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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive

Advertisement for the Mathatronics Mathatron 4280, February, 1967
Thanks to Mr. Takaharu Yoshida for providing the scan of this advertisement

The Mathatron 4280 was a redesign of the original Mathatron calculator to improve capability, and change the form-factor to a desk-sized unit. Essentially, this machine integrated a desktop Mathatron calculator with the desk-sized add-on unit that expanded the number of program steps and memory registers (see the May, 1966 Advertisement). This integration made the machine easier to use and to program than the earlier expanded Mathatron calculators, as well as cleaning up the look of the machine, with a smaller keyboard/printer unit made possible by moving all of the electronics into the desk.
The 4280 provided built-in advanced math functions including one-button calculation of logarithms and trigonometric operations. Input of problems was performed on a small keyboard/printer unit that printed ticker-tape style like the original Mathatron. An ptional Teletype was available for page-printed output, and as well as providing for punching out of programs stored in the unit on the Teletype's paper tape punch, as well as reading in previously punched programs from the paper tape reader.