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Friden 1201 Calculator Advertisement

Advertisement for Friden 1201 calculator, circa 1973.
Original document provided through the estate of Clifford Rueff, Friden Service Technician, Denver, CO

The 1201 was the entry-level calculator in Singer/Friden's 1200-Series of calculators. The 1200-Series calculators were a departure from Singer/Friden's earlier use of calculators made in Japan by Hitachi (the 111X-Series). The 1200-Series machines were made in the USA using US-manufactured parts. The 1201 was a twelve digit, five function (+, -, X, ÷ %) machine with a single accumulator-style memory register. There were two other machines in the 1200-Series, including the 1202, and the Friden 1203. These machines all utilized Large Scale Integration circuit technology made by Rockwell and Burroughs Panaplex II displays.