in Dual-Inline plastic ckaging.