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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive
Sharp Compet 20 (Model CS-20A)

Advertisement for the Hayakawa Electric Sharp Compet 20 (Model CS-20A)
Electronics Magazine, March, 3, 1967

The Sharp Compet 20 was Hayakawa Electric's (Sharp) second electronic calculator, introduced in Japan in the fall of 1965. The Compet 20 was the first calculator made by Hayakawa Electric Co, Ltd. that was designed to be exported for sale outside of Japan, with Australia being the first country that imported the machine. By the early spring of 1966, the Compet 20 was being directly exported to the US and proved to be a very strong seller amidst a small group of American and European manufacturers in the rapidly-growing world-wide electronic calculator marketplace.

The Compet 20 is a four-function calculator with fourteen digits of capacity, automatic or fixed decimal point, and negative number capability. The calculator is made from a mix of discrete Silicon (new for Sharp) and Germanium transistors, manufactured mainly by Hitachi in Japan. It is built upon a digit parallel design, with math operations performed a digit at a time. Digits are stored as four-bit binary-coded decimal numbers in transistorized shift registers.

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