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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive
Sharp Compet 20 (CS-20A)

Olims Electronics advertisement for Sharp Compet 20 (CS-20A), May, 1967

This ad, while somewhat demeaning to management-level people (implying that they need to have a simple calculator in order to be able to use it), is interesting in that it was placed by Olims Electronics. Olims Electronics was a large Australian electronics retailer that was very successful in marketing consumer electronics across the country. The company forged a licensing relationship with Sharp, and began assembling the Compet 20 in Australia for sale in the domestic Australian market. Olims Electronics would purchase components from Sharp (circuit boards, cabinet parts, electronic components, etc.) and assemble the machines at their manufacturing facility (where they also made various consumer electronics goods such as radios and televisions) to Sharp's exacting specifications. The calculators would then be sold and supported through Olims Electronics' distribution network throughout Australia.

The Compet 20 has a capacity of fourteen digits, with true credit balance (negative number) handling capability. It is a four-function machine, with automatic floating and fixed decimal point modes. The original sales price for the machine was approximately $1,050 in the US at introduction in the fall of 1965.

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